Kasuka: Konichiwa! Kasuka-chan, here.

Tamaki: Don't you mean Kasuka-sensei?!

Kasuka: I prefer Kasuka-chan, senpai.

Kyouya: Enough chat. Get to the point.

Kasuka: Righ-

Kyouya: Kasuka-san does not own us, the characters of Ouran High School Host Club, and she owns neither the entirety of Ouran.

Kasuka: BUT IF I DID!! Kyouya-senpai and Tamaki-senpai..... She squeels exteremly loud in the background.

Tamaki stands beside her, dumbfounded, and Kyouya shaking his head, his glasses glinting in the light, and a barely noticeable blush is hidden on his cheeks.

It was late at night, and two figures of the same height are seen in the distance on the sidewalk.

The city's building lights were turning off few by few, and the street lighting dimmed. Cars, one by one, flashing by. Yellow. White. Red. Orange. This part of the world was slowing down now, and the noisy loud time of day was quieted.

The two figures are closer now, and you notice that they are both male, appearing to be both teens. One of them is a nice blonde, and has such a princely look. You, also, vaguely notice this, but he has the most charming violet eyes as well. The other figure with shaggy, but neatly put black hair. You wish you could see the other's eyes, but are unable because of the glint from his glasses.

The blonde is smiling brightly, and the other straight faced.

You watch them closely, but try not seem obvious of staring. There was no reason for you to look at them. And you had no reason for being in their business, but. They seemed so out of place this late at night. So out of place in this part of the city.

More of the lights in the city are turning off now, and stars are now able to be seen up in the big dark sky up above.

The two boys are closer now, and had sat down together on the wooden bench that was, apparently, next to you. They look up, and so do you. You marvel at the sky, and all its beauty.

Words passed between the two boys are heard.

"I love you, Okaasan."

You don't know who is saying this to who, but you can't help feel butterflies welling up in your stomach, making you want to squeel.

The words are heard again, but the voice is different this time.

"I love you, Otousan."

The feeling in your stomach is growing and you could have an outburst, but you don't. You continue to look at the sky, and the constellations of the stars. And for a second clouds pass by covering the beautiful selection of shiny objects in the sky.

A creak is heard from the bench beside you. Looking down, you see the blonde and black haired boys leave. Turning your head as they pass, you notice one thing. Something that stood out.

It wasn't the fact that they were both men. It wasn't the fact that they were two teenaged men. It was the fact that... That whole time you were there.... They didn't notice you. It was the fact that... That whole time... No matter who was there, they still said what they said. It was the fact that... As they walked away... They held onto each other's hands, like they were holding onto each other's hearts.

Kasuka: Hey again! Did you guys like it?! I hope you did...

Tamaki: I sure did Kasuka-sensei!

Kasuka: She rolls her eyes, not wanting to deal with whether or not to be called sensei or chan. Thanks senpai, but... Did you even understand it?!

Tamaki: He looked at you blankly.

Kasuka: That's what I thought. Anyways-

Kyouya: This fic was written from a "yaoi fangirl" perspective. Kasuka-san's own perspective maybe?

Kasuka: Whatever, Kyouya-senpai... So please-

Tamaki&Kyouya: Read and Review.

Kasuka: Flames will be taken hurtfully then after venting will be shown to friends for jokes. Constructive criticism is very welcome, I always want to improve my writing :]