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After they had been to the post office, to the morgue, and had sent off the pictures to Angela, the two of them went to a Chinese place at about eight o'clock. They had stayed there for about an hour then they went to the motel.

The motel was run down, but as far as Booth could tell, the place wasn't in a bad part of the town. Booth had pulled into a parking spot and went inside. He asked for a room and was given a card key. He went back to the SUV and the two of them were outside of their room within minutes.

"Umph," Booth grunted as he set down some of the luggage to reach for the key in his pocket. "Why did you bring so much stuff?"

"It's not my fault, most of it is forensic equipment."

"Sure, it is, Bones."

"What? It is!"

Booth swiped the card key through the door. There was a quiet 'beep' and soon the two of them were let inside the motel room.

"Well, here we are," Booth said. He dumped his bags on the floor and went to the window to see what the view was like. Booth pushed his jacket back with his hands and rested them on his hips. The motel wasn't thatbad. Rockton didn't actually have a hotel so the Riverside View Motel was the next best thing. Besides, anything would be better than sleeping at Dunning's place. Even the slightly run-down motel.

The officer had enough nerve to offer his place to sleep at. He had said that the motel wasn't the best place to stay at.

Hah, fat chance, Booth thought, there was no way on this earth that he would ever let Dunning be under the same roof with Bones while she was sleeping. This motel would be doable. Security here is just fine. I'll just be sleeping with my gun under my pillow, that's all. Booth nodded his head slightly. Yeah, we'll be fine.

Then Booth actually took in the view outside the window. Their window looked out onto a field which appeared to have previously been a trailer park. There were beer cans strewn across the abandoned lot. A small, muddy stream was trickling by. Okay, 'Riverview' must be ironic. Taking the entire scene in again, he thought, I never did understand irony.

"Ah, Booth?" He heard Brennan call from behind him.

"Yeah?" Booth turned away from the window. Brennan was looking at something that was around the corner, just out of Booth's sight.

"What is it?" Booth took three steps to stand beside her.

Brennan looked up at him, "We may have a problem." She looked back at the wall where the beds were supposed to be.

"What are you talking-" Booth turned his head and instead of two beds, he found one. "Oh," he said softly, his eyes wide in surprise.

"I'll call the front desk to see if they have another room available to us," Brennan volunteered. She sat on the bed and picked up the phone.

Yeah, specifically one with two beds, Booth thought. He shook his head in frustration. Could this day possibly get any worse? When he talked to the guy at the front desk, he, first of all, had asked for two separate rooms. The guy said that they only had one room available; fortunately this one contained two beds. Booth had accepted.

Maybe he meant there was a pull-out couch. Booth went over to the couch and pulled off the cushions. Nope, the couch was just a couch. Booth sighed.

Brennan hung up the phone. "The man at the front said that there wasn't anything else. We could always just ask for a cot."

Booth shuddered at the thought of what a motel cot would look like. "Nah, that's okay, I'll just sleep on the couch here. You can take the bed."

Brennan stood up. "Booth, I couldn't possibly let you sleep on the couch. Your back would bother you in the morning."

"Well, there's no way I'm letting you sleep on this thing. If you don't have back problems already, you would for sure by sleeping on it." Booth crossed his arms. "And don't even think about ordering a cot."

"I wasn't planning on it. The hygiene of a cot in a motel like this would be questionable." Brennan walked past Booth and picked up her suitcase and moved it to the bed. "This is why I am going to use the sleeping bag I brought and use it on the floor."

Booth began to protest. "No, no way! It would be un-gentlemanly of me to even think about you doing that. If anyone is sleeping on the floor it should be me." Booth walked to where she was laying out her clothes on the bed.

"Booth, you can't do that! What about your back?" Brennan stood up and met Booth's eyes defiantly.

Suddenly, Booth realized how close they were standing to each other. Like all of their arguments, Booth noticed that they were both breathing slightly harder.

Booth swallowed nervously. "Right," he said as he looked away and took a step back. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that Brennan did likewise. "So, I guess we have a tie. What do you want to do?" he looked back at her.

"What I prefer we do is that you let me sleep on the floor-" Brennan began.

"Which is never going to happen," Booth cut her off.

"Because you think that it would be 'un-gentlemanly'." Brennan crossed her arms.

"You picked up on that, huh?" Booth sheepishly grinned. Brennan smiled slightly in return. Bones looks so pretty when she smiles. He cleared his throat, "Well, that's my reasoning."

"I don't actually think that being 'un-gentlemanly' is an actual reason." Brennan turned back to her suitcase.

"But as you've noticed before," Booth went to stand beside Brennan once more. He pushed back his suit jacket with his right hand, "I have an entirely different way of evaluating things."

Brennan straightened and glanced at him, "That's true."

"Now, that we have that settled, we still have the problem about where we're going to sleep," Booth sighed.

"I may have a solution," she squared her shoulders so that she faced him completely.

"I'm listening."

"What if we share the bed we have?" Brennan raised an eyebrow. "That should solve our problem."

Booth's mouth went dry. "Sh-share the bed?" he asked. Sharing a bed with his partner. How many times had he fantasized that moment? Too many to count, only, he had imagined it would be under different circumstances.

"No, no way, that would definitely be- that would be-" Booth stuttered trying to find a reason that wouldn't reveal the feelings he had for her.

"Un-gentlemanly?" Brennan supplied for him.

I was going to say 'inappropriate,' but sure, let's go with that. "Yeah," Booth swallowed and sat down on the bed, beside Brennan's suitcase.

"Well, if you're uncomfortable with that arrangement, I'm sure Andrew's offer is still open." Brennan placed a hand on her hip, impatient.

"No!" Booth stood up. That was the last thing he wanted. "No," he said again, with less enthusiasm than before. "We can share... the bed. Besides, we wouldn't want to 'inconvenience' Dunning." He paused. "Wait-did you say Andrew's offer?"

"Well, yes. After all he did say I could call him that." Booth swore that his partner was beginning to look a little uncomfortable.

"Yeah, but you said that you thought it was unprofessional." Booth was getting concerned. Did Bones actually like this guy?

"Actually, I said that I'd like to keep things professional during work. Technically, we're not working right now." She took an armful of clothes from her bed and walked over to the bureau so that her back was turned to Booth.

Booth felt his heart drop. She liked him.Booth sunk to the bed once more. The bedsprings squeaked under his weight.

Silence filled the room. The only noise came from Brennan as she opened and closed the drawers on the bureau.

Look, man. You can ask her, make sure that she likes him, or just let it happen. It's her life and if she wants to try out this Dunning guy, she can. She looks at you as her partner and her friend. That's all she wants to find in you. She trusts you to stay that way. You don't want to betray her or her trust by asking more from her. And if it doesn't work out with this Dunning guy, she'll turn to you for comforting.

Isn't that enough? Just being there for her?

For now.

Booth sighed.

"Do you need help with putting anything away?" he asked, trying to muster up some enthusiasm.

"No, I should be okay," Brennan turned back to face him. She leaned back against the bureau. She looked like she wanted to ask him something. Booth met her eyes briefly then looked at the wall.

"What is it, Bones?" he asked, eyes still on the wall.

"I was wondering-," she began. Booth could hear her muffled steps approach him on the carpet, "Which side of the bed you wanted."

Booth looked up at her in surprise. His mouth was hanging somewhat open. "Ah-" was the only response he could come up with.

"I prefer to be on the side closest to the bathroom," she went on.

"I-yeah, sure," Booth nodded.

"Do you mind if I use the bathroom?" Brennan asked, pointing in the direction.

Booth shook his head, "No, you go ahead. It's all yours." He smiled nervously. He watched her go into the bathroom and the door click shut behind her.

Booth leaned back on the bed with his hands knotted behind his head. He stared at the ceiling and sighed.

Well, it could be worse, Booth thought. Sure, Bones may like Dunning. But he isn't the one sleeping with her tonight, a grin slowly spread across his face. So to speak.

The toilet flushed and Brennan opened the door to find Booth grinning away.

"What's so funny?" She asked as she placed a hand on the doorway.

Booth smirked and shook his head, "You said you brought a sleeping bag?" he sat up on the bed.

"Yes, why?" Brennan looked suspicious.

"Why would you think you needed a sleeping bag?"

"For situations like this, of course."

"You knew something like this would happen? Don't you trust me?" Booth pretended to be offended.

Brennan opened her mouth, "Of course I trust you."

Booth sat up. "Then why'd you bring it?" he raised an eyebrow.

"I told you..."

As they slid into another one of their arguments, Booth found that he couldn't be happier to be standing in a crappy motel room, after one of the worst days of work he had ever been through, with his partner arguing about something that didn't really matter.


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