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Chapter 9: Return To Private Drive.

There's nothing worse than not being in control of your own body.

Okay I take that back. There is something worse.

For instance how about not being in control of your own body, kissing your most hated teacher, finding out that you will be living with said most hated teacher for the rest of the summer and cannot be too far away from 'most hated teacher' or the other person living in your body will try to take over and try to kill you as well as try to molest the 'most hated teacher'.

Yup. Thats much worse than 'just' not having control of your own body.

I hate my life.

Speaking of 'most hated teacher' where on earth is he? I peered into the darkness around me as I stood on the corner of some street. The light above me did little to nothing in helping me with my endevior. The most I could make out was some bushes and a line of shops on either side of me. Everything looked run down and... well for want of a better word ugly.

Sighing again from boredom and slight irritation I started slightly when I heard a soft rustling of fabric coming towards me. I whipped out my wand with out thinking and pointed it directly at the indruder only to be facing down a wand myself.

A curse on the tip of my tongue I was about to release the spell when I recognised the face. The only thought to cross my mind as I hurredly placed my wand back in its holster was Oh shit.

"Rest assured Mr. Potter if I had been a death eater you would be dead." Snape sneered at me as he slowly sheethed his wand.

"Trust me I'd rather be dead that with you." I mumbled under my breath.

"That makes three of us Potter." came Snapes voice startling me slightly. "However your death would put the wizarding world in jeopardy and Voldemort would gain control." he suddenly turned to me standing up straighter and smiling evily. "With any luck you'll both finish each other off and the world will finally be a much better place."


I regretted my words almost instantly and was about to try to figure out how to form some semblance of an apology when the brat cut of my thoughts.

"Don't worry, sir," the brat sneered as he looked me in the eye, my breath caught in my throat as he continued to finish his sentence. " I'm sure we'll both be the end of each other and you won't have to deal with me any more. Heck even if I do manage to stop Voldemort and live all you have to do is stay away from me and Nickolas will kill me...well us...him and I." He finished and abruptly turned his back to me as if to signal the end of our conversation.

Even if I wanted too I couldn't say anything especially after that small speech. I really literally couldn't simply because of his eyes. The moment they locked with mine I was scared to death.

They scared me more than some insane maniac's ever could. *cough* Dark Lord *cough*

They were much worse than the Dark Lord's ever could be, because the moment they met mine something purely dark and vile came upfront. Something so hideously grotesgue that I fear if we were to ever get a dark lord who would be unstoppable, it would be Potter.

Poor mistreated abused Potter, the golden boy, savior of the whole wizarding and muggle world, would make for the best and worst Dark Lord ever to be seen on this world.

I still regretted my words, but now would not be the time to apologize. So I stuck out my wand and signaled the Knight Bus.

Climbing aboard we both sat on different beds. He chose one next to the back of the bus and watched as everything flew by at impossible speeds.

I chose a bed three beds away from him and simply sat there and watched him out of the corner of my eye as the bus drove us to our new location. A destination Potter was sure to hate.

But in time would possibly get over and heal a bit. Besides a little revenge never hurt anyone.

I grinned as I began thinking about possible plots and new spells and skills I could teach Potter. That I would teach Potter. Things that will make him infinitly more ready to face not only the Dark Lord but Potters own demons as well.

Now If only we could somehow patch up 5 years of hatred in a couple monthes.


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