Author's Note: do I put this. I am at a huge writer's block. I know where the story will (or would) go, but I'm just at a loss for words. Firstly, I really don't have enough reviews to modivate me. Now, I'm not pointing fingers - I'm just making a statement.

I've wrote another story about the anime Ouran High School Host Club, at it has been very successful ^^ For example, to show the contrast between it (TMK) and AROT, TMK has only six chapters and 50+ reviews, where as this story has over twenty-six chapters and 50+ reviews. See the difference?? Six chapters to twenty-six chapters, and with the same ammount of reviews. That a huge, huge, huge difference.

To get to the point, I'm really starting to get sick with AROT. I've made the characters way tooOOC and the story is just too AU to fit with the Zelda catagory. Link is completely out of the picture - he should more-than-likely be shy and modest, where as I've made him a flirt with an extremely twisted past that doesn't fit in with TP at all. So, shortening the explanation, I'm will probably end up deleting this story.

If any of you object, though according to the lack of interest I'm sure most won't, feel free to object. I might change my mind if I get enough comeback.

So, yeah...sorry to dissapoint any of you really liking this story, but despite the length and writing quality, the more I read it over the more I think it's totally suckish.

Sorry again :(