OK, this is my third story on this site. The full summary is:

Edward Senior and his wife decided to move to New York until the epidemic in Chicago goes away so their son, Edward Jr., doesn't get sick. They take their neightbor's child with them on the drive to New York. On the way there, they get into a car accident. The only witness to the accident is 17 year old, Isabella Marie Swan Cullen . . . who is a vampire.

Chapter One: New York

"Honey! We have to get going!" Edward Senior screamed as he finished putting their luggage in his automobile. Edward and his family were planning on moving to New York until the epidemic, Spanish Influenza, passed. Almost everyone that was near their neighborhood got sick. Edward couldn't risk his family's safety, so Elizabeth and Edward decided to move to New York.

"Yes, dear," Elizabeth came walking down the stairs with a baby, Edward Jr., in her hands. He is only three months old and is the cutest baby Edward Senior has ever seen. "Are you sure we have everything?" Elizabeth asked worried.

"Yes," Edward reassured her and kissed her and his baby's head.

"Wait for me!" Jacob called running down the stairs. Their neighbor's child, his parent died of the disease about a week ago. Jacob turned five years old that day. After that is when Edward decided to go to New York for a while. Jacob stopped in front of Edward Senior.

"Get in the automobile," Edward Senior ordered patting Jacob's head. Jacob sat in the backseat and Edward closed the door for him. "Ready to leave?" Edward asked, picked up Elizabeth's free hand and kissed it.

"All right," she sighed and went inside the car. Edward walked to the driver's side of the car and opened the door. Edward sat on the driver's seat and started the car. His beautiful wife sat in the passenger's seat with Edward Jr. on her lap. He started laughing, Elizabeth and Edward Senior smiled. Elizabeth closed the door and they drove off to the road.

She seemed worried. "Are you all right?" Edward Senior asked keeping his eyes on the open rode.

"I'm just a little worried, dear, I'm fine," she gave him a reassuring smile.

"Good," Edward said smiling back. He knew it was going to be a long ride to New York. He was prepared for it. The rode was foggy, it looked like there is going to be a thunder storm soon. Edward hoped Jacob wouldn't be scared.

There wasn't a car in sight. Everyone was probably in the hospital or home. Edward was glad there was no traffic. They would get to New York faster. Edward Senior already informed the agency that he wouldn't be in town. Edward Senior is a lawyer and has hopes that his son would carry on his name and become a lawyer too.

The clouds beginning to cover the small amount of sun. Some were white, gray and black.

Edward checked my rear view mirror to see if Jacob was all right. He was reading a book. Edward smiled. He wasn't one of those children that said "I'm bored", Jacob would obey you when you told him to do something. Still, there were no cars on the rode. Edward Senior looked up at the clouds for a second then back at the rode. The clouds all became black.

Elizabeth and Edward had fallen asleep. They looked so peaceful. Edward loved them both with all his heart. Edward smiled, Elizabeth and Edward were cute together. Elizabeth is exhausted from all the packing she was doing last night. Also, they had to leave early in the morning. Edward Senior took his right hand and put it on hers. He gently squeezed it gently.

Ten minutes later, Edward checked on Jacob one more time. He is also fell asleep. Jacob snores loud for a five year old.

The sky got more clear and the clouds got darker. Just as Edward thought, a thunder storm. Edward sighed and shook his head. It started raining cats and dogs. There was also a bit of hail coming out of the sky. Edward saw on the left side of the rode. A very pale woman was sitting on the grass, staring into space. He wanted to check if she was all right, however there was so little time. Edward looked at the rode, the first car in an hour.

He wished it wasn't. The car was coming straight toward his. Edward got scared. Edward didn't want to wake anyone. However, he had to get the driver's attention. He honked the horn, the car still coming toward them. He honked again . . . nothing. Edward had to react.

The car was coming fast. Only yards from Edward's car, Edward acted scared and turned the wheel to the left, quickly. The rode was slippery and the car flipped over. Glass shattered everywhere, and Edward's head hit against the ceiling of the car multiple times. Edward's car hit against the other. Edward's car started sliding off to the left side of the rode. The other car began sliding the opposite direction.

The pain was excruciating. Edward started screaming in pain. He looked at Elizabeth, her head with blood all over. Her arms covering Edward, for protection. Edward Jr. started crying. Edward was breathing heavy, like something was crushing his chest.

"Edward, no," Elizabeth cried, welling try to reach to him. Her seat belt holding her from falling. She winced from the pain each time she reached to Edward.

Edward could not respond to her cry.

"Edward, we need you," she put her bloody arm on his shoulder.

Edward finally found his voice. "Farewell . . . I love . . . you . . . both," he answered as loud as he could, but it only was a whisper. Then, darkness took over him. He left his wife and baby crying in the car.