The Legend of Zelda: A Reminisce of Twilight

Chapter One

-*-*- Gray Skies -*-*-

The rain was pounding, harder than it had all year. What seemed to be eternally-falling droplets of water had been pouring over the soundless kingdom for at least five days now. The skies were a consistent blur of gray.

In the middle of the kingdom was a quaint city called Castle Town, where most citizens of the prosperous land spent their lives. In the streets below, in what would usually be a crowded central square, there was no one. Not even the tiniest hint of life shown. All were indoors, keeping themselves cooped up and warm.

On this specific day, several things seemed to repetitively happen around the same time…


Hyrule Castle was a huge, yet majestic castle of pure white marble and royal-blue roofing, which was nestled to the north of Castle Town. It loomed high overhead, giving an air of magnificence to anyone who passed under the wide marble archways that led to the castle.

Far above in the upper levels of the castle was a young woman, sitting on the queen-sized bed in her chamber.

The eighteen year-old was a slender and gracious being. Her usual wardrobe, which she was wearing, was made up of an white iridescently-colored cotton dress, and then a long, silk purple vest. Below her waist was a golden chain which held up a tapestry-looking design that had the insignia of the Triforce, the symbol of the gods: three triangles put together to make a larger triangle; around this were many other various designs also made up of iridescent thread which symbolized her kingdom, Hyrule. She also wore gold shoulder plates, followed by a small amount of chain mail, and on her arms were long white gloves, also iridescent, which came past her elbows.

Her recently deceased father, King Daphnes Hyrule, had died of an unknown cause – presumably most had figured old age, but he had been but fifty-three years old when he passed. His unexpected and sudden death had forced the young woman to take her father's place and become queen.

The girl raised her slightly dim-looking sea-blue eyes. Her room was furnished with the usual things for royalty: a large, white vanity, a couch and two sitting chairs, a four-poster bed with a canopy-feel for privacy, a nightstand with an ivory candelabra, and a rug by the wooden double doors.

"Your highness?" said a deep voice from the opposite wall of the room. Zelda whipped her concentration to the guard behind her, hidden in the shadows. "Oh…hello, Fredric," she murmured, forgetting he had been there the whole time. Ever since the twilight had infested Hyrule, it had been confirmed that Zelda was to have at least one guard always accompanying her, with another close nearby.

Fredric stepped out of the shadows, a concerned look on his face.

"Your highness…" he repeated, reverently giving a faint bow as he stood before her, then continued, "Are you alright? You have seemed very depressed, lately, and I've been noticed that you have not been eating well."

"How long has it been?" Zelda snapped suddenly, turning her eyes away from the robust man. Fredric shifted in his armor, unsure of what she was reffering to.

"About what, your majesty?" he gulped, trying not to show disrespect.

"Since Ganondorf was defeated," Zelda replied in a quiet whisper. Fredric gazed at the floor, twitching at the name of the King of Evil.

"…Two years, your majesty," he answered after a long pause.

Zelda sighed and stood up, walking with swift footsteps to the open window. She quietly grasped the iron handle and shut the stained-glass, refraining the rain's noise.

"Was there anything else you wished to inform me of?" she muttered, closing her eyes as she continued to face the window. Fredric straightened himself.

"Oh…yes. There are some scrolls in your study that the Council wishes you to look over," he replied. Zelda grunted.

The Council was a group of Hylian advisors who helped make the laws over authority and common citizens. Their name always brought a frown over her lips. Liars, that's all they were. And as far as helping them make the law, the only thing she could participate on was "drafting" the scrolls they came up with – rather, in her opinion, just looking them over.

Zelda let out another depressed sigh before turning to Fredric.

"Yes, I suppose I should get that over with," she stated, glancing at the stone floor before shifting her gaze to Fredric's outstretched arm.

"I will escort you," he muttered, and Zelda took his arm obediently.

As they entered the hallway, all the windows were open, sending a chill down her spine. Fredric continued to lead the way, but Zelda found herself pausing here and there as if hesitating to go on. She forced herself to keep going. As they began to exit the hallway, Zelda lifted her gaze to the open windows, her swirling eyes locked on the gray downpour.


The rain continued to pour down throughout the entire kingdom. On the eastern field, one lone, cloaked figure was galloping one-handed through the downpour. He was atop a friend of his that he had known for a long time: a well trained and obedient mare who was a dark chestnut color with a silvery-white mane and tail. The two raced across the expansive field towards Hyrule Castle, glad to be home, but the news that burdened the man caused his spirits to sink as the rain pounded again him.


On the south road of Castle Town, down the passage of an alleyway, was a bright red door which led to a bar. Inside, five voices quarreled.

"Of which purpose are you stating?" a robust woman mumbled. Her voice was slightly deep for a woman's, yet she had that loving composure that anyone would find comforting. She wore a blue denim jacket that was cut low in the chest, and a long skirt with various gold rings hanging off the trim. Some believed that her appearance made her seem to be a gypsy. Her name was Telma, and she was the owner of the bar.

To her right, of whom she had asked the question, was a skinny young lad by the name of Shad. He had bright red hair, deep green eyes, and wore glasses. He shifted uncomfortably in the wooden chair he had recently sat down in, and then burst up to his feet again from frustration.

"I'm only saying –" he paused to finish buttoning his jacket, his British-sounding accent coming to a short pause. "– that things don't seem right anymore! Even though that demon was killed, the twilight beasts are still in the Eldin and Ordona providences. This is extremely abnormal, considering the fact that Ganondorf has been defeated, as well as what was once the King of Twilight."

Telma pondered this information, then turned to an older man in front of her, whose name was Rusl. He had golden blonde hair that slightly stuck out at odd angles and a beard.

"Is this true, honey?" Telma whispered. Rusl sighed, tossing his helmet from hand to hand nervously.

"Sadly…yes," he replied. "Shad does have a point. This is far too strange to have the beasts still around when their only source of teleportation has supposed been destroyed."

Knowing that he was speaking of the mirror, another stated her belief. Her name was Ashei, and she was a pale-faced girl with black hair that she kept up in braids. Being raised rather as a warrior than a girl, Ashei had a quick temper and a fierce nature.

"The Mirror of Twilight is destroyed, we know that," she snapped. "How can you claim that twilight beasts are still invading Faron Woods?! It's poppycock…or…are you serious?"

Rusl sighed.

"Yes, am – it's true," he repeated. "And I'm supposing you've still seen some Wolfos in the Snowpeak Providence?"

Ashei grumbled something that sounded like, "Well I don't know, you tell me."

"I will note that I've still seen three or four Bublins in the desert," Auru added. He was an aging man with gray hair and a beard, but with piercing blue eyes. His ancestry traced all the way back to Raru, the Sage of Light. Telma nodded in approval, but then Shad brought up another subject that left everyone silent.

"When do you think he'll return?"

Telma, Ashei, Rusl, and Auru's eyes grew wide. Ashei raised her eyebrows, then furrowed them in confusion. Telma cocked her head to the right, her smile disappearing as she became lost in thought. Auru stared unknowingly at the floor, closing his eyes as he rubbed his fingers against his temples. Rusl was the first to break the silence.

"It's been two years, hasn't it?" he mumbled. Shad nodded, remembering the day they helped him fend off the beasts in Hyrule Castle.

"Two very long years…" he echoed with a sigh. "He always seemed to have spirits, you know? It just seemed…contagious. He always made everyone seem so cheerful, even in times of despair."

They all remained quiet, and for a short moment, time seemed to freeze.

And then, the queen in Hyrule Castle, the five people in Telma's Bar, and one lone figure thought the same thing:

What now?

Author's Note:

Hi! I'm Zeph the Mage. This is my first Fanfic, and it will be a dramatic, fluffy story that will have a large twist with the characters. There will be adventures and romance within, so be prepared. Hope you like it so far!