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Esme POV:

The honey moon with Carlisle was an excellent vacation for the two of us and I had a wonderful time down in Florida, but I couldn't wait to get back to our children. I knew they'd be fine and we checked in on them every day via telephone call, but I just had to see the six of them safe and sound. Carlisle and I collected our luggage and went to the parking arcade, to find our vehicle that we had parked there and left at the air port for the time that we had been gone.

The Seattle weather was significantly different compared to Florida's weather, but it felt right to me because it was home like weather. Now the only thing I had to do was survive the 3 hour long drive back to Forks and I might be alright. Carlisle put the luggage in the truck and got in to the car, and he smiles at me.

"Someone looks a bit antsy." he comments.

I smile back at him, "Just want to get back to Forks. That's where the children are, so that's where I want to be."

"I know the feeling," Carlisle sighs, "at least we know that we can trust them to be alright on their own for a little while though. The two of us do need a vacation every once in a while."

"Well, really, we don't have a whole lot longer with the kids being in the house." I say, a bit sadly, "They're growing up too fast, Carlisle."

"I couldn't agree more." Carlisle replies, as he turns the car on to the highway, Forks bound.

"They've all been acting so different lately, too." I comment, "Have you noticed that?"

"I have." he responds, "I think we'll just have to keep an eye on it, but for now, that's about all we can do until we figure out more."

"I think I already have a bit of an idea about what's going on."

"Do you now?"

"I do, but I highly doubt you're going to like it and to be honest, neither do I, but as much as I'd like to I won't stop them."

"Stop what?"

Emmett POV:

I sat down by Rosalie at the kitchen table, head in my hands as I went through all the recent events in my head, things like kissing her and all that. I really didn't mind it but I'm sure Esme and my father would definitely mind what's going on in this house. Does it count as incest even though we're not blood related? She's an Evenson and I'm a Cullen, it really can't be all that bad, can it? Even though I guess now we're step siblings. Not that we've ever even viewed each other as siblings, really.

Of all the families in the world something like this would have to happen to us, wouldn't it? Yes, it would because we're terribly unlucky people.

"They're going to kill us all." I groan, "They're going to hate us, and split us apart and make sure that nothing ever comes of any relationships we currently have going on right now."

"You're probably right." she sighs, "What can we do though? It'd be totally wrong if you were attracted to your blood sibling, but none of us are. We have different mothers and different fathers. The only thing that happened it that our parents ended up marrying each other and we got kind of stuck with that. Not that I hate it, I really do love that your dad is married to my mom. They're both happy now."

"So does this mean all of us are going to have to suffer for their happiness?" I ask her, "To be honest, I'd do anything for the two of them, but to give up the person I think just might be the love of my life..." I trail off, "I really don't think I am willing to go that far."

"Well what else can we do, Emmett?" Rosalie sighs, "I'm not sure I'm willing to even tell them. Let them figure it out on their own if they notice, and if they do notice we'll just see where to go from there. Alright?"

"Sure, sounds fine with me, I guess." I agree, reluctantly.

"Come on, lets start supper and get on some happy faces. The two of them are going to be home soon and I don't think they want to see moping and sad faces, do you?"

"No, of course not." I say, getting up from my chair, "What's going to be for supper tonight?"

Thanks to one week with Rosalie I now know that I won't die of starvation in College or wherever I go after I graduate High School. I now know how to cook properly without burning everything to a crisp or setting the kitchen on fire. Rosalie has definitely become my saving grace, and to be honest, I'd rather not have it any other way.

"I don't know, but something quick, seeing as they should be arriving here in about an hour." she says, going through the kitchen cabinets.

"What the hell can you cook in an hour?" I ask.

"You can cook a lot of things in an hour, stupid." she says, randomly pulling things out and putting them on the counter.

"What have you got then, almighty cooking queen?"

"We're going to make lasagna." she says, simply. "We'll do some type of salad to go with it. Now come on, lets get to work!"

Oh boy, she's got me whipped already.

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