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Chapter One: Clutch

The sex and sweat made him glimmer in direct sunlight. His swollen lips were bitten and glossy as he tried again to lift off his heels and fall against my thighs - The muscles he must have gained from all this work.

"Jake, I'm-" And he curled over, planting his palm on my slick chest. I knew this was my moment to step in.I gripped his hips, lifting my ass off my bed, before pulling back, just to go up again. Ribbons of warmth coated my chest just as he panted out, whimpering when I continued to tickle his prostate with my length. the convulsions of his muscles around me were a pleasant bliss and with a few more thrusts, I was there with him, high as I could ever be.

He looked so beautiful on my lap, out of breath, rays bouncing off of him like a diamond, the soft lullaby of "Soldier of Love" an echo to our morning sex. I had forgotten I left the ipod on all night. And what a way to wake up - to Sade. he slid off of me, hands still on my chest, teasing my nipple, giggling with a gleeful innocence. His shining demeanor, that peak into another piece of him, one I was beginning to love. I wrapped my arms around his shoulder, pulling his cool chest to my own, nuzzling his unkempt hair getting a sigh of content in reply.

"Mmm," He inclined his head, catching my lips, "Baby did the phone go off last night?" I looked back down at down at him, trying to focus my thoughts pass the morning romp and the mind altering night before. I couldn't recall...

Quil. I remembered Quil's voice. He usually called the house phone when he wanted to remind me of some work-related stuff. Maybe he needed me in? I thought it over. I could check my messages, but that required leaving my niche in heaven and possibly having to meet him at the shop. I stared down at Edward. His eyes were closed, a smirk on his lips.

Forgive me Quil.

It was barely 8AM, but we wanted our day to be as long and fulfilling as possible. Groaning, Edward followed me out of bed, only to wrap his arms around me pecking the knob of my spine as we walked to the bathroom. I cocked an amused smile and turned to him.

"Sweetie, you're awfully affectionate"

He seemed startled, "I-I'm sorry," His hands fell, "If that bothers you, Jake." And that took me by surprise as well.

I took his fallen hands, raising them to my lips, kissing each fingertip before speaking, "Edward, my body - my everything - is yours, don't doubt that."

He looked a little relieved, but there was still fear in his eyes, "It's hard to grasp that. I'm not used to this." He shook his head as if, knocking something clingy off it, "I'm trying to let go of...everything."

I cupped his cheeks, "Then let go."

"Jake," he didn't seem completely at ease, "I'm so comfortable with you, with who you are. And how you make me feel-" And he looked at me with with those beautiful green eyes, the first thing I had ever noticed about him, "You're an enigma to me. Even now when I look at you, I can't think of anything else. I just want to understand..." His voice trailed off. I dropped my hands to his shoulders and he winced as if I struck him. God, he must have thought I was upset.

"You want to understand what you're getting into." I pecked his lips chastely, then with a second thought kissed his lips again, lengthening our contact, letting him know he still had me if he wanted me. He answered, raising his arms, and tangling his hands in my hair, tugging and combing through, "I'll tell you whatever you need to know, honey." I promised, "I'll make us a dinner tonight and you can ask me anything. And I'll answer. But I want this day to be about us, okay? Tonight we can talk about me. How does that sound?" I asked after our kiss had died down.

"That's fine. Thank you, Jake." He showed his gratitude with a lip caress to my collarbone and jaw before we finished our journey to the bathroom. I started the tub and he stripped out of his boxers as did I. The water filled the bowl and we began our morning backwards, brushing our teeth before we prepared to bathe. Rolls of steam fogged the mirror above the faucet. I stopped the water flow, getting in first, and him right after, fitting right between my legs. His back met my chest for the second time that morning, but only for a second as he reached over grab a bar of soap - something so traditional of me - and a loofah.

He wet the bar first, then lathered it up in the bathing sponge, dipping it in the bath water for only a second before the suds foamed. With his free hand, he reached behind my knee, tugging gently, silently suggesting I lift it. I did so. He lifted my leg by my calf, guiding it to the lip of the tub. With that, he began to clean me, working from my feet to my thighs. He mirrored his actions with the next leg, having some trouble, since there wasn't much room to keep my feet elevated. He was still able to soap me up, laughing despite himself. He slid forward, leaning a hand back. I didn't notice what he was doing until I felt the material of the loofah against my cock. I hummed in appreciation, my body quickly responding despite our morning delight not a half hour before. I could never turn off with him.

"What about my chest, sweetie?" I joked.

He offered the loofah to me, "Do my back." I took it, reaching over to grab the soap. I coated his back in the foam, getting up to the nape of his neck, just barely touching the tip of his hair. He 'Mmm'd out loud, then leaned back into me, grinding his ass against my cock, which had me at full attention. What a clever, sexy man I had. I felt myself chuckle at his ingenious idea. My chest was now soapy and wet.

"Do me, love?" He asked. A grin graced my lips.

"Right here, baby?" His breath hitched when I wrapped an arm around his torso, lifting him right on to my dick, where it pressed against his entrance.

He reached behind himself, Tugging me forward into a sloppy kiss that fueled the fire in me. I pushed up, slipping easily in him and he yelped out.

"God, Jake!" He whimpered, "Fuck me."

The syrup on his lips brought me in closer. I licked his puckering mouth before sitting back on my stool to finish the last of my french toast. Having him back home was like having my own fix again. We finished up, full and satisfied.

"I don't know what you put in that," He took my empty plate, walking to the sink, "That tasted better than any other type of french toast I've had."

"Well, thank you for the compliment, sexy." I pecked his neck, pulling back knowing I would waste more of our outside time, inside. I couldn't keep my hands off of him. The bath took about an hour off of our day, so I was pulling back until later that night. I walked out to the car, happy to be greeted with some morning sun. I unloaded some of the stuff in Edward's rental, taking the big load with me back inside. He caught on, following me out for some more. It was a quick unload with everything settling in the living room for the time being. We prepared for the day, me in my truck and him in the rental car, heading back to Port Angeles where he was to return it. He followed behind me, catching my eye in the review mirror more than I wanted to.

An hour or so later, he met me in the car, just outside the rental building, "Where do we start?" He asked.

"We can browse the city for books stores, build that archive of yours. Let's start big with Barnes and Noble." I suggested, "Good with you?"

"Great idea." He pecked my lips and we were off on our journey.

After getting some ideas and suggested authors from some of the working men and women at the store, Edward began a search, checking out novels and short story collections while I worked my way through graphic novels. I browsed through getting lost in vampire worlds, mutated people and leagues of heroes before I noticed Edward next to me, arm filled with bounded paper.

"I found gay erotica." He said sheepishly, getting the attention of the younger man to my right.

"Do you want it?" I asked, winking in suggestion. The man next to me cleared his throat.

I wasn't surprised to see a blush on Edward's cheeks, "I want to check some of the books before I get them, but if it is good..." He didn't finish, chewing his lip. The green marbles sparkled between his long lashes and I had to hold back a growl of arousal. He walked off, over to the coffee shop tables and chairs, a branch off of the bookstore. We settled in, me with my comics and novels and him with the books and we browsed through, exchanging tidbits from our own find.

"I think that girl was right," Edward spoke after a long period of his silent laughter, "I read only about 10 pages of this David Sedaris book and I can't stop laughing."

"I noticed." I said from behind an issue of 30 Days of Night, "There are probably more of his stuff here. You should grab another one of his books."

Edward thought for a moment, "Be right back." He spoke up, a look of triumph on his face. He came back moments later, two books in hand, "I thought I'd snag another."

An hour or so later, we were through all the novels we wanted, stacking them on the wooden table. I smirked, noticing the book titled Male Erotica Collection Volume 3. "What about the other volumes?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

He glanced at the book, his lips pouting, "I couldn't find them," at that, his cheeks flushed, "I'm just curious about what other men do."

"Is what we do not enough?" I teased.

"More than." He smiled sweetly, "But I can't help my curiosity. I never been with another man before and there's still so much to learn even after all.." He bit his lip.

I leaned in over the table, being sure not to knock my shoulder into my stack of comics, "Even after I fucked you in every way possible?" He nodded, suddenly looking shy and innocent, but I had seen him do some incredible and dirty things; I knew better, "I'm sure it's different in your case since you've only been with me only." I considered.

"It is." He stared at me for a moment, frowning. He was thinking about something unpleasant. I could tell by the way his lips were drawn down and how his eyes tightened, "Baby, your experience with men..." He didn't seem to want to finish.

I noted how he used the endearing nickname and it made my heart constrict in pain, "I've only had one relationship with a man, but I've had some experience before. More of experimentation than anything." I paused, noting how his frown deepened, "I'll tell you everything tonight, right?" He nodded. I tried to reassure him out of any insecurities with a stroke of my thumb on his cheek. He merely smiled weakly, lifting his stack, getting up. I sighed. This day was supposed to be about us, but I couldn't help but notice now that somehow Sam had found his way into my home again.

I was a freshman at the nearest community college in Port Angeles. With so much time driving to and from, I had to make most of the days that I was in the small city. I only had classes Tuesdays and Thursdays mainly because I had to support myself as much as I could even with a bit of financial aid I recieved. It had been three years in passing and I still couldn't pull away from Forks, even with dad and Sam urging me to start my life.

Sam busied himself with working on the cabin. It started off a project the year before, but over time, he became more passionate and serious about getting it built with the help of a few of our friends from La Push. He left the house earlier than I did when I went to school and the shop and came back home long after I fell asleep. The only time we ever had together were on the days when it rained. He'd stay in, reading a few novels before cooking a big pot of soup for us that lasted a few days.

By my 19th birthday, Sam was already sorting out the plumbing and electricity for the cabin and I had just broken up with my first serious girlfriend, a girl who was too self obsessed with my cock - the only interest we both shared. Sam stayed home that day, cooking me up a dinner. It was the first night in the year that he was home during a rainless night. We laughed and discussed school. He asked me about my ex and I admitted there was nothing there. I was sure at this point that I was distracting myself with her. Ever since Sam had disappeared for the most of the week, I became a bit...restless. And I wasn't sure why.

I never saw Sam with a woman before. In fact, we never spoke about any relationships he was ever in. It was nearly impossible for him to have never been with any woman before. He was nearing 26, an inch or so shorter than I,making him 6' 5" with a toned build and a beautiful brown complexion. If I knew he was beautiful , I'm sure other women had. We ate our dinner - a tuna casserole - in silence. The night was drawing close faster than I wanted. By 9PM, Sam was already yawning, putting the leftovers in the fridge, washing his plate just after. I felt that ache in my chest as he said goodnight. It was different this time around.

He concluded the nightly farewell with lingering "Happy Birthday" and was gone.

My birthday had came and went as did Sam, the only souvenir of the night was the tuna casserole that I just couldn't bring myself to finish.

By mid-March, Sam had hired Quil and Paul, some close friends from La Push at the shop, giving him more time working on the cabin. With his absence, I had gotten closer to the boys, inviting them over on the weekends, sharing stories about school and home. Quil and I graduated the same year, but Paul was just out of college, so his seniority was almost as important as Sam's. I worked more with him than Quil, and that eventually worked for our benefit when we fell into a peculiar friendship.

The first time he flirted with me, I had to do a double-take. He had a swimmer's body and boyish looks sporting the usual Quileute boy cropped haircut. He was leaning against the run-down Pontiac Firebird we were working on.

"How tight is it?" He had asked, when I made a comment about the stubborn nuts on the wheel of the car. His tone was laced with a suggestion, his voice husky.

I hesitated for a second, not sure what to say, but it only took a moment for me to repond without thinking, "Tighter than you can handle."

"You think so?"

It was a week before any of us made a move. After closing the next Wednesday night, I invited him over for dinner and a few beers I didn't think Sam would mind us drinking. The night was a blur of easy talking and harmless flirtation. By midnight, Paul had me pinned to the fading floral patterns of Sam's tattered couch. A warm hand ghosted over my abs, as the other bit into my ass, kneading roughly. My mind was trying to catch up with my body. It couldn't understand how satisfying this was, how much it turned me on to feel Paul's hardness press into my own. It couldn't fathom what would happen if we wanted to take this farther.

We had moved into my bedroom, stripping away clothes easily, until we were both naked and pulsing in heat. He pinned me down with his body, pulling me in an aggressive kiss, assuring me he would be gentle. Everything came crashing into place - he wanted to fuck me up my ass. I had no idea how this worked or whether I wanted this or not. I wanted to protest, but he was already at my hip, biting and licking my burning flesh before his mouth was on my leaking cock. I closed my eyes trying to build up the courage to say no, to push him away. I didn't want this, I couldn't want this. And in that moment, I thought of Sam. I thought of my birthday, how he stood in the kitchen cooking up my dinner, giving me his company for the day, laughing at my jokes. I imagined what it would have been like if I was to follow him into that room when he bid me goodnight.

Warmness engulfed my arousal and I groaned in pleasure.


My hips picked up, my hands stroking the head of hair, hearing the moan that sent violent shudders down my spine. Fingers prodded me, one slipping in despite my surprise. I kept the image of Sam in my mind, knowing that if it was him, I'd allow this. I was soon stretched by two fingers, spreading and preparing me as I bucked and cried out.

My eyes opened, catching the glimmer of desire in Paul's eyes. He stroked himself shamelessly, and my eyes fell to his massively thick, uncut cock. The fear rumbled through me, but I reminded myself that he promised my comfort.

Yet the pain was overwhelming. He was slow, pushing in with sharp bucks, urging me to relax.

This wasn't what I pictured it to be. And I couldn't help but wonder, would Sam had been different? I knew this wasn't something he'd ever do, but if he did...

"Paul," I pressed my palms against his chest, unsure we should continue.

His torso stretched and molded onto mine, "You'll feel good after this, I promise." His kiss was forceful and empty, but he eased in even with the little lubrication and his thickness. It wasn't until his hips hit my ass did he stop, coaxing me to relax with gentler kisses to my neck and collarbone. Paul began with slow thrusts, picking up pace when my muscles eased up around him. Gradually he became more curt and rough with his rhythm.

This wasn't what I imagined at all.

For my size and build, I could have pushed him off without much effort, but something in me wanted this kind of intimacy, even if it hurt. I wanted to run away with my imagination, picturing Sam on me, thrusting against my body, burning me from the inside out, even if it killed me. My whimpers became pleas - of what, I'm not sure - until I was clenching around him, arching my back in attempts to follow his bucking hips. He came inside me, no condom, something so important that we both forgot.

"Fu-uck!" Paul grunted in my ear, thrusting just a few more times. It was over for the most part, yet I was still hard, "Was that good, baby?" He asked as an afterthought. I wasn't sure it was. But it didn't matter, I didn't have time to answer.

My bedroom door was thrown open, the doorknob hitting the wall rather loudly, stirring us from our post-coital positions. Sam stood in the threshold, blocking the light from the hallway, just a shadow in the doorway.

I panicked, frozen in place as he jumped forward, grabbing Paul by the shoulder, pulling him off my bed, "What the fuck are you-?" Sam only paused to pick up clothes blindly off the floor before forcing him out of my room. My paralyzed fear left me momentarily before I jumped up, throwing on my boxers and following. I appeared in the front room just in time to see him toss Paul into the night before throwing his jeans and shirt after him then slam the door.

He stood in front of the door for a moment, his shoulders slumped slightly, taking deep breaths.

My life flashed before my eyes at that moment. What if he told my dad? What if he kicked me out? What if he didn't want to see me anymore? I didn't think I could stomach Sam disgusted with me - not when I suddenly accepted how much I wanted him, "Sam," My voice shook, "Please don't tell my dad." He didn't move, "I'll leave. I'll go to California. You won't see me again, just-" Don't hate me.

He turned on his heels then. His eyes avoided my own when he spoke, "Paul won't be working at the shop after today," His voice was raw and emotional - something I never witnessed before, "I don't want him near you anymore," and then his eyes met mine, "I don't want any man touching you, Jacob." He closed the space between us and I tensed, expecting anything, a fist, a slur, but all I felt was his palm cradling my cheek. And like that, he left me where I stood.

Edward and I spent the rest of the day, scoping out little independent bookstores, finding rare treats, things that appealed to us, bookmarks and even a few calendars for the small closet space that would be his office and for my bedroom. It was already dark by the time we were on the road back home. Edward kept our conversations light and safe, but I knew that both our minds were exploring dark places. Even as we shared a quiet moment at a local cafe, reading the first of the books we purchased, I couldn't help but think of what my first time was. Paul was rough and over time, I realized he had no taste for getting me off at all. We had gotten along well enough, but as a lover, Paul was forceful and played affection to get me to let him inside. I could easily recall the look in Sam's eyes when he found us. There was so much fury, I was sure he was going to kill Paul. I knew he must have heard my screams, assuming I was in pain, but was caught off guard by what he saw. Even to that present day, I wasn't sure whether or not I could describe what Paul did as rape. It did keep me in fear of bottoming if ever I had another encounter with a man, but it also opened up how natural kissing and touching Paul felt.

I sneaked a few glances over to Edward as we journeyed back home and I couldn't help but feel that surge of joy knowing I was his first and that he enjoyed it as much as I did, so much in fact he quit his job. The things he made me feel...

I wanted to tell him tonight.

We arrived home about an hour later, tumbling out the car, grabbing the bags in the back. I started on the dinner as soon as we made it in and he settled in the living room, dividing and organizing our books before placing them in the bookshelf. I figured some simple Marconi and Cheese with tuna would take some time off the food preparation so we could have time to talk.

Following our daily schedule, Edward disappeared into the bedroom, showering off the day before appearing right as I turned off the stove and pulled out some bowls. He didn't hesitate helping out with utensils before serving himself despite my protests. I poured us both a cup of iced tea freshly made by me during his absence the few days before and we tucked in, enjoying our meal in silence. When his fork clattered in the bowl, signaling him done, I took his hand with no hesitation, walking him to the living room without washing or putting away our dishes. I figured we'd get to that after the talk. I took the corner of my sectional couch, kicking me legs out, pulling him against me so we could get comfortable. I inhaled his scent, noting how his bronze locks went about wildly as if I had just finished fucking him.

I had to refrain from doing anything tempting.

"What do you want to know, sexy?"

There was silence for a moment before Edward spoke, "I think it was a bit selfish to expect you to open up to me when I haven't said much about my relationships in the past."

I considered the comment, "True, but I remember you telling me that you never had anything serious, just a series of dates and pointless relationships that never worked out."

"I know," He sighed, "But Jake, my past relationship, much like yours left imprints on me. It's only fair that you understand why I am the way I am, just as I want to understand the why you are the way you are." He turned to catch my eye, his expression uncertain, "Are you not interested?"

"I never lose interest in you, baby." I pressed my lips against his, moving my mouth in a way to get a response from him. He caught on easily falling into one of our non-verbal conversations, linguistics of our lips. There was a content sigh before he pulled away, placing his ear to my chest.

"Okay..." He started, "The first girlfriend I ever had was a girl named Bella..."

By 21, Sam and I came to a silent agreement about our personal relationship. He had grown from a mentor, to a guardian, to a friend. He was just finishing up the house, adding a few touches here and there with paint and furniture. During early fall, I was shown the property again for what must have been only the third time since he found the opening clearing for it 4 years before. It wasn't much of a cabin to me, more like a small wooden house, but it was beatiful even without the finishing touches. Sam said he still had a few months before it was completely done.

"How do you like it?" He asked after giving me the tour of the inside. It had a spacious master bedroom with a bathroom and a rather large closet in the hall. The kitchen was cozy but had enough room to maneuver around. The small island dividing the kitchen from the living space wasn't complete, but it was long enough to fit three stools in easily. There was a brick fireplace and wide windows and two sets of french-doors leading out to the patio. It was like a honeymoon escape.

"I love it." I was honest as all hell. Sam put so much love and energy into making his own piece of heaven. My only wish was that I could be a part of it with him.

Christmas neared and I called my father, wishing him happy holidays. Sam took the short trip back to La Push to visit his father and Quil and I stayed at the house, enjoying the small turkey Sam cooked for us with home made mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. By Christmas morning Sam was back, ushering me into his pick-up giving me no clue to where we were going.

I frowned when we pulled up to the cabin, covered in frost white. I got out, peaking a look at Sam who was staring at me proudly. He held out a hand for me to take, "Come." My heart hammered in my chest and I took it. We walked to the big, wooden door donned with a big red bow. I kinked an eyebrow, looking at him.

"What's this?" I pointed to the door and he merely smiled.

"Merry Christmas." He said gently.

I stared back at him cluess and a little confused, "You gave me a gift?" I asked lamely, "Is it inside or...?" He raised a set of keys, tucking it in my other hand, "Sam, you're not..."

"It's yours." He watched me closely, waiting for a response.

"B-but," I stammered stupidly, "You had all this money saved up, you wanted something to-" I bit my lip, "What will you live in?"

"You said you loved it, right?"

"I do."

"I built it for you to love, " And for the second time in my life, his hand petted my cheek, "Because I love you, Jacob." At no point in my life would I have said I was a mushy person, but I felt the tears pooling in my eyes. I couldn't even stomach how touched I was.

I kissed him softly, without a second thought, "I love you." I whispered into the crisp Christmas air. He smiled sweetly, combing through my shoulder length hair.

"I know."

Edward had a series of terrible relationships that made me cringe. From his first girlfriend who cried when they first had sex, to the stalker in college,to a one-night stand that ended up with him being labeled as a father 9 months after which ended up a false accusation. Before he met me, he admitted he was already 2 years into his celibacy because it was just too much.

By the time he finished his Cock Monologue of sorts, he yawned loudly, reaching behind him to squeeze my thighs. I grunted out, loving the attention, "So this must have been a big step for you." I answered after assessing all his situations.

"It was easier with you, Jacob," He mumbled tiredly, "So easy, it scared me."

"How so?" I petted his wild bronze hair, waiting for an answer.

"Mmm," He seemed to think, "I felt kind of like a zombie. I had no passion for anything, no love for books, food or cars like you do. I had no hobbies or strong desires or goals. I was Nothing fueled me. And I step into your world and...I felt alive. And you are so beautiful and easy going it was so hard to walk away from." He added the last few words sheepishly.

To say I felt touched was an understatement, "Sweetie," Was all I could say. I was so dumbfounded. Then it occured to me; now was the right time. I continued petting him, inhaling deeply before speaking, "Baby," I whispered, "Edward, I love you."

He inhaled deeply and exhaled just as slowly, sighing.

"Baby?" I stroked his cheek, "Edward?"

"Hmm?" He yawned. God, he must have been drained if he fell asleep so quickly.

I was a bit crestfallen that he didn't catch what I had said. It took more courage than I could muster twice in one night. "Don't you want to find out about me?" I teased, knowing he couldn't possibly stay up for my tale.

"Love, I'm exhausted. I want to listen so bad." He turned onto his stomach, resting his chin on my chest. He watched me with droopy eyes, "I shouldn't have pushed. I just love you so much, I'm trying to understand..." He whispered, eyes drooping.

He loved me?

I kissed his forehead, before sitting him, taking his weight with me. Without thinking twice, I adjusted him on my lap, lifting him as I stood. He groaned, but didn't protest, wrapping his arms around my shoulders.

"Taking me to bed?" He said into my neck.

"Yes, our bed." I answered, walking the path to the bedroom.

It had only been 6 months of bliss, blind bliss. I knew he was preparing to open a shop in Seattle. I knew he was leaving me, but when I heard the words on the eve of the summer, I couldn't help feeling empty. It wasn't like I was his or he was mine. He barely touched me, even though we shared the same bed. He made me breakfast, lunch and dinner and worked with me in the shop along with Quil, but he was still as distant as he was when he was working on the house; and he had only said those three words that Christmas night.

Sam left mid-June.

Quil had to put up with me moping around the shop for a few months. I called him every few days and only rarely did he answer. By September, I had proven to myself that I was over him. And by Mid- October, I was visiting my father during a brief vacation as another close friend temped with Quil for the week.

I spent mornings fishing with my father, and nights browsing the nights, hoping to find a woman to console me in my loneliness, and when that didn't work out, I looked for men.

That's when I met Felix. He was bigger and taller than me and flirted almost the instant he met me. Unlike Paul, he was patient and relaxing and not forceful in his invitations. And unlike Paul, he let me top. It was my first real sexual encounter with a man. He was seductive and reassuring, letting me take my time and fill him. He was so different from home, so different from Sam and it was a welcome distraction. My vacation in California turned out more relaxing than I expected.

But the day I got off the plane, dropped off my luggage at home and checked in at the shop, Sam stepped back into my life.

He was an easy learner. My cock disappeared down his throat as swiftly as a professional. He suckled noisily, bobbing his head in a blur of movement in his attempts to give me my quick release for the morning before work. My angel had awoken me with his tongue and lips - I didn't deserve such a gift.

I came with a low moan of his name and this time around there was no gagging as he suckled everything I gave him in a series of small gulps. He tickled the slit of my cock with his tongue, pulling away, smacking his lips.

"Good morning." He said tenderly.

"Good morning, sexy." I gestured him to come to me. He obliged, pecking me lips as I massaged the cool flesh of his muscled back and shoulders, "Mmm, baby was that your breakfast?"

"With a side of OJ." He giggled, cutely, pecking my jaw and neck, moaning when I tickled his ass with my finger.

"Fuck, what time is it?" I hated that I had a long shift that morning. I was thankful for Seth, our fairly new co-worker was working part-time now with us 5 days a week.

"Almost 8." He pouted, knowing I had to shower, "Go get ready, love. I'll make you some eggs, toast and bacon." He pecked my lips before climbing off of me. I sighed, but started my day with a quick shower and oral re-freshening. By the time I made it into the kitchen, Edward was already coating my toast with a light layer of margarine.

"Jam?" He asked with a smirk.

"Edward jam please." I flirted. He merely smiled wider, placing a strawberry and grape jar on the counter before winking and turning back to the bacon and eggs. I chose grape, smearing it on the toast and munched quietly watching his bare back muscles tighten as he shifted his weight to his right leg. I continued gawking in a haze as he finished cooking oblivious to my staring.

" tonight?" I shook my head, not catching his sentence.

"What's that, baby?"

"I asked if you wanted to finish talking tonight?" He piled the bacon and eggs on a small plate and placed it in front of me, before pouring a glass of milk, "I'm going to unpack everything this afternoon, thinking about making some tuna casserole tonight since last night gave me the craving for more of that chicken of the sea." I blinked at the statement, feeling a sense of deja vu.

Tuna Casserole.

"Love, are you okay?" He asked with a frown.

I chuckled, shaking off the odd clench in my chest, "It's hard paying attention when you're barely clothed. My eyes wondered, letting him get my point.

"Oh." He snickered.

"And yes, your plan sounds fantastic." I scarfed the food down, "Dropping me off at work? I figured you can take the car today, so you don't feel trapped in the house."

With a cock of his head he mumbled, "Very sweet." He walked around the counter, pecking my lips, licking the salty bacon taste off of them.

I wondered if he remembered what he told me the night before.

"You give love a bad name!" I sang a little obnoxiously over the radio to annoy Seth, who was fairly new to my antics. A middle aged woman from Seattle was getting our assistance when her car's tire went flat just a few miles out of Port Angeles. With the help of some locals, we got the call and saved the day. AAA would have been wise to have, but I was glad we had the service.

It was an easy task, so I allowed Seth to fix the flat, grabbing the spare in the back. This was elementary stuff.

"Jake, do you listen to anything from this millennium?" Seth joked, kneeling by the fairly new car.

"Like what?" I challenged.

"I don't know," He shrugged, a wide grin on his face, "Muse, Interpol, Modest Mouse."

I smirked, "Nope."

He sighed dramatically, "Well, it was worth a try."

"Maybe if you can work this flat in under 30 minutes, I'll allow you to control the radio for a day."

"Alright," He cackled, "It's a bet!" He was only quiet for a moment, working diligently before his head perked up, "Oh! Quil said to tell you that your friend was in town."

"My friend?" I asked, too busy looking through the previous days' work.

"Hmm," He said after awhile, "Yeah. Some guy named Sam."

I dropped the clipboard in my hand, "Sam?" I asked flatly.

"Yeah." He nodded, "He said he will come in today, but he's staying at the old shack from a few years ago?" He asked as if he wasn't sure he got the information right.

I didn't know what to expect. Was Sam just checking in this time, or did he plan to stay again?

AN: I hope you notice the tie-ins between Jacob present day and Sam in the past. Jacob's relationship history hasn't been as awesome as Edward's. If any of you are worrying about Jacob's perspective when he meets Edward, it is coming! Don't you worry! Review and tell me what you think. I am curious, readers :)