A few hours later Mallory walks in the front door. Andy and Alex jump up and rush over to her.

"What's going on? Where are mom and dad?" Alex asks her. Mallory is dazed.

"Oh I don't know. They're somewhere. They could have gone out for coffee, I don't know." Mallory says slumping down to the floor.

"Mallory!" Alex hollers as he tries to catch his sister before she hits the floor. Alex and Andy drag Mallory from the floor over to the couch.

"Mallory, wake up. Wake up. Please, wake up." Andy says sitting on the couch next to her. He lays his head on her chest. "Don't leave me without saying goodbye! Wake up." Andy's eyes just start filling with tears.

"Come on Andy. Let's go outside. We'll go to the park." Alex says trying to pry Andy off of Mallory. Finally Andy lets go of her and Alex walks over to the door.

"What about keys?" Andy asks looking at Alex.

"We're walking to the park. It's not very far from here." Alex replies opening the door. Walking up the driveway are their parents. Elyse is crying on Steven's shoulder.

"Why is everybody crying?" Andy asks. Elyse reaches out for Andy and he walks over to her. She leans down and hugs him tightly. He tries to look at Alex. "What's gonna happen now?" Steven leans down to look at Andy.

"Well Andrew, we are going to try and do what we can to live the way we used to. The only difference is that Jennifer won't be here." Steven replies.

"Alex, were we going to tell them about Mallory?" Andy asks. They all look at Alex.

"What's wrong with Mallory?" Elyse questions.

"She's passed out on the couch." Alex replies with a laugh, pointing to the door. "She's okay; she was just worked up about Jennifer." Elyse and Steven stand up and rush into the living room.

"Will this ever end, Alex?" Andy asks.

"I hope so, Andy; I hope so." Alex replies picking up Andy.