Loving Memory

I stare at the vast field. Vibrant green splashed with a rainbow of colours. I take out my glasses, to get a better look. I should hide you away but this place brings back memories. I will stay here for a few moments, with you by my side. Surely you will not begrudge me this?

It is peaceful here. I would like nothing more than to be able to sit here and read. Like I used to. Before you came into my life. Before my youthful illusions were shattered.

On a whim, I take off my shoes, savoring the sensation of the cool earth, the feel of the individual blades of grass on the soles of my feet.

You insulted me on our wedding day. Implied that I wasn't man enough to carry on the proud lineage of the Lung clan. You were right. I was forced into this marriage. I hated you.

A butterfly flutters by. I hold out my hand, letting it alight on my finger. Velvety black. Delicately it's flexes it's fragile wings. Black like my eyes and hair. Black like yours.

You tried to humiliate me. Tried to make me believe in your justice. I proved to be stronger. I was happy that I'd beaten you. That I'd won. Then I found out that I hadn't changed your thinking at all. Out of spite, I named Elder O's piece of junk, Shenlong. I didn't think you were strong enough. I was wrong.

The butterfly flutters off. I watch it disappear before resuming my walk.

Then they came. OZ with their mobile suits, with their weapons. You, with your illusions of justice ran off to fight. I couldn't abandon you. I couldn't let you die, for such a stupid reason.

I had no justice. I should have followed yours. My stubborn pride killed you.

I sit down, undoing my hair, letting it fall to my shoulders. The gentle wind caresses the strands. I stare up into the sky, watching the clouds move. I look at you, standing silently behind me. A figure out of legend. An avenging angel. Silent. Powerful. Beautiful.

This place is so alive. I wish you could be here to see it. Do you remember? When I brought you to the flower garden? The one where we first fought? Where your body rests, even now? I wish I had said I loved you. I'm not worthy.

I close my eyes, imagining that the wind is your hand.

Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust...
No... Nataku.... my wife. Stronger than anyone. Whose life burned brighter than any star in the sky. I love you. I live to serve you. Protect me and guide me.
You are my justice.