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Seeley Booth was rarely late for anything he hated being late it was rude, but if he was going to be late for something it might as well be to an appointment with Sweets. The only downside to that was he was keeping his partner waiting too.

The agent opened the door to the waiting room of Dr. Sweets office expecting to find his partner and best friend waiting for him. He knew she would tease him a little for being late because he was always giving her grief about having no concept of time. He didn't really mind because he enjoyed seeing her joke around and laugh, even if it was at his expense. "Hey Bones sorry I'm late" Said Booth as sat down beside her.

Booth noticed she just starred at him for a long moment the way she stared at a bone she was examining. "Everything okay there Bones?" he asked

"Yes as a matter of fact it is" replied the Anthropologist noticing he was wearing the tie she had bought him and just how good he looked today. "I really think it is."

"You're in a good mood." teased Booth with a smile "What's the occasion?"

"Hey I'm always in a good mood" She replied smiling and slapping him playfully on the arm.

Before either one of them could say another word. Dr Sweets stepped out into his waiting room and asked "Dr. Brennan could I have a moment with you before we begin your partner's session?"

"Come on Sweets" complained Booth clearly agitated "Are you going to drag this out all night?"

"This should only take a few minutes agent Booth" replied Dr. Sweets.

Knowing just how impatient her partner could be she reached down and picked up the magazine she'd just read and handed to him. "Here read this there is a very interesting article in there." Said Bones

"You think there is an interesting article in Psychology Today?" questioned Booth unconvinced his very literal partner would believe anything that wasn't in a anthropology journal. "Its psychology Bones – you know the soft unqualified science."

"Thanks for reminding her agent Booth" said Dr. Sweets sarcastically with a nod to the head as he closed his door and left Booth in the waiting room.

"Interesting Hun?" said Booth out loud to himself as he scanned the cover of the magazine looking for the story that Bones was referring to. Chronic fatigue syndrome…"no"…How you're pet effects you…"no"… How well do you know you partner? "Hum… Maybe" thought Booth as he flipped to page eighteen and began to read.


Booth frowned and tossed the magazine down on the table. He didn't need to take a lame ass test in a magazine to determent how well he knew his partner he knew her better than anyone even Angela. The fact that he knew her so well made his heart beat just a litter faster as he thought about what that meant. It meant she entrusted him with her secrets, her dreams, her hopes her fears.

Booth shifted in his seat and smiled at his last thought. Most people thought Bones was fearless and to some extent she was but, he knew her fears and he knew she'd just about come to terms with her biggest one. That realization made him smile even more.

Moving around in the uncomfortable chair Booth let his mind wonder to all of the other thing he knew about his partner…no she was really more that a partner she was his best friend his confidant' she was his Bones and he knew her pretty damn well.

He knew she was beautiful…He knew she was competitive…He knew she was bossy…He knew she was sensitive but, a master at hiding it…He knew she loved animals and that some day he was going to buy her a puppy…He knew that when she finely let herself grieve for her mother her life would change for the better…He knew she liked strawberry ice cream… He knew he could not say no to her, this was somewhat of a problem and it was getting worse…He knew how much she loved Zach and He knew he'd never be able to forgive Zach for hurting her…He knew she understood more about pop culture than she let on…He knew she'd kill for anyone she loved… She didn't know He Knew she read romance novels- he'd never tease her about it because it gave him hope that she really did want romance... He knew she was not as good of a driver as she thought she was…He knew she was a passionate wild woman under her cool calm exterior and he could not wait till he made her lose control. He knew she liked walnuts in her salad really who eats walnuts in their salad…He Knew she felt the electricity that was between them even if the both ignored it…for now… He knew he felt safe when he was with her as if everything was going to be okay…He knew his son adored her … He knew she was curious about everything… He knew about her experience in South America it made him physically ill when he found out…He knew she was more dedicated to the truth than anyone he'd ever known… He knew when she had PMS because that added a whole new meaning to the word bossy…He knew why she liked daffodils…He knew that although she had money and prestige she wasn't a snob… He knew she was physically fit … He knew that she could annoy him more that anyone in the world… He knew sometimes she did it on purpose and wasn't sure how he felt about that…He knew she would make a wonderful mother… He knew she needed her alone time he understood because he needed his time too…He knew that she secretly liked the fact he called her Bones…He knew of some of the abuse she endured while in foster care he suspected there was a more than what he knew about… He knew she was a vegetarian, He knew he was never going to become one no matter how much she urged…He knew she had no concept of time that made him crazy… He knew she got a little jealous when woman flirted with him, He knew that really stroked his ego… He knew he trusted her with is life…He knew she loved his son, watching them together touched his heart like nothing else ever had…He knew it was hard for her to forgive anyone that hurt her even in the slightest way He knew it was her way of protecting her fragile heart…He knew she worked to much …He knew these ridicules sessions with Sweets did wonders for her even if she discounted psychology other wise he would have stopped them long ago …He knew that just being with her made him happy…He Knew she was a pretty good cook she'd even cooked a few non-vegetarian meals for him…He knew she liked doing jig saw puzzles he thought that was pretty much the most boring thing a person could d do…He knew he stopped dating because he compared other woman to her and they all came up short…He knew she had a violent streak and wonder if she got that from her Dad… He knew how she took her coffee…He knew she could take care of herself, but he wanted to take care of her…He knew there were a million more things he wanted to know about the world famous Dr. Temperance Brennan…

Hearing Dr. sweets office door open it brought him back to the moment.

When he looked up and seen the woman of his dreams standing and smiling in front of him.

The one thing He knew for sure was he loved her and it was about time he told her so.

"Booth" she called

He did not answer her he just smiled.

"Everything okay Booth?" asked Bones confused by his silence .

"Yes Bones everything is okay" replied Booth with the smile reseved just for her.

Yeah... he Knew


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