Hand of God

Text enclosed in /* */ indicates thoughts.


Twenty-nine boquets of roses were already laid out at the grave. The grave that was side-by-side with his mother, Quaterine's grave.
A tow-haired boy slowly stepped up the grave. His blue eyes eyes shed no tears. He'd lost the ability to cry days back.
He knelt to rest the single white rose atop the others.
He stood and stared at the plaque atop the marble marker.

Sahid Winner.
Our beloved father
Who died before his time
In the name of peace

What had his father managed to accomplish with his final act of defiance?
The colony was up in arms over the loss of the asteroid that they mined for resources. they picketed the Winner household day and night. Chanting OZ slogans and anti-Winner sentiments.

/* They didn't understand. No one understands. I will make them understand. No one understands us, father. I'll make them understand. I promise. They'll regret the error of their ways. */

He felt empty. Standing there, he still couldn't summon the tears.
He turned and walked past his 29 sisters. Back towards the house.
None spoke. They didn't know what to say to him. He seemed so different from the little brother they had known. They didn't know how to approach him. How to comfort him. It hurt to think they couldn't protect him.

Quatre had returned to the hangar that had housed Sandrock. A womb of metal. He would give life to a new mobile suit. The plans scrolled across the screen. Optimised for space usage.
/* Perfect. */

The Wing Zero had been a radical design at the time it had been thought up. In many ways it was superior to the current gundams. On another monitor were the designs for Sandrock. He compared the data.

/* No... that won't work... but I if I use the same design from Sandrock... Yes... */

The Zero System was something else entirely. The Gundam professors were amazing. Something that would heighten the pilot's battle sensitivity. The algorithms used in the code were truly bizarre. He'd never seen some of them before.
He would teach people the error of their ways. They wanted a war. He would give them war. They wanted to fight. He would give them a fight. He smiled faintly, putting in orders for the various parts he'd need.

/* If there there had been a God.... He'd punish them..... but there isn't. So I'll punish them in His stead. */