By Jules


A/N: This is the last chapter of this fic. It may need a sequel, I don't know. It really depends how angry/happy the season finally makes me. Thanks for reading and reviewing! You guys have been great!

Part 5

"Is everything ready?" Cuddy paced anxiously in her office as she talked to her housekeeper on her cell phone. Wilson stuck his head through the door. She nodded at him to enter. "No, don't go over the top. I don't want him to feel out of place. Right. Okay, bye."

"It's today, isn't it?" Wilson smiled supportively.

"Yeah." Cuddy grinned nervously. "How do I look?"

"Kinda nuts, honestly."

"Wilson!" She punched his arm.

"You look beautiful," he said begrudgingly as he rubbed his sore shoulder.

"Thank you." She went to her desk and grabbed her purse.

Wilson stepped in front of her and leveled with her. "You sure you want to do this?"

Cuddy nodded confidently. "I promised him."

"I know, but Cuddy—"

She shook her head, stopping him. "I don't want to hear it, Wilson. I can handle this."

"The treatment's been very successful. He hasn't suffered from any hallucinations in two weeks. His cognitive skills are slightly weakened, but with rehab and time, he should make a full recovery," Dr. Tischner explained to Cuddy as they stood in the sterile waiting room of Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital.

"Can I see him now?" She asked, anxious to get them home and away from here.

"This way."

She walked into his room and froze. He was sitting on the bed, his back to her, hunched over.

"House?" She ventured tentatively.

He stiffened and looked over his shoulder. His eyes narrowed with disbelief. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to take you home." She took a couple of steps towards him. He looked scruffy. Good, but scruffy. She smiled and put a gentle hand on his shoulder. "You're outpatient now."

He looked down at her hand, then at her again. "Oh."

"And I thought…" She took a seat next to him and put her hand over his. "…if you wanted, it might be easier if you stayed with me for a while."

"You want me there?" He asked, almost childlike.

She nodded reassuredly. "Everything's taken care of—"

He shook his head, suddenly incredibly uncomfortable with her and her expectant eyes and their entwined fingers. "I'd rather be at my place than stuck at your potpourri baby nest."

He threw her hand away.

Cuddy froze, taken aback. He had always been an ass, but something was off. "…okay. If that's what you want. I just thought after…"

He stood up from the bed, getting away from her. He felt hot and panicked. "What?"

Cuddy's heart raced as she stared into his distrusting eyes and remembered every hot, delicate, dangerous touch they had share. Every moment, sigh, kiss danced through her mind like a waltz on air.

She blushed at the memory. His cheeks remained pale.

She swallowed, willing the tears back, forcing herself to remain calm for him. "It's nothing. Um. I'll let you get dressed."

She had to get out of there.

"Cuddy." He didn't want her to go. It was selfish, but he felt incredible alone the second she began to walk away from him.

"Yeah?" She stopped at the door but didn't look at him.

"Just for a night or two."

"Okay. Yeah. Okay." She tried to process what she was doing, what she was getting herself, them into. "I'll wait for you."

She watched him turn around and go to his drawers. But she couldn't leave it like this. She had to know.



She smiled sadly and forced herself to ask, "What's the last thing you remember?"

His head dropped, unanswered questions spiraling through his mind, as he closed his eyes, seeing nothing but beautiful ghosts.


The End