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Harry Potter and What Could Have Been


We all know the story of The-Boy-Who-Lived… or so you think. I'm here to tell you the story that could've been. On October 31, 1981, Lord Voldemort did in fact kill Lilly and James Potter. Their son, Harry, would be sent to live with his aunt and uncle after mysteriously being the one to cause the Dark Lord's downfall.

Meanwhile, later on that night, two boys around Harry's age were playing loudly with their mothers watching nearby when two men came running into the room. One of them looked as though she would give birth any minute.

"Lucius…" one of the women gasped.

Her long blonde hair whipped her husband's equally long blonde hair. The other woman, who was much shorter with hair as red as her husbands, walked other to him, her stomach being pushed to the limit.

"Arthur, what's going on," she asked.

He glanced over at Lucius, who then mimicked him in looking down.

"The… the Dark Lord's go… gone," Arthur said.

The two women looked at each other in shock.

"Gone," Lucius's wife gasped.

Lucius took a hold of his wife's shoulders.

"Narssisa, I want you to take Draco and go to the Weasley's. The Ministry might be looking for followers, and they are clueless as to the Weasley's involvement," he said.

Arthur's wife turned to him, terror in her eyes.

"Arthur…" she began.

She couldn't get the words out. Tear started to fall.

"Do as Lucius says, Molly. Take Ron and stay put," Arthur said.

He placed a hand on her stomach. Molly took a deep breath and nodded. Arthur handed her a now crying Ron. Narssisa scooped up Draco and left with Molly.