Temperance Brennan sat outside Dr. Sweet's office and randomly flipped through the current issues of psychology today magazine that had been lying on the table. She wasn't really reading it, just keeping her hands busy while she waited for her partner who had just texted her to inform her was running late for their volunteer session with the FBI psychologist. So she sighed and started reading the article in the magazine entitled "How well do you know your partner?"

She knew her partner he was her best friend, well Angela was her best friend but ,Booth was also her best friend on some kind of deeper level wait how is that even possible to have two best friends this is exactly why she hated psychology. Sighing again she started to allow her mind to wonder about just how well she did know Seeley Booth.

She knew his strengths and weakness she knew his hopes and his fears. She knew his dreams and the goals he's set for himself.

This man this irritating alpha –male who was nothing less than charming who'd forced his way into her world. This wonderful crazy loving man that came into her life, and mandated her to start living outside the comfortable boundaries she'd thought had protected her.

He had methodically brick by brick tore down every wall she'd ever built. She'd fought the destruction all the way, with every thing she had. She thought his annihilation of her walls would leave her weak and exposed. What she didn't count on was him helping her rebuild those walls stronger than ever but, this time they had windows and doors that let love both in and out.

She knew he was incredibly inpatient… She knew he could compartmentalize just as well if not better than her… She knew The Catcher in the Rye was his favorite book… She knew he was a flirt but he truly respected woman…. She knew he was more like her dad than she wanted to admit… She knew he did not get enough sleep…She knew he had nightmares… He didn't know she knew he desperately wanted another child specifically a daughter… She knew about but truly did not understand his infatuation with Lego's… The seething passion he tried to keep hidden excited her and she knew that she intentionally provoke him sometimes just to get a glance at it… She knew his classified army record said his IQ was 116 and she was not surprised… She knew he was very persistent… She Knew he secretly loved chick flicks because he was such a romantic… She knew he craved physical contact as if he did not get enough as a child… She knew that he had weapons stashed in various places in his house, it didn't frighten her… She knew he was a pretty good dancer… She knew he was extremely bossy… She knew he went out of his way to be genuinely nice to people… She knew about his gambling addiction… She knew in her heart he would be promoted to his boss's job someday, and as much as she liked working in the field with him the idea was comforting because she knew he would be mostly out of harms way at that point….She knew he loved classic rock, but played classical music for his sleeping son…She knew he worked out everyday… She knew how much sugar he took in his coffee…She knew he made jokes when he was nervous or insecure about something… She knew he had an inclination towards co-dependency due to all the years he tried to take care of his dysfunctional family and everyone else for that matter… She knew he was vain… She knew he was the most loyal person she's ever known… She knew he was quick to anger and even quicker to forgive… She knew and accepted that he was living with some dark secrets and hurt's he may never be able to share… She knew he really could not sing very well… She knew he was the best hockey player on his team even if she didn't really see the attraction to the sport… She knew he was easily board and that drove her crazy… She knew he did not hold grudges, if he did Dr. Sweets would be in tremendous trouble… She knew that his feet and lower back ached regularly even though he never told her or even complained… She knew that his faith in God never wanes but that he is sometimes conflicted about his religion... She knew he was a very good driver but then so was she…She Knew he was a wonderful father and that he does not get the respect he deserves from his son's mother this infuriates her... She knew he had an amazing memory… She knew she'd never met anyone who used as much salt as he did or could eat as much pie for that matter…

She threw the magazine down on the coffee table as she tried to reconcile all the facts that just rushed through her brain. What did knowing and feeling so much about someone mean? Could Angela be right?

She knew she cared more about him that any other person in her life…She knew she could not imagine her life with out him …She knew she missed him on the days she didn't see him…She knew he was the first person she talked to about a problem, even when he had know idea what she was talking about he listen anyway every time…She knew she loved when he used his 'charm' smile on her but she would never admit it not even to Angela…She knew he made her happy really truly happy something know one else had the patients or desire to do…

A strange and unfamiliar feeling of euphoria came over as she realized

She knew her partner very well… She knew how lucky she was to have him in her life. She knew how much she loved him and She knew it was about time she told him.

Hearing the door open she looked up and seen her partner walk in.

"Hey Bones sorry I'm late" Said Booth as he sat down next to her.

She did not answer him she just smiled.

Yeah She Knew…