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Chapter 1: Finding Harry

Harry sat on the dirt floor of his cell, his knees pulled up to his chest and his arms weakly clasped around them. His hair was matted to his head with dirt, sweat, and blood. Harry looked like a pile of bones with skin streched over them.

Harry wasn't exactly sure where he was anymore. All he knew was that it was in the middle of a privatly owned forest for the privaleged folk who had money to spare.

Thinking back to whn this all started Harry mentally kicked himself in the ass for not following his gut. Harry knew, he just knew that something wasn't right. He shouldn't have bought into the Dursleys facade of niceness. That they could actually care for him. Especially after years of torment and abuse. But he thought that the talk the order members had with them opened their eyes and made them see him as a member of the family and not the freak who boarded with them during the story.

Granted during the firsat three days after he had gotten back from Hogwarts they were pretty nice. The dursley's didn't make him do as many chores as he usually had to do and he didn't have to slave away in the kitchen. Harry also got to watch television with them and eat a healthy amount of food.

Harry really should have known something was up when Vernon Dursley spoke to him while he was writing his letter to the order and his friends and said to tell them that he was going camping with them for a week and a half.

So Harry packed and got ready to go camping. All the while a knot was growing in his stomach that felt a lot like dread. He ignored it.

He whished badly now that he had listened to his gut. He had he wouldn't be in this shithole with these monsters. If he had know what the camping trip entailed exactly he would have ran so damn fast away from them.

In the begining when they first arrived at the camp site Harry didn't think it odd that their was no one else aound. He didn''t even think it odd that they had a really big cabin with a basement. Having never been on a proper camping trip non of this seemed strange or alarming to Harry in anyway. Yet he kept on feeling more and more uneasy as time went on.

Harry and Dudley went swimming after helping Vernon and Petunia set up a fire and pitch up a tent that he and Dudley were going to be sleeping in. It was all fun and games, swinging off a rope into the water having races and helping Vernon catch and clean fish for their dinner.

It was while he was eating his fish that Harry took notice that something was really wrong. He was starting to feel a tingly feeling creap throughout his body and numb him to the point where he couldn't move properly. His vision started going in and out of focus and everything seemed to be spinning around him.

Falling to the ground Harry finally noticed what was wrong.

All three of the Dursleys were leering at him and the rope Vernon had brought with them was lying at his feet. Unable to move and defend himself Harry stared helplessly as Vernon and Dudley each kicked him in the ribs with excrutiating force and before tying him up with the rope.

As they drug him towards the cabin Harry heard Vernon say to Petunia "Don't worry my dear the little freak will be out of our hair soon. But first we are going to take everything back that we gave to him. From the flesh." He said with a bit of malicious glee dripping from his words. Harry blacked out after that.

Harry found that Vernon came down for everyday for atleast an hour to two hours. It was during those times that Harry really hoped and wished for death. It seemed that each time Vernon came down, Harry hurt more and more.


Vernon Dursley couldn't be more happy. He was extatic. He had a spring in his step. A gleam in his eye and sex with Petunia couldn't be better. After all with that freak out of his house, him and Petunia could take a lot more quality time together and they couldn't believe that it was so easy.

Pecking his wife on the lips he told her that he would be back around sunset. He was going to pay some quality time with that thing in the basement of the cabin.

Vernon thought back to the cabin and the plan he had come up with. It was the perfect plan. He couldn't believe he hadn't thought of it sooner. I mean come on. Nobody would miss a stupid freakish orphan. One that had basically murdered not only his 'loving freaks' for parents but had also gotten his own godfather killed as well.

The way Vernon saw at it, he was doing the world a favor. He was getting rid of one fucking freak who caused death to any and all who got close to him. It was a bloody miracle Petunia, Dudley and him ad survived for so long. But it was only a matter of time before something horrible happened to them. That was what he was going to stop. It was now time to get rid of the nusciance. It was time to put an end to this freak. It was a good thing. He was doing to world a great favor. He ought to be awarded knighthood by the queen for his daring bravery.

Fantasizing about his being knighted by the queen Vernon pulled into the gravel road leading to the cabin Petunia and he was renting. It was time.

Popping his trunk Vernon peered at his newly aquired three pronged whip. 'Wonder if Petunia would want to try this...' Vernon thoughtto himself. He had noticed that as he beat That thing he had gotten aroused. Especially when he cried out and screamed and begged for him to stop. It was fucking delicious.

His mouth was watering and his hand turned white as he clutched the whip harder in his grip. Just the thoughts of that creep screaming and whithering on the floor was enough to make him hard.

Vernon looked back down at his pants where there was a small tent. He was going to fuck him and then he was going to kill him.

Afterwards he would tell Petunia that he ran away and they would report it to those damn freaks that their little freak had bailed out on them saying something like he was going to get that dude what ever his name was... volmdermoty or something like that. Yeah that's what he would do.


Harry looked at the spot where the light usually came from. He knew it was passed time for Vernon to show up and he couldn't help but cringe in anticipation. Being late could only mean one thing... Vernon had something really horrible planned for him and that would most likely end in his demise.

Harry had given up.


Vernon walked into the cabin and into the kitchen. Underneath the throw rug was a trap door which led down to an underground tunnel system, that had been built a couple hundred years ago so people could escape in times of distress or war.

It took him foever to find this specific damn cabin and renting it had cost him a pretty pound. But in the end he had gotten it and man was it worth it. Lifting up the trap door Vernon was about to take a step down into the tunnel when he heard a noise in the kitchen near the door.

Lifting his face towards the noise Vernon was met with a face full of fist.

Falling down the tunnel and landing on his back. A cloud of dust billowed around him obscurring his view of his attacker. Whoever had hit had been extremely stong and fast. He only got a glimpse of his face but from what it was that he saw he knew he was going to have to utilize every single dirty trick he knew just to win this fight.

If he lost he was dead.


Lupin was scared and he was worried. He knew they should have been watching Harry over the summer. He knew right then and there at the train station that the Dusleys were bad news and that this year they were going to be horrendous.

Harry never told anyone of the things that went on in the Dursley house hold but fom watching the way Harry moved and reacted to the people around him he could guess that it was far from good.

He had seen bruises and welts on Harry during some of the summers when he had gone to check up on him. Lupin had watched as Harry slaved away over the yard, pruning bushes and painting fences. Along with weeding and setting down gravel in the drive way. It was enough to make his inner beast come to the surface, and he prided himself on being incontrol of it. However seeing Harry being used like a house elf really set him off something feirce.

Now he would make things right. He was going to follow Harry and the dursleys to their camping trip. This time he would not let Harry down.

Harry was going to know that there are still good people who noticed him and that they would do anything for him.

Lupin was going to save him.


End chapter.

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