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Ancestor Piece

Sabata paused for a moment, thinking about all that had happened in the last few months; he'd learnt about his family, learnt he had a brother, learnt that it was the Immortals that he wanted to fight. Yet…it seemed so hollow…his mother, dead. Carmilla…residing in his body until he could restore her. His father…now he too, was dead. Clenching his fists, Sabata let his anger well up. Let it seep into every corner of his being, so it could feed the Dark Matter fused with his body. He would use his anger to get what revenge he could.

Looking up, he saw Nero stroll past, towards the Piledriver, causing Django and Zazie to become a little confused, Zazie looking at Nero then Django, then back to Nero, before speaking.

"That cat's Otenko?"

"Yes. Dainn imprisoned him inside Nero once he had no more use for him." Walking towards the cat, Sabata raised his hand, and, after a silvery blue light had coursed through his body, Nero curled up into a ball and Otenko materialised. Sabata fell to his knees then, and waved Zazie away when she looked like she was going to help him up. Otenko looked around, before proceeding to talk swiftly.

"Ahhh…it's good to be back in my original form again. Thank you Sabata. Not only did you save me but also the life of Nero. You have my thanks, Sabata."

"I wasn't doing it for you," Sabata replied snappily

"With an answer like that, I don't need to ask if your alright," Otenko replied coolly. Django and Zazie exchanged a brief 'we're here too you know' look, before Otenko turned back to Django.

"I know what the situation is. I was able to share consciousness with Nero, so I am aware that Jormungandr is now awakening. We need to reseal it with the wedge seals, and as you've already reset the Spiral Tower in it's binding position, that should be all really. Django, all you need to do is get to Jormungandr, strike it so it falls unconscious, then it's over. Finally over."

"But…we need to get through a Luna sealed door, Master. What do we do about it?" Django frowned slightly, as he had little doubt at what was coming next.

"We have a solution, as Sabata here just proved his growing Luna powers, saving me."

"Actually I was doing it for Nero more than you," Sabata mumbled to himself, thankfully unheard by Otenko or anyone else for that matter. Continuing on obliviously, Otenko finished off the conversation.

"So we need to get ready now. I'll head to the Spiral Tower, and wait for you there Django. Sunflower girl," Zazie tensed slightly at this point, "You'll need to get ready to use all your power to seal Jormungandr. It all comes down to that. If we can't seal Jormungandr…then it's over."

Nodding, Zazie went to the town centre, while Sabata quietly picked Nero up and walked to the warehouse. He felt Django needed some time alone with Otenko as they reminisced. He had no right to join in…he'd never known Ringo. And…of course…he never would, thanks to the Immortals. Shaking his head, Sabata passed the Solar Tree sapling without a word.

When Sabata had placed Nero on his favourite box in the warehouse, he was halfway through talking with Violet on what to do to help Nero back to full health when Django came in.

"…All you need to do is let him sleep as much as he wants and he should be back to his old self. Now, your going to have to look after him yourself Violet, but don't worry…you'll be fine-" pausing slightly, Sabata turned when he heard the door open, Django just coming in, looking as if he wanted to talk about…about pretty much everything. "I'll see you at the Spiral Tower Django. Make sure to bring what you need." And, before Django could say anything, or even Violet saying thank you again, Sabata used Dark Warp, teleporting away to the Spiral Tower.

Standing before the silvery gate, Sabata pondered a little about what had happened again. He had a strange feeling that this was a climax…an end to their struggle? He hoped so…then, he could concentrate on Carmilla…he had that last promise to fulfill…and perhaps…after that…what? We're would he go if he no longer needed to fight? No longer needed to be the Dark Child? He almost wished he had the foresight to know where he could call home…

Interrupting his thoughts, Otenko coughed, signalling for Sabata's attention. Turning his head so he could see the messenger of the Sun, Sabata prepared himself for whatever was coming.

"Sabata…I've been meaning to talk to you. I think you need to at least have someone talk to you about Ringo."

"Then I'll talk to Django. I want to know about Ringo, my father, not the Sun's more famous warrior. Once we're done with Jormungandr…I don't think you'll have to worry about what I think or feel. You only care because of Django most likely. So save it. I'm here for my own reasons. And I doubt you'd like them," Sabata replied with barely a trace of emotion, turning back to face the gate, while Otenko remained quiet. For the next half an hour, they just stood, or in Otenko's case, floated, waiting for Django to arrive.

When Django finally arrived, Otenko turned back to Sabata, in the closest a sunflower could get to a business manner.

"The Spiral Tower was made to bind Jormungandr. The powers of Sun and Darkness are what seal the tower itself. But what seals Jormungandr is the power of the Lunar children. The moon reflects the sun's light, and brightens the night sky. Further, it teaches of the four elements as part of its power. But it's more than just a mirror. The moon carries its own power, the powers of Mercy, and Lunacy. And it's that power keeping this gate shut."

Nodding, Sabata looked at the gate in front of him.

"Spirits of the Lunar children, I come to you now, because a great power you helped seal is now awakening. We have to break the seal, so we can ensure that it doesn't destroy us, as it would have you. I am of your own, and I, Moonbeauty Sabata, ask you to help us. Help us by releasing the seal, so we can make sure that Jormungandr is never released again, for the sake of all those who live and will live here," silvery blue light now running over Sabata's body, he raised his hand as he would for Dark charge, but instead, the gate opened. Yet the moment it had opened, Sabata fell to his knees.

"So this is Jormungandr…it's taking all I've got to hold the reins on this one! So much power…"


"We lost our mother, defeated our father…And yet…we must go on. There's no victory in our fight. Which is all the more reason we mustn't lose. Keep up the good fight…That's the only sure way to resist the evil plots of Dark! Right, Django?"

"Yes. Your right Sabata…we can talk when the fighting is done."

"Good. Now, go forth, Solar Boy Django!"

Nodding, Django ran into the tower, Otenko following after him, leaving Sabata alone with his thoughts.

Looking at the sky, Sabata let his mind wander as much as he dared while Jormungandr was sealed still only because of him. 'Me…a moon beauty. This must be my worst nightmare. Is it Carmilla changing me, beside all this Dark Matter? The Crying Witch I killed?' looking at the ground, Sabata stopped that chain of thought. He was going to keep his word. He was going to restore Carmilla's life…and he wasn't going to rest until he had done that. Shaking his head, Sabata turned his attention back to the here and now. If Jormungandr broke free while he was being pensive…well, there wasn't going to be any need to worry about keeping his word anymore, that was for certain.

Sabata had been waiting quietly for what seemed like hours, when a sudden lurching almost pulled him forward…Jormungandr had broken the bonds! Desperately trying to retain control on the Ancestor Piece, Sabata couldn't believe what was happening…

"Django! We were too late…….?" Sabata couldn't believe it…Django was coming back, even if Sabata had to drag him out himself. He wasn't losing anyone else to the Immortals and their games.


Sabata almost lost control again, such a shock he got from Zazie's shout. Sabata could only hope she was right. Yet, after a few moment's, Sabata could feel the bonds that had held Jormungandr had been replaced, even stronger. And he could almost swear he had just seen a familiar silhouette…

Ignoring it, Sabata used every bit of his strength to hold Jormungandr in place. Django was going to need no complications in this. And, in an instant, he could feel Jormungandr had stopped pulling away, doing anything. Sabata relaxed, and stood up slowly, wincing at the stinging sensation in his legs, he'd been crouched down so long. Stepping out of the tower, Django looked exhausted, but he was smiling broadly.

"It's over," Sabata and Django said at the same time.

"Master Django!"

Sabata stepped out of the way just in time as Lita ran in and threw herself onto Django, causing him to go bright red, while Sabata began to laugh. Once Lita had released Django, quite red herself, the group headed back to the town, Lita and Django side by side, while Otenko floated in behind.

A few days later, Sabata leaned against the wall next to the Wedge-seal gate, his arms crossed and one of his feet resting against the wall. After they had rested for a day, Django rarely being out of Lita's sight the whole time, they had restored the seal on the gate, there was no way Jormungandr would be released, ever again. However, Django had insisted on checking it with Lita, Zazie and Lady, the one responsible for the Tarot Seal in the Aqueduct. Even after he'd been to all the seal locations and removed the items that allowed access…The crystal set in the Cathedral, the stone tablet in the Remains, the Tarot Seal in the Aqueduct, and had walled off the seal that had belonged to Red Durathor, charging it with enough Solar energy to burn away any undead that got even that far in. Looking back at Django out of the corner of his eyes, Sabata noticed Django was about to say something.

"That day…that black shadow that stopped Jormungandr in its tracks…do you think it was Father, or…?"

"Yer think it was the Black Dainn?"

"The infamous Shadow Immortal?"

"The Black Dainn?"

"Him huh?"

Django frowned slightly, looking at the ground and folding his arms, relaxing a little when Lita placed her hand on his shoulder. Looking up again, Django looked resolute in whatever conclusion he had come to.

"I don't know. I guess we never will. The dark is scary…but around dusk, I always think the same thing. It's those dark shadows that allow the world to be so."

"That, that yer might be right about Django."

"That's beautiful Master Django."

"My, your somewhat of a poet, young Django."

Smirking, Sabata looked to his brother before giving his reply.

"You really are too naïve sometimes."

Laughing, Sabata cut it short when he saw Zazie raising her staff with a familiar look in her eye, while Lita and Django took their turn to laugh, both rather innocently holding hands, while Lady looked on. Sabata just couldn't get it. He could understand the undead and the Immortals, he could understand what he did and why he did it…but he just couldn't get how people could be so welcoming of his company. Side stepping Zazie as she went to 'knock some sense' into him, Sabata couldn't help but think it was all to do with Carmilla.

'Some day Carmilla. Some day, I'll be able to thank you for all of this.'

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