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The radio static buzzed relentlessly like a bug in my ear. I adjusted the dial, hoping to find a more clear station that could inform me on the weather. It was barely 5 in the evening and already it looked pitch black. The wind blew against the rented car, swerving it a bit to the right side of the road. This was more than I was used to. I rarely ever left California for a business trip and if so, it was never up north. It was way too cold and definately too wet for my taste. Not that I hated storms. I rather enjoyed them, but it was not part of my daily life. I had partners who had been in Washington half a dozen times, whom spoke fondly of the constant drizzle and heavy air. The same partners who were needed back at home, so I had to free up my schedule and go to set a few business offers straight. I sighed, regretting driving. It personally was an enjoyment of mine, but as of today, it was a growing irritance. A clear voice came through after a few minutes of adjusting the dial.

"We have a murder of a storm coming through..." of course the rest of the report was interupted with the static again. I sighed, giving up. Maybe some music would relax me. Plugging my iPhone in, I began my personal favorite playlist, starting with Sade. She was a good artist to listen to while unwinding and perfect for a night with a lover.

I shook my head in disgust.

There was no need to think of such a thing now. My relationships of the past were stories men told around campfires to scare the hell out of you. The problem with my life was that it lacked romance, even though it was littered with relationships.

Sade wasn't helping at the moment.

The road was a complete blackhole of concrete. Maybe I was unwise to drive tonight, there hadn't been a car for miles. I scowled at my earlier enthusiasm to get on the road, hopefully coming across some interesting landmarks to stop by and enjoy. There was nothing to enjoy now but the darkness ahead of me. I turned on my high beams, glad there were no cars coming in the opposite direction. I only had a moment to notice the big, black bear that crossed the road in front of me. I hit the brakes, turning the wheel left out of the creatures way before swerving roughly, throwing my own body into the driver door before I came to a complete stop right against a tree. I leaned back just as the airbags exploded with vigor and potential to cause harm to my scratchless body. I checked myself anyway to make sure I was alright. Airbags only went off if someone was at risk and I may have been under too much trauma to realize. I gave a sigh of relief, when everything appeared to be fine. The car, on the other hand, groaned pathetically against the tree trunk reminding that it wasn't me I was supposed to be worried about.

Alright, just me and a tree. I'm fine, the car isn't.

I unplugged my iphone from the radio and held it to my face, trying to figure out who to call first. It didn't matter. There wasn't a signal. I cursed under my breath. Now what the hell was I supposed to do?

What if that...thing was still out there? Was it a bear? It didn't matter, it was big and possibly territorial. I sat in the car in silence, still a bit shaken up. The only choice I had was to leave the car. I grabbed my wallet out of the passenger seat and cautiously threw open the door, checking for any evidence of a sound of a heavy creature lurking by. I heard very little. I got out of the car, stretching my body. It was a long drive. I should have pulled over to a hotel sooner. I suppose this was my punishment. With a last glance at the wreck I created, I walked onto the right shoulder of the road, my iphone light as my guide as I headed in the original direction I was going with the car.

I was lucky. Last time I checked, there was a town about 5 miles away. Forks, I believed it to be called.


I walked a little over an hour, before I was able to spot what looked like a small warehouse on the side of the road. I was more than relieved to see bright, bursts of lights through small, dusty windows and even estatic to hear the faint guitar chords of some familar 80s band.

I walked off the shoulder of the road to a graveled driveway to follow the light and noise. I heard voices, laughter and metal clanking together over the hum of the music. I had a better view of the building from where I stood. I could've laughed in joy at the sight. It was a mechanic shop with a mini store adjacent to it. Perfect, I was hungry and in need of automobile services. Two cars, much older than the one I rented, sat on the driveway. One, a faded blue VW, with a missing hood and the other, a car I didn't recognize but with the same old appearance. A torso of what I believed to be a man's body was under the hood, closley engaged in whatever he was doing. He hummed the tune of the radio rather obnoxiously, making the guitar riffs in a high sqeaky voice.

"Oh, whoa, sweet child of mine!" He whined out dramatically unaware of the company he had. I bit my lip, trying not to laugh.

"Excuse me." I tried, but he didn't hear. He kept singing, even shaking his ass in my direction. I took note of how his jeans hung on his body. They fitted his long legs perfectly, giving shape to him without looking contricting. I shook my head. Clearly I needed rest after cruising a guy's ass and legs.

I tried again, "Hey. Are you guys open for service?" He heard me this time, rising from under the hood, an arm resting on the metal above his head as he turned to look at me. Seeing him at nearly full height, I could already conclude that he was tall. He wore a simple white tee, muscles rippling and contrasting beautifully against the fabric. His skin, a russett color and his teeth pure white as he smiled and answered my question.

"Yeah. We don't close until 8-" He stopped when his eyes locked on me. He looked confused and a bit taken back. He looked behind me, then in front of the small shop. "Where's your car?"

"About 5 miles down." I shrugged.

"You had an accident?" He stood up completely, watching me quite intently as if that would answer his question. I didn't respond immediately. I was a bit takenback myself. He was more or less fucking beautiful. I had to rake my hair repeatedly back before I could form any words. I was just too exhausted and traumatized for my own good. His face softened considerably. He held out a hand making to touch my shoulder, then it dropped to his side like dead weight, "You alright?"

"Tired." I was only able to whisper out.

He nodded, turning his head before yelling out. "Yo! Quil!" He waiting, scratching the black bandanna he had tied over his long black hair that was secured in a ponytail.

"What?" A faint voice called from what appeared to be inside the small store.

"Your ass. Over here. Now." He ordered. He looked back at me, smiling apologetically. He wasn't offending me. I smiled back weakly, hoping I didn't look too wrecked or disheartened by his help.

Before long, a young man about his age and similar in appearance save for the shorter hair cut and different attire, came running out. He looked beyond irritated.

The mechanic turned to him, a smug smile on his face, "Remember earlier when you said you were bored?"

Quil shrugged, "Yeah."

"Get the truck."


The sound of an aluminum can hissing was music to my ears. The mechanic slammed the soda can on the narrow counter and smiled genuinely.

"On the house." He smirked then retreated his hands to grab another can for himself, "always wanted to say that." He popped open his own can with ease before guzzling it down. I took a few gulps, enjoying the refreshing taste.

"Mmm," He swallowed another mouthful of soda before speaking, "I'm Jacob by the way." He held out his hand, I took it in mines and shook firmly. For a mechanic, his skin was surprisingly soft and warm.

He hissed out a breath, "You cold?" He asked. I was too tired to even realize that. I suddenly shuddered. "Your skin is like ice. Wait, we have some jackets in the back." He started to move, but I held up my hand.

"No, I'm fine." I did my best to assure him with a smile, "You've already done enough for me."

"I don't mind doing more." His smile was brilliant and damn there breathtaking. I tried not to take his words to heart. He sounded too sincere to be speaking like this to a stranger.

"But your friend..." I started, feeling guilty, "I should have went with him."

"Quil is a big boy." He laughed, "And a lazy ass when there is no one around. It gets slow on days like these." I wasn't quite sure what he meant until I heard a howl against the ajar door, knocking it back to the wall. Jacob came around the counter to stand by me.

"What are you doing driving on a day like this anyway?" He asked.

I really had no answer for that, but I did my best to, "I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon at Port Angeles. I thought I'd drive out early, maybe shop around. I was unaware of any storms in the area. I stupidly avoided checking the news until this afternoon." I finished. Today was definately an idiot day for me.

He nodded in understanding, chugging the last of his coke down.

"Oh, I'm sorry." I shook my head feeling like an idiot. "I'm Edward."

"Don't worry about it, Edward. You've just had a small accident. Your brain is going to be a little scrambled for the next hour or so."

We continued to wait as the winds picked up outside. Jacob began a steady conversation with me, asking what I did and why I decided to drive. He smiled coyly at my answers, thinking it quirky of me to drive through states when I could easily afford tickest for a plane. He summarized his services at the shop. He was so simple and carefree, happy with the customers they got from Forks and the everyday strangers that came through quite often for check-ups and snacks. He earned his living easily doing what he loved to do, fix up cars in his spare time. He discussed the model he was working on. His eyes fired up with passion as he went over technical procedures and his hopes of acquiring money to get his "baby" up and running. I watched him talk, completely comfortable despite my exhausting day. It almost felt like I had just woke up from a refreshing nap. He had great hospitality.

"How long do you think it'll take you before you have everything?"

"Probably a year." He shrugged, but his lips pulled down in a pout. Before I could say anything, the rumble of a truck engine roared past the door. The truck was back with my car. Quil hopped out, giving Jacob a nod before speaking, "It's not completely totaled."

"That's good news." Jacob clapped his hands together and began to walk around the truck. He whistled in astonishment, "Well, it isn't something we can fix tonight, I'll tell you that."

"Don't worry about it." I shook my head, "I'll get a taxi tonight, go to my meeting tomorrow. then I'll come back and get the car out of your hands. I'll pays for the inconveniance too."

Jacob laughed lightly, coming back around the car to me, "Don't worry about paying. We can hold the car for you." I opened my mouth to speak but he held up a hand, "You paid us with your company. That is more than enough. Just look at Quil? He has something to do now." Quil rolled his eyes and grumbled something under his breath. "Quil, my man, unload the car for me." He patted his back enthustiastically before going back in the shop.

"Thanks." I said, following behind him, " I really don't mind paying for-"

"Paying for nothing." He said straightly. He turned to me, his back to the counter, "I'm serious about your company. It is always nice to have someone other than the people of the town to talk to. You're a nice guy. That's exactly what I needed today." He sounded beyond sincere. I said thank you again, chuckling more to myself that I was lucky even on an unlucky night.

"Now about that taxi." he started, but was interupted by a sudden gush of wind and the strong waterfalls of water to earth. My eyes widened in wonder as I looked outside to what appeared to be rain pelting the ground with force. The winds were so strong, the rain came down sideways and the trees in the distance tilted at odd angles, "okay, forget about that." Jacob said abruptly.

"That looks bad." I shook my head sadly. This day was wearing me out. Jacob stared at me, a hint of worry in his face before he masked it with a small grin.

"Yeah, when it rain, it pours."

"Where's the next hotel?" I asked. He shook his head frowning.

"Not close enough for a drive or walk, sadly." He saw the worry on my face, then immediately spoke up, "Look, we won't let you go the night without a proper bed to sleep in and a meal to eat. You're more than welcome to stay at my place."

Again, with the hospitality, "You sure that won't be a-"

He shook his head, a twinkle in his eye as he spoke, "Not at all."


Jacob lived not half a mile down the road, on a long gravel driveway to what looked like a wooden cabin home nestled by the thick, wet forest. Quil offered to stay behind and close up as Jacob took me in early just to keep my nerves down. The guy had an eye for knowing where my stress level was at. We got out, running to the protection of his patio where with graceful skills, he unlocked the door even with slick, wet hands and no light. We entered into a dark space and already I could smell the comforting scent of pinewood and a blanket of the warmth settled around me.

"Hold on a second, let me get the light." I heard a small click before I got an eyeful of a small living room with a soft, brown L shaped couch and a fireplace. A thick, wooden coffee table took the space in the middle of the room. It was littered with novels, mail and a few comic books to my surprise. I imagined this was where he curled up and read after a long day of grease monkeying it. His eyes followed mine and he laughed.

"Yeah, I'm a bit of a geek, surfing the web for the latest X-Men issues."

"I always wanted to get into the X-men series." I replied back honestly. I never had the time in my high school or college days to get invested in a hobby like that. I had always secretly wished that I could get obsessed with playing the playstation or going to comic conventions, but in my world, school and work had always came first.

Despite the warmth of the room, the heavy cold weight of my clothes had me shivering quite a bit. I was definately not used to this type of weather.

"Damn, I forgot you were soaked." Jacob turned towards me, "You got your luggage out of your car, right?"

"Yeah." I crossed my arms over my chest, hoping to relax my shivering body. He noticed, placing his hand over mines. I didn't understand the action. The sensation from his warm skin touching my ice cold, numb fingers sent a series of chills down my spine. Or maybe that was just the clothes.

"You are an ice sculpture." He laughed, "The bathroom is in my bedroom which is directly behind me." He pointed, "I'll go get your bag in the car. Don't argue." He laughed, observing how my eyebrows furrowed.

I needed to let him have his way. Afterall, he was the exception to my bad day. He had a way of smoothing out the bad weather, the accident and the lack of a hotel room. He did it with such ease and little trouble on his own part. If he really didn't mind, why should I? I walked into his room, tip toeing around as to not trip or knock over anything in the dark. My hands blindly searched, feeling for a door. I got halfway around the room before I did. I walked in, feeling for a light, I clicked a switch on and took in the bathroom. It was small, but clean. I never expected a mechanic to have everything so nicely in place, yet still lack the sterile feeling most super clean houses had. I kneeled beside the tub, turning the faucet on.

The shower was quick, warm and refreshing. In the middle of my temporary heaven, I heard the door squeak open and shut just as quickly. I paid it no mind. He probably came in to get something he needed. When I was done, I pulled the plastic and autumn colored cloth curtains to the side. I found it adorable that he left a big fluffly towel and my luggage by the door and apparanrly took my wet clothes out to hang dry. I dried off, did all my moisturizing and refreshed my mouth by the nightly brushing of my teeth.

I opened the door, 20 minutes later, happy to be in warm boxers and a t-shirt. I poked my head out, seeing a faint glow from the hallway light up his bedroom. I was able to make out the king sized bed donned with a fluffy brown comforter and pillows. Across from the bed was a pleasantly sized entertainment center with pretty much anything a man needed to enjoy an action packed film. I shook my head. He really enjoyed his space and comfort. I couldn't argue with that. I almost envied him. Even in a nice condo in San Fran, my home always felt...empty. I know it was mainly due to the fact that I was never there, but I also had no hobbies or interests that I kept up with over time. Jacob had a library of movies and surround sound in his own bedroom. The only library I had was the load of business books and "How to dos...".

I followed the light, inhaling a mix of seasoning and meat. I turned the corner, surprised to see Jacob in his small kitchen, shuffling around, setting up dishes and stirring a mixture of ingredients into a pot. He noticed me as I walked in, a look of guilt on my face I'm sure.

"I was hungry." He smiled sweetly, "I had some meat leftover from last night's meal with Quil, so I decided to make a soup of some sort."

"It smells delicious." I commented honestly. He merely chuckled, dipping a big metal spoon into the pot and pouring the soup into a bowl. He motioned his head to the kitchen counter seperating it from the living room. I sat on what appeared to be a well crafted, wooden stool as he set the bowl in front of me and bowed in a teasing manner.

"Enjoy, sir." He winked. I shook my head, feeling the urge to argue that he shouldn't have prepared the meal, but watching him sing to himself as he made his own bowl was too cute, I couldn't ruin it. He settled next to me, handing me a spoon before he dug into his meal.

It was pretty good. Actually, it was fucking delicious. I had no will to put the spoon down and participate in the conversation. Not that he minded, he talked on about recent, crazy incidents about people stopping by at the shop. All I could have said said to that was "Really?" and "That's insane." And even after that talking, he finished before me, slamming down his spoon.

"Alright, I'll go wash up." He spoke, throwing his bowl into the sink. He exited the kitchen, winking at me again before turning into his bathroom. I finally put down my spoon calling to him. He stopped, immediately, turning to me.

"Need anything?" He asked. I lost my train of thought for the moment, realizing how his skin glowed even under dim light. His shirt wasn't completely dry, clinging to his toned body making my eyes narrow in jealousy.

"I just..." I bit my lip, "I wanted to say thank you." I spoke shyly, not sure why I couldn't get that out.

He copied my actions, biting his lips as well, "You're welcome." He said, before smirking delishly. He was teasing, "Give me 10 minutes, alright?"

The soup suddenly didn't appear as appetizing anymore. I wanted something else. I got up, pouring my soup into the sink before deciding to wash everything in it. It was the least I could do after he offered his own private space to me. I rinsed everything, even taking the initiative to wipe down the counter and put the rest of the soup into the fridge. I could hear the shower turn off from his bedroom and him humming to himself as he walked around his room. Hearing a soft melody flow through the open door, my ears perked up, noticing the tune was something that I not only knew, but listened to right before the car crashed.

I walked into the room, forgetting that he was probably getting dressed.

"You like Sade?" I asked blindly into the room. He came into sight, a pair of boxers in hand and a white towel secured around his waist. I was just able to make out the "v" line leading to what was strategically hidden. I forgot why I was in the room in the first place.

"Oh," He didn't seemed bothered that a stranger was in his room gawking at him while he stood in just a towel, "I usually listen to her when I wind down for the night." He sat on his bed, squirting some lotion on his hand before rubbing it into his arm. "All that rocking out at the shop- there needs to be a balance."

"Yeah." I replied, dumbly.

He massaged the lotion onto his arms, legs and torso, not paying any mind to my reactions as he talked, "I'm a sucker for jazz and house music." He laughed, "Guilty please, I suppose." I licked my lips, watching the white substance disappear onto his tanned skin.

I'll give you a guilty pleasure. I shook my head, clearing it of any raunchy thoughts that polluted it in the last few seconds. He got up, walking past me into his bathroom. I could hear him placing the lotion back and fixing the curtain.

"You like Sade too?" He called out to me.

"Yeah, I listen to her if my day has been pretty stressful."

"Let me guess." He came back out of the bathroom, boxers on, sadly, "That's every day?" I sat on his bed, considering his question. It was. Not one day went by where I didn't question what the hell I was doing and if I was happy. This was usually accompanied by "Is it a Crime" and "Your Love is King".

"What if it is?" I asked more to myself than him.

"Then I'd suggest you straighten that problem out, so you can enjoy Sade rather than use her as a fix." He said cooly.

My eyebrows raised slowly. I never thought of music as a fix. I just played it to calm me down when I had no other means to. I closed my eyes, trying to grasp what he just said, instead I yawned loudly.

"You need some sleep anyway," He spoke these words soothingly, "Lay down." I made to get up, but a warm hand pushed me back, "Where are you going?"

"To the living room." I spoke. My eyes were just too heavy to open now that I tried closing them.

"You need to sleep in a bed." He laughed, probably finding my lack of awakeness amusing.

"But there is only one."

"Yeah and you're the lucky winner." He teased. I heard him get up. The sound of ruffling sheets and pillows being moved was the only noise other than Sade playing faintly in the back, "Come on, I'll tuck you in, Edward." I shivered, enjoying the way he said my name. I was able to force my eyes open. He had the comforter and the sheet dog-eated down so I could get it. I shook my head.

"Where will you sleep?"

"On the couch." he replied like it was the most obvious thing. I didn't like this.

"You get the bed." I moved off the mattress only to feel those warm hands on me again.

"Oh, no you don't." He used his warm limbs to guide me back to his bed. He won momentarly, laying me down and tucking me in.

"I won't sleep." I mumbled, "Not in the bed."

"You need it." His palm glided over the comforter, straightening out the wrinkles. The pressure against my chest felt soothing. "You have a meeting."

"You have work." I argued. He laughed at that.

"Edward, are you always this stubborn?"

I yawned again, fighting to keep my eyes open, "Only if someone is ridiculously hospitiable when they barely know me." He didn't move away from the bed, but did cock his head. His silhouette blocked out the flow of the light from the kitchen outside, so it was hard to see his expression.

"I know you well enough." He spoke tenderly. What did he mean by that? It had been maybe 4 hours since he saw me standing in front of his driveway a bit dishelved. He made to leave me, but I grabbed his hand, surprisingly myself.

"You're sleeping in your own bed tonight." I growled. He didn't reply right away. His hand warmed in mine, not pullng away.

"Edward," He said seriously, "I want you to be comfortable."

"I'll be fine if you had your own bed."

He seemed to be thinking. His fingers wingling in my hold as he stalled for a moment.

"Fine," He finally spoke, "But only if you stay where you are."

My eyes met his, too stubborn to say no, but too anxious to admit that was exactly what I wanted. "Fine."

"Give me a second." He said lowly, "I need to lock everything up and make sure all the lights are off in the house." I let his hand go, waiting for him to leave, but he stood there a second watching me.

"Come back." I spoke, too tired to say it above a whisper. He nodded, leaving me in the blue glow of his stereo as he locked and fixed up whatever he religiously did before he went to bed. I waited patiently, not daring to close my eyes. I watched the glass french doors leading outside shake and vibrate against the harsh winds outside. I no longer heard the rain, but I could tell the storm was far from done.

Jacob came back into the room, shutting the door behind him. I heard the wooden floor groan under his weight as he marched to his bed. I nearly sighed in relief when I felt the bed sink next to me as he settled under the blanket as I was.

There was a brief silence before he spoke, "Happy now?" I could hear the smile in his voice. My back was to him and it felt weird to turn and face him and speak, so I answered in my very position.

"Estatic." A saxophone solo danced in the empty room, relaxing the muscles in my body. I was just too tired to think.

Something out there wanted to ruin my day. I sat up rigidly at the sound of his french doors banging open, letting in the harsh, crisp winds in the cozy comfort of his room.

"Damnit." Jacob growled getting up out of the bed. He secured the french doors, locking them as well, "I need to fix that damned thing." He hopped back in bed, unphased by the change of temperature in the room. I, on the other hand, shook violently. It would take a few minutes before I was fully comfortable again.

"Hey, are you cold?" the concern was evident in his voice. I felt his hand touch my exposed shoulder. "You have such thin blood." He joked.

"I'm fine." I hugged my arms across my chest, playing it off like I was just repositioning myself under the blankets.

"Sure you are." I could just imagine him rolling his eyes behind me, "Come here." He spoke gently, wrapping his long arms around me and pulling my body 1/3 the width of the big bed to his. My back touched his bare chest and I couldn't help but take in a shakey breath.

"Does that feel better?" His breath warmed my ear. I bit my lip, keeping in any unwanted sounds from escaping it.

"You're extremely warm." I commented dumbly.

"In more ways than one, apparantly." He chuckled deviously from behind. It suddenly dawned on me that he was spooning me. My muscles tensed automatically, "You okay?" I shivered, feeling his lips move against the nape of my neck. I felt the familar sensation below the rim of my boxers and began to mentally panic.

"Jacob." I tried to say something, anything that would make him let go of me, but unfortunately my body was raging a war with my mind. The hand that limply rested on my stomach began a light massage, rubbing along my abs and right under my chest.

"Relax, Edward." using the same soothing tone from earlier. I couldn't help but relax, yet my mind ran with protests.

This wasn't right.

I had never found a man attractive before, how could I now?

I barely knew him.

Did he know what he was doing to me?

I needed to stop this. In my last efforts, I angled my head towards him, noticing how he now elevated himself on an elbow to be eye level with me.

His dark eyes burned and glowed with a passion and warmth I had never seen before. He was staring at me like I was his lover. "Jacob," I tried again, "What are you doing?"

He leaned into me, pressing his lips against mine and speaking, "Thickening your blood." He puckered his mouth, kissing my own softly, "Warming you." He kissed my lips again, "Giving you a new fix." His mouth met mines yet again, this time stroking my lips with his mischievous tongue. I couldn't hold back the moan this time. I kissed back, not caring what my mind said for once. I now only responded to passion. My arm came up, raking through his beautiful locks, providing pressure to deepen the kiss. He took the hint, parting his lips farther allowing me permission to explore him.

His hands searched around my torso, before resting on what it must have been looking for, pinching my sensitve flesh. I whined into his kiss.

"Jacob." I panted when his hand did the same damage to my other nipple.

"Mmm." He bit my lower lip, suckling it gently before letting it go. I'm sure it looked swollen and pink at that moment, "I love it when you say my name." He chuckled. I felt a suprising twitch in my boxers. As if on cue, Jacob's hands trailed down my body, resting just above the rim of my boxers, playing with the elastic fabric as he continued to tease with his lips.

"Is this alright?" He asked, kissing along my jaw. I licked my lips, tasting him. My eyes rolled back in extacy. His taste reminded me of warm, herbal tea. His scent brought flashes of earth and water into my mind. He giggled at another vocal response I let out.

"I guess that is yes?"

I turned myself on my back, so I could see him and hopefully get to taste him better.

"Is this how you are with all your guests?" I whispered, semi serious. For all I knew, he could have been a man whore, although a big part of me just couldn't see it.

"Very few." He admitted.

"And of those few, were any of them men?" his lips pulled away from my warming skin. He stared at me for a second.

"Just one." He spoke honestly. I could feel his hand, tickling the sensitive skin on my hip as he continued, "That was my first relationship of that kind and the last of any kind ever since." He said, that beautiful smile was back, only dampened by a trace of sadness.

"How long ago was this?" I didn't mean to prod, but I was ridiculously curious.

"About a year ago." He shrugged, trying to look nonchalant, "Don't be mistaken, Edward. I don't do this at all. I am the relationship type, but seeing you, the way your eyes light up when you hear me talk. Your sincerity and awesome choice in music." He joked, "Now to mention, how fucking beautiful you are."

My hand absently stroked his tight, hard arms, "How can you see that in under 4 hours?"

"It's my natural skill to observe and know the overall working of things. I'm a mechanic, remember?" A mechanic of another sort as well. I thought back to that hint of sadness. He had obviously been affected by whomever that person was. I leaned up, kissing his soft lips. His hands tugged relentlessly at my tee shirt as I suckled his tongue in my mouth suggestively. I broke free only long enough so he could rip the shirt off of me.

Our lips collided again in desperate efforts to feel the comfort of the other and release what we had been holding all night. My body shook uncontrollably feeling his heated hands cup my chin, his thumbs stroking my lips. I kissed them, even taking one between my lips, sucking it suggestively. I could hear Jacob's breath catch in his throat.

"Naughty." He huskily said, kissing my nose sweetly. He pulled me on my side, once again spooning me. For a second, I thought that was it. Did he not want me? Did he not feel this driving force to fuck me crazy. I couldn't deny that was what pulsed through me like a violent tsunami wave.

He eased any anxiety when his hands were on me again, this time right at the brim of my boxers again. He hesitated, tickling my skin teasingly. I urged him to go on.

"Is this what you want?" He kissed along my back, waiting for an answer.

"Please." I whined. My hands rested on his, guiding him to what eagerly awaited his warm touch. I felt the thumping of his heart against my back, his hardening member to my ass and finally his hands cupping me.

"Jacob," I whimpered, not caring where this took us, "Play with me."

"Yes, sir." He breathed into my ear, sexily. He wrapped his burning hands around my arousal, tickling my flesh before stroking it. I bucked into his fists, crying out Jacob's name again to his satisfaction.

"I love playing with you." He whispered in my ear, "You make delicious noises." I craned my neck back, searching for his lips. He didn't make me wait long. His lips met mines, affectionately kissing me with no intentions to stop. I loved the mixing sensations of his kiss and his hands on me. I panted into his mouth, doing my best to keep my grinding at a minimal.

"Your lips taste so good," He mmm'd into my kiss, "I wonder how your cum tastes." I gasped at his word choice.

"N-no." I protested. He was already letting go of me, hands snaking around my member as he slid under the comforter. "Jacob!" I whimpered as his fingers pinched and massaged my thighs. I felt his lips, warm and fluffy against my hip bone. His hair, fell against my torso tickling me as he deliberately dragged it past my growing arousal. My hips jumped up on its own accord, responding to the feathery sensation of his locks on the head of my cock. I took the initiative to follow where he now explored with my hands, bunching as much of his locks up as possible into one fist, forcing his lips to what ached for them.

"Suck." I tried to demand, but it came out as a whiney request.

He moaned, kissing the tender flesh under my cock, "Only if you promise to fuck my mouth." He suckled the skin into his mouth, letting it go with a satisfied pop. I never had someone to lick that part of me. It felt so erotic and relaxing at the same time.

"Yes." I hissed. My hips rolled, my cock hitting his face with a light slap. He giggled at that cutely.

"Okay." He breathed on my arousal before kissing it as he would do my mouth. That had my body wracking widly. He was frenching the head of my arousal, pecking it as his hands fondled me with care. My own hands shot up, grabbing the pillows next to me roughly. I had no control of my limbs at this point. My legs kicked out, jerking in response to how well he was handling me.

"Mmm." the humming of his voice, vibrated on my cock. He was an excellent tease. His lips parted, allowing more of me to slip in. He seemed to have no difficulty taking any of me in. I wouldn't say I was large or thick even for that matter, but I definately was decent sized and his lack of hesitation turned me on immensly.

He seemed to be thinking along the same lines, "Mmm, Edward, you fill my mouth right up." He pecked the tip again, teasing the slit before smoothly swallowing it all down until his mouth met the base of my hips. I'm sure this was for shock value. He definately got that. I inhaled sharply and rammed my hips up. Taking his hair in both of my hands, I jerked his head up and down, so he could bob. He definately didn't mind, moaning and humming on me, making the sensation ten times more pleasurable. He was able to keep it up for quite awhile. I was starting to become concerned for his oxygen or lack thereof. I pulled him off of me asking if he was okay.

He nodded, smiling sexily as he whispered out, "Come for me."

"Ngh, Jacob." I whined, "You'll kill me." I pulled the sheets down past his head, allowing him to get more air.

He kissed my tip, noticing my actions, "You're so considerate." He continued his task, kissing and stroking me, keeping up the antics knowing now he had an audiance. I watched dumbfounded, amazed at his skills and ease with me. He enjoyed my gasps and moans. Using both hands and his mouth, he began bobbing once again, winking up at me in the process.

"Jake!" I cried out. My muscles spasmed and my skin tingled. My back arched up, filling his mouth once again.

I made a mess.

"There's so much." He glanced at the cum sheathing my cock now. He had swallowed none of it when I was sure he would. I guess it was something he didn't do.

It was really all part of his plan. He licked me, getting a taste and humming in satisfaction. He gathered what was left, coating his own fingers. He paused, looking up at me.

"Do you want me?"

I panted wildly, unsure what he meant, "Want you?" I couldn't comprehend much after an orgasm like that.

"If I wanted, could I fuck you?" He reiterated for me.

I gasped, not answering right away, "If I said no, I'd regret it tomorrow." I answered honestly.

"Are you scared?" He asked soothingly, petting my thighs with his free hand.

"Petrified." I said, happy to get it out.

"I'll take care of you." He kissed my shrinking arousal. He reached behind my knee, spreading it slowly, "I want to make you comfortable." I shivered, feeling his finger, circling my entrance, applying pressuring around it gently.

"Oh!" I didn't see that coming at all. I tensed up, not sure how to react. It wasn't that I didn't like it, or didn't want it, this was my first time ever being penetrated there.

"Sweetie, relax." He kneaded my ass with one hand as the other, wiggled about in me. I did my best to follow listen, but I was too embarassed to let the idea go that this was disgusting.

"You don't have to do this." I whispered. I know I was the guest in the house, but this was pushing the limit. It appeared he thought the same. I let out a sigh of relief, feeling his finger slip out. "Thanks for being honest with your- Jake!" I bellowed. He was tongue fucking me!

I panted out, not quite digesting the imagery. He had held both my thighs apart under the knees and was face first in between my legs, doing me with force using the strongest muscle in his body. I must of shook the bed with my uncontrollable wracking this time.

"I-" I panted, "Jake." I think he loved it when I called him that. His guttaral moan was muffled by my ass. I looked down, watching one hand disappear, slipping under his boxers.

He was touching himself. God, he was hard because of me. The thought made my exhausted arousal twitch in excitement.

"Can I kiss it?" I asked.

His head risen between my thighs, resting on my hip. He gave soft, butterfly kisses to my cock before speaking, "Kiss what, baby?"

"Your cock." It felt completely dumb asking him such a question, but even in the dim blue stereo light, I could see a warm, loving smile spread on his face.

"I would love you to."

I sat up, hands already tugging his boxers down. I had to bite my tongue to keep from not crying out.

I honestly never seen anything so beautiful. My fingers feather touched the tip causing it to jump in response. I then gripped it, completely floored that my fingers could barely close around it. Was he...going to put that in me?

My body gave an involuntary shudder. At the same time, I wanted it. Badly.

I leaned over, gently pressing my lips to it. He was already leaking from the foreplay. He wasn't lying when he said my noises were turning him on.

"Mmm, you feel so good." He was nice enough to give some encouragement. This was my first time afterall. I inhaled deeply, sliding some of him past my lips, tonguing his tip while it enjoyed the warm wetness of my mouth. He hissed out in response. I held him with one hand, trying my best to get aquainted with his size. I couldn't get much of it in, but he seemed to still enjoy my curious tongue.

I pulled away, a bit disappointed with myself, "I can't do what you did."

"It's okay, baby" He cooed, petting my hair affectionately, "I'm more than a mouthful."

My heart thundered in my chest. How would it feel with him in me? I knew the process to be painful and he was acceptionally big...

He seemed to be reading what was going on in my face, "Hey, if this is too much for you, don't worry." He continued to stroke me, leaning over to touch my lips with what felt very much like a loving kiss.

But that is impossible, of course.

"I want you comfortable." He laid next to me, patting the mattress next to him so I could follow. I did without hesitation."It'll be fine with you just sleeping next to me." He spooned me again, securing his arms around me and resting his head on my shoulder. I moaned despite myself feeling him press against me with his member.

"I can't." I sighed, turning towards him. He studied me, concerned, before his eyes pulled down. He must've thought I didn't want him, "I just can't not do this." I corrected.

"Do what?" He watched me with hurt eyes.

"I can't believe I'm saying this to someone I just met," I hesitated, "I would probably go crazy tonight if you didn't make love to me."

His eyes lit up and a grin cracked across his face. He was glowing again.

"Make love." He said those words softly as if he never heard them before.

Did I really say that? My skin burned feverishly at the thought. I hadn't realized...

I could have said "fuck" or "sex". why did I say "make love"?

He pecked my lips quickly before sliding off the bed. I watched, confused as he walked into his bathroom. He was back on the bed in under 10 seconds, with what looked to be a plastic bottle in his hand.

It was his lotion bottle. I heard the bottle squirt shortly. I waited as he coated himself in it. He was ready.

"How do you want me?" I asked seriously curious, but he found the question arousing.

He stroked himself absently, "On your stomach for me, baby." I followed his demand and waited. My hands shook and I did my best to steady them, holding onto his pillows, digging my face into them.

I felt him spread me, massaging my ass defly before I felt the pressure. His burning chest met my back, his lips kissing along my spine as he whispered some words of assurance, reminding me that I could tell him to stop whenever.

"I'll be fine." I replied, bucking my hips up impatiently. He didn't need another hint. His hips lowered and I felt the invasion. I gasped out, doing my best to relax. He continued his kisses, whispering into my ear anything to calm me down.

"I wanted you the moment I saw you, Edward." He kissed along my ear, "You looked so beautiful standing there needing help. My own personal damsel. I wanted everything to take you home." I moaned pathetically at the pleasure of his words and the pain of him stretching me. He was already halfway in, pulling out slowly, so I got use to the sensation. It was the motion of his cock in me that I found pleasurable even against the pain.

"You have a beautiful smile, a sexy voice and a delicious cock." He commented, distracting me. His hands found mine. The most intimate act of that night, was feeling his fingers interwine with mine, gripping tightly as he mouthed everything into my skin.

I never felt this much affection from anyone in my entire life. I lifted my hips, suddenly aching to feel him fill me up. His hips met my ass with a slap causing my muscles to tighten and electric shocks to zap my arousal awake. His hair tickled my shoulder and his fingers squeezed in a pulsing rhythm while laced with my own. He began moving his hips into me, skin meeting skin in an appealing sound.

As my body, adapted to his, I began to tighten around him, enjoying it when he moaned my name. He increased his pace, not forgetting to whisper the sexiest things I ever heard into my ear. I began to wonder if this was something I could get use to. Sleeping in the comforts of a small, wooden house in the middle of Washington. Having bowls of soup while listening to the constant patter of rain outside. Laying in his lap as I went through his collections of his novels and comics, watching his hands work with fluid motion on his car, smelling oil and metal as he shook in my arms during an explosive orgasm...

My muscles tightened, my body lost all control of itself as I felt that high again. His lips never left my skin.


I quit my job the next morning.

I felt Jacob's chest rise and fall in an hypnotic rhythm against my back. He had been sleeping for the last hour. I just couldn't. I had a meeting to be at in 6 hours, yet I couldn't leave this, I couldn't leave him here. Then it suddenly occured to me that my job meant very little. At that moment feeling him against me, taking in his scent and thinking back to the long night, it was this that I wanted; a life of living and I had him to thank for it.

An alarm awoke me from my haze. I no longer felt him by me. I sat up in a groggy state, looking around. I must have fallen asleep. I didn't even notice.

"You look beautiful when you sleep." I heard his voice and looked about the room. He was standing in the bathroom doorway, a towel around his waist. My eyes automatically rested on the "v" again, this time with no shame.

I looked at his nightstand, noticing it was nearly noon. He had work. "I'm sorry if I'm in your way," I sat up, looking for my clothes, "I'll call a taxi and-"

He stood still in the doorway, a yearning look in his eyes, "Do you not want to stay?" The question surprised me.

What did he mean?

Stay in for the day as he worked?

Or stay with him...period?

"I don't know what you want." My throat was dry from sleep, and my mind a little hazy, but I continued, "I quit today. I can't work there anymore. Last night was just..." I bit my lip, unsure how I sounded. No one quits their job after staying at a nice house and enjoying mind blowing sex.

He sighed contently from where he stood, "And yet you still amaze me," He spoke softly to himself, "What are your plans then?"

I thought over that question seriously, meeting his gaze, "I have none."

"Mmm," He spoke sexily, unhooking his towel so it dropped off of his slick, wet body, "That's what I like to hear."