Title: Dragonpox and Flying
Rating: Chapters will vary but the story in general will be somewhere around PG-13 or a soft R.
Summary: Harry has a problem with minding his own business, and Draco has a secret.
Author's Notes: This only took forever. Sorry! I know it's not long, but I'm in the process of writing Chapter 10 right now, so it should be up soon as well.

Chapter IX: Assent and a Chance

When he finally caught up to Draco (following the scattered feathers helped), he was at the top of the Astronomy tower, perched on the parapet, staring off into the distance towards the Forbidden Forest.

"Mal- Draco?" Harry asked, approaching slowly.

"I promised her I wouldn't," Draco whispered, almost too low to hear. "I promised. I told her I would control it, that I could control it, and I didn't. And now I've spoiled her Golden Boy as well."

"How do you think you've spoiled me?" Harry asked, leaving the rest aside.

"I've - veelas - veelas mate, Potter. We don't know why or how, but they're attracted to one person above all else. And that person is you. And that can't happen."

"Why not?" Harry asked, close enough now that he eased in between Draco's wings and the wall. He placed his hands carefully on the stone wall, close enough that he was almost touching one of Draco's bare feet.

"You're Harry Potter, savior of the wizarding world, destroyer of Voldemort," Draco said with a snort, still refusing to look at him.

"That shouldn't matter. And if you push me away you're not just going to die. You're going to kill me too, you know," Harry said, his tone conversational. He saw Draco's head snap around at that, and he looked up, meeting his bright eyes. "Luna told me everything. It's not something you could control, being - attracted - to me. You know I didn't kiss you or - anything else," he stumbled, " - because of the attraction. It doesn't work on me. It's just me," he finished, awkwardly, trying not to fidget. "At least give us a try."

Draco stared at him for a moment, face still and eyes shuttered. Then he blinked, focusing on Harry again.

"Okay," he said, making a little hop backwards so he was standing inside the wall of the Astronomy Tower instead of on it. "Okay," he repeated, and stepping closer, he brought his lips to Harry's and a hand to the side of his neck.

Before Harry let his eyes drift shut, he could see Draco's wings close around them, shining brightly even in the half-light.