Just Another Average, Ordinary Day in the Life Of Agent Seeley Booth.

The whole idea of this story is to get you, the reader, an idea of what might happen when Booth and Brennan are on their way to a case. It won't be a totally average-day-type scenario, but you never know. ;) I'm also not totally sure if this will expand into a multi-chapter fic as yet. We'll see where it takes me... :D

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First part is from Booth's fellow co-worker... then of course from Booth's POV...

Chapter 1: Car Rides

He took a breath before allowing himself to knock on the door of Agent Booth's office.

Inside he could see Agent Booth and his 'partner' Dr. Brennan who were deeply discussing something about a case.

Hell, they could have been discussing what they were going to have for lunch, for all he knew.

They were sitting on either side of his desk. Their faces were about an inch apart. A sly smile on each. They could've been in their own little world, the way they were staring at each other.

There was a reason why Charlie always had to give the cases to Booth. No one else had the courage to have to break up, well, whatever that was.

Booth always denied that there was anything going on between the two of them. But Charlie knew better. Normally, if it were anyone else, Charlie would probably confront him about it.

He didn't do this with Booth. He was afraid that Booth might shoot him.

Well, he wasn't actually afraid. There was always a minute possibility that Booth could shoot him.

However, the man did shoot at inanimate objects at a frequent rate. Whenever he got angry and impatient.

It was just best to let this type of situation sort itself out.

It was at this point that Booth looked up from his and Dr. Brennan's conversation to see Charlie standing in the doorway holding a file in his hands.

"Hey Charlie, come on in. I'm just about done here." He got up to put some papers away in the filing cabinet behind him. "It's about money for the draft right? Well, you see-"

"Actually, Agent Booth," Charlie interrupted. "A new case came in for you and Dr. Brennan. Although, now that you mention it-"

"Ah, sorry Charlie," Booth said as he crossed the room in two quick strides and snatched the case file from his colleague's hands. "Business before pleasure. Can't do both, you know how it is."

Booth grabbed his coat from the stand beside the door.

"Come on, Bones. We've got a case. Thanks, Charlie."

He quickly left the office, followed by Brennan, who gave Charlie a short nod of acknowledgment.

Uh huh, Charlie thought. He watched the two of them get inside the elevator down the hallway. Booth had his hand at the small of her back. As per usual.

If Booth wasn't mixing pleasure with business by 'working' with that lady scientist of his, well, that would be like saying Booth didn't owe him money.

Which he did.

Booth made it to his car slightly out of breath. He threw the case file he got from Charlie onto the backseat.

He'd been so anxious to get out of the FBI building that he hadn't gotten a good look at the case file. He'd gotten a small look at it on the elevator ride on the way down to the parking lot. That was the fact that the case was in New Jersey

That was as much as he knew and it was as much as he needed to know in order to get them going in the right direction.

Before they had left to investigate the case that Charlie had brought them, Booth was debating something or other with Brennan. He couldn't even remember what it was now. He had been in the middle of a sentence when he saw something move from the corner of his eye on the other side of the window that looked into his office. It had been Charlie. Staring at them like he was... well, looking at something he shouldn't.

Well, really he shouldn't have been looking in on their private conversation, Booth thought as he finished his sentence. It was then that he noticed how close they really were.

It was then that he called Charlie in. First, in trying to avoid possible questions about himself and Dr. Brennan, he directed the flow of conversation toward the draft they had going, not meaning for Charlie to latch onto it so quickly.

So he had hurriedly rushed out of his office, followed by Brennan and a knowing look from Charlie. He hated looks like those. They were looks that said, I know you have a thing for her. Even if she doesn't I do. He hated those looks even more when he knew they were right.

He sighed. All he wanted to do was get to New Jersey and solve this murder. He would figure out these... well, whatever they were later.

After what seemed to be an eternity, Brennan got into the SUV.

"What took you so long?" He demanded.

"Unlike you, I walked to the vehicle instead of running. What is going on Booth? Why-"

"You know what? Never mind that. Get your seatbelt on and let's go."

Brennan barely had done up the buckle, when Booth pealed out of the parking lot and headed for the freeway.

"Okay, where are we going there, Bones?" His eyes were practically glued to the road.

She looked at him. "I thought you said we were going to New Jersey?"

"Bones, when I ask you where we are going, I mean specifically where. Not just the state." She ignored his response and replied with another question.

"Booth, you seem kind of tense. Is something wrong? Have you become a degenerate gambler again?"

"What? No! Where'd you get that idea?" He tore his eyes from the road to look at her for the first time since they had gotten into the vehicle.

"Well, I was in the room when you were discussing with Charlie about the fact that you owe him money for a draft of some sort."

"Look, I haven't relapsed-," He air quoted the steering wheel, "-if that's what you're worried about. I just owe him money for the playoffs of the hockey draft that we have going."

"You know, in a way, this 'hockey draft' of yours is a form of gambling."

"Yes, I understand that Bones, but I have it far enough under control that I'm not going to blow my whole savings account on it. Besides, there's a limit on these kinds of things."

"So why are you so tense about giving Charlie his money?"

"Look, I'm not tense about giving Charlie his money, okay? I'm a little pissed off that the guy still owes me money but can't seem to remember it. And until he pays me, I can't pay him." Good, Seeley. Just distract her from the fact that you're in love with her. Then everything will be fine. She'll think you're gambling again, and want to make you go to rehab, but other than that everything will be fine.

Brennan was quiet for a moment.

"What if I lend you money, Booth? Then you can pay Charlie back, so he could pay you back. Then you could pay me back."

"Thanks for the offer, but no thanks, Bones. I'll talk to Charlie when we get back."

There was a pause.

"Besides Bones, I couldn't borrow money from you."

"Why not?

"Well, for one thing, I wouldn't want to be sucked into that weird paradox of 'money-borrowing' thing that you described about five seconds ago. And I would feel bad for not being able to pay you back right away."

"You don't appear to feel bad about not being able to pay Charlie back right away. How am I any different?"

How are you different? He silently shot the question back at her. Because I'm not in love with Charlie, that's why you're different!

Instead he replied with, "Well, I don't see Charlie very often at the office very much. Technically, I see you more than I see him." And I would prefer to keep it that way, thank you very much.

"Oh, so in a scenario where I would be the beneficiary of our end agreement, I would cause you more grief than he if you were to borrow from me."

"Exactly, Bones. Nailed that one right on the head. You solved this puzzle and were also able to turn it into a poem at the same time. Now can you please tell me where we are going?"

"I'll have to get it from the backseat." She sat there looking at him.

He sighed.

"You can undo your seatbelt, you know. I promise not to arrest you or crash the vehicle while you retrieve the file, okay?"

She looked at him skeptically before removing her seatbelt.

As Brennan stuck her head between the two front seats, Booth caught a whiff of the scent of her shampoo.

Hmm... strawberries and something else. Suddenly he was very aware how close in proximity her body was to his. And he really couldn't help noticing her butt.

Still distracted by this observation, he started to drift to the left, almost taking out a Mini-Cooper that was passing him in the next lane.

He quickly regained his senses by the honking of the vehicle beside him and corrected his position in the lane.

Brennan returned to her seat, file in hand, completely oblivious to the fact that he just about had gotten them into an accident.

"Why was the man in the car beside us honking at us and now currently... what is he doing?" They both watched as the smaller car passed them in the left lane. The driver was completely furious and making, well, gestures that Booth thought he pretty well deserved. Brennan watched out of curiosity, Booth out of embarrassment and for something to do other than look at her.

"Oh, he's just mad that the rental company gave him such a small car. He really had his heart set on a nice, shiny black SUV back at the airport."

"You don't really know that, do you?"


There was an awkward silence where Brennan was staring at him, confused, while he was mentally kicking himself for not coming up with a better answer than the one he had given her.

He broke the silence.

"What do we have there, Bones?" Booth asked, once again referring to the case file.

"Well, according to the autopsy report, the victim was found with the skull completely backward on the skeleton. Due to the environment, the local authorities moved the victim inside..."

As she rambled off case facts, Booth felt himself relax. If Bones didn't notice anything was off, then nothing was.

It was as simple as that.

Except, he knew, that as long as she was around there was always a risk that he could end up hurting himself.

As well as her.

Ah yes, it was just another day. Someone had died and he was going with his partner to find out 'whodunnit'. All the while trying not to let others know that he was in love with his partner. Including his partner. And on the way there almost killing himself and the woman he loved at the same time.

It was just another average, ordinary day in the life of Agent Seeley Booth.

Could it get any better?

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