"Now I Lay Me to My Sleep"

My eyes narrow, my attention wholly on the enemies before me. I press on the throttle, pushing this metal body of mine towards the mobile suits before me. Fourty of them. I've faced worse odds.

I don't have a soul. How else could I have survived this long? What do you think Solo? Are you still watching over me? Good. I knew you were.

My hands move of their own accord. The hands of death. The explosion of the Leo resounds dully in this coffin of mine.

Lady Luck, are you with me? Will you dance with me or will you forsake me for some new plaything? Perhaps Heero? Perhaps Trowa?

I carry the grim reaper's scythe.

Strange how I feel so much more alive when I'm courting you. Mistress Death, will I feel your sweet kiss? Will I go the way of my victims? How does it feel to die?

I bring my weapon to bear on another target. They fire their weapons at me. Slowly chipping away at the armour of this gundanium unit.

My partner. My flesh and blood. My instrument of revenge. Do you have a soul, my Deathscythe?

The number of enemy units are rapidly dwindling. Twenty-one.

Do these pilots feel despair as I bring their lives to an end? What were their lives like, before I ended them? Did they have families? Did they have lovers?

You must be crying as you watch me from above. I'm sorry Sister Helen. Father Maxwell. I don't think I'd make a very good priest. I'm going to burn in Hell. I wish I could hear you sing again, Sister.

The dots on my monitor dwindle even furthur. Lucky thirteen.

I smile, wiping the blood from my cheek. A piece of shrapnel from the instrumentation panel has struck me. The pain tells me I'm still awake. That I'm still locked in the struggle to stay alive.

The base is in ruins. There are no more enemy units in the area. I close my eyes, breathing a slow sigh. It's over. I'm still alive.

Why are people like me left to live?

Now I lay me to my sleep. I pray to God my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake... I pray to God my soul to take.