Now, Im new to all this, and, while I do know a little of Boktai, I've only played Boktai2 and Lunar Knights. I have got Boktai recently though (XD) and hope to be as accurate in my portrayals as possible.

Reviews will be most welcome, as I this is my first ever fanfiction, let alone my first attempt at writing for fun (English work doesnt count), so I'd like to know what's 'yay' or 'ney'.

Also, I am most likely to write relating to Sabata, as he has enough dialogue to form a character. Anyone who has played Boktai 2 knows Django is not much of a speeker.
Gah, I'm done. Enjoy!

The daylight faded slowly, and Dark Boy Sabata watched as the shadows slowly lengthened as the sun set below the horizon. After his recent ordeals in Istrakan, the City of Death, and the defeat of Hel, Queen of Immortals by his little brother, Solar Boy Django, he had decided that he would travel, in part for Carmilla's soul…in part for revenge against the Immortals.

Whilst the daylight was not instantly fatal, due to the Dark Matter coursing in his body, it could be the death of him if he lingered too long, meaning he would have to travel carefully, avoiding daylight, and making sure the Undead he would encounter were not too powerful, as his Dark Gun, Gun de Hel, would be practically powerless against them. Yet, if it could bring him that one step closer to redeeming Carmilla's soul, then he would do it, no matter the time it took. Unfolding his arms and taking up the Gun de Hel from the table he had been inspecting it on, he left the small hovel he had waited out the day in, and walked into the night.

The night was a blessing though. It gave him time to think. Of his family, he knew little, other than Django, whom he had fought before discovering their relationship as brother, him being the eldest. 'It's not like we want to be with him…but San Miguel's Remains is rumoured to bring back the dead. It might be a good place to start. And if there are Immortals…I'll show them what true power is!' pondering himself slightly more than he had in his entire life, Sabata continued on the road ahead, walking with no fear for the Boks that lingered on the outskirts. They were too stupid, and most of them probably wouldn't have risen from their hides yet anyway.

About an hour later, with Istrakan nothing more than an insignificant speck after the last three nights travelling, he stopped. There was something strange in the air. Frowning, he looked for a source. He was only a few miles from San Miguel, yet, the air was more oppressive, like a great blanket was covering the very world, slowly smothering it. 'Like the Queen, almost…but, more dangerous…calculating, ancient even. Maybe this city has more to worry about than just Hel…' Sabata, slightly concerned for what may be waiting for Django, looked up to the sky, hoping to see the moon which had lit his path for the last three nights, and being full tonight, it should have been the first thing he saw. Should have been….

"What on….? The moon…the stars! There not there! Just what kind of power can block out the stars! No shadow has the power…not even Hel had that power!" with a sense of forboding, he ran on, using the Luna magic Zero Shift to hasten him past the city outskirts, on to the fabled City of the Sun.