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Seth and Bella one-shot! Before Jacob's brilliant idea. A simple talk between two friends.

Borders don't matter…with friends!


Seth Clearwater had just returned to the Cullen house as Leah woke up and Emmett stepped outside. "Hey, border is clear. Doesn't look like much going on tonight. How is she?" he asked the muscular vampire leaning against the pillar.

"She's a little better. Carlisle has her hooked up to a tube and feeding machine." He said looking out into the forest. Leah got up and stretched before going out to take over rounds for me.

"Can I see her before I go to sleep?" Seth wasn't completely sure of all of the Cullen vampires, despite their team-up the previous year. "Ask Edward. He's going psych-out and annoying some of us."

Both nodded in agreement. "I know. Leah's my sister." This caused Emmett to erupt with a roaring laughter. Seth moved past him inside door and into the kitchen. Alice was in there as she tossed him a banana. "Thanks. I was going ot have some dry cereal, but okay."

Alice is cool. Most of them are cool. I think this situation has them a bit unnerved is all, Seth thought as he walked around the living room. He heard steps coming down and turned to the staircase. Esme, Carlisle, and Edward were coming down.

"Hi. Leah woke up and took over so I could get some rest and relax my body a bit." Seth replied in answer to no questions in general. "Can I see her? I just wanted to tell her something."

Edward looked up from his hole in the floor and tried to smile. "Sure, she's sleeping so she won't hear anything you say" Edward told him as he opened the upstairs door. Seth looked at him and smiled. "Thanks. For everything. You're really not a bad bunch." he smirked.

Bella looked different. She was asleep and had two tubes running out of her left arm and through a machine of some sorts. She also had a tube connected to her stomach. "Hey Bella. It's me, Seth. You remember Not-So-Little-Seth Clearwater." He asked her as he noticed Edward closing the door somewhat but not fully.

"Bella, I just wanted to say thanks. You are a great person and a good friend. I hope you come out okay. I think you made the right choice. Choosing Edward over Jacob. I see the way you look at both of them. They make you feel in different ways. I really like them, the Cullen's. I like Jake and all, but he can be a real ass sometimes. You're really something, ya know?"

"I just wanted to let you know that I think you're doing the right thing. I really hope you're gonna be alright. I like to think that you're the sister I never got. I just thought I needed to tell you."

Seth let go of her hands as he got up and walked towards the door. Edward had already reappeared and opened it for him. A few steps down the stairs he felt a hand on his shoulder. "Seth, I-I just wanted to say that what you said back there. It meant a lot. To her and me." Edward choked out.

"It's the truth. She is my sister Bella, no matter what she is. She'll always be "just Bella" to me."

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