Family Ties


Jennifer Keaton came down the stairs of her house into the living room and sighs. She sees on the couch her cap and gown for graduation the next day. She can't believe she's made it to graduation already. I've made it, I've really made it. Jennifer thinks to herself. Elyse Keaton walks in crying.

"Mom, what's wrong?" Jennifer asks her.

"You are graduating tomorrow Jennifer. It's a big deal for the heart to take. You won't be my little girl anymore." Elyse says. Jennifer sighs and gives her mother a look.

" I will always be your little girl mom, just like Mallory is and like Alex is still your little boy. Besides, Andy is still at home. He's 7. He won't be graduating for a few years now mom." After hearing his name Andrew "Andy" Keaton walks in to the living room carrying an ice cream cone.

"What? I heard my name." Andy says. Elyse grabs him, ice cream cone and all.

"Don't ever grow up Andy. I won't be able to take it." Elyse says. The door opens and Steven Keaton enters with Mallory.

"Look who I found at the airport." Steven says. Andy walks back into the kitchen to throw his ice cream away, a few minutes later Andy walks up the stairs after throwing his ice cream away.

"Mallory! How've you been?" Elyse asks.

"I've been good. I have been studying abroad in England." Mallory says. Despite Mallory's failure in school she managed to get a scholorship to a beauty school where she went for modeling.

"Where's Alex, Steven?" Elyse says with the worried sound in her voice.

"Elyse, he's okay. His plane hasn't come in yet. They said at the airport that some planes can be delayed but they are okay." Steven says. After Steven finishes his sentence Alex walks in from the kitchen.

"Hello family." Alex says in a nonchalant way.

"ALEX!" Jennifer hollers and she runs over to hug her big brother.

"Hi Jennifer. I can't believe that you are graduating from high school little sister." Alex says with a smile.

"Hey, I am not the one you should have been surprised by." Jennifer says and then they both look back at Mallory.

"What?" I had some problems in school, but they weren't bad," Mallory says, "I did manage to get into modeling school and now I am studying abroad in England."

"Let's see I went to business school and became very successful; you went to modeling school and have you actually had a modeling job yet?" Alex asks.

" I don't want to talk about it." Mallory says turning around.

"Alex, stop bothering your sister. Just because she didn't go to business school doesn't mean she can't be successful." Steven says.

"Alex." Andy says walking down the stairs.

"Squirt!" Alex yells as he picks him up, "you are getting big Andy. How are you?"

"Mom doesn't want me to grow up." Andy says.

"She didn't want me to grow up either." Alex says with a smile.

"Come on everybody. Dinner is on the table." Elyse says. They all walk into the kitchen to sit down and eat a meal together like they haven't done in years.