Hi people *waves*. I hope you like this fic. I'm not really a writer but a lot of people really likes how I write so I'm going to give it a shot. It's my first twilight fanfic so don't flame me too much okay. And no this is not a BellaxEdward fic. Its a BellaxDemetri fic. *GASP* OMG I cant believe its not butter(Edward)lol. Well here I go.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Twilight characters or any of the songs. They belong to the very talented people who created them. DON'T SUE ME!!!!!

(Bella's PoV)

"BELLA, ON IN 5" hollered Alec from the out side of my dressing room. I looked at my self in the mirror again and sighed. A lot can change in 5 years. I still remember when I was human though it's kinda blurry, such a clumsy thing I was too. How did I ever survive. I remember I never wanted to be married much less have a child. Now look at me mother of a half human half vampire daughter and engaged no less.

When Edward left I was broken, I remember the pain, the whole that ripped my chest every time I thought about him. If it wasn't for the Volturi I probably would have been dead already, well dead in the literal sense not a vampire. Thanks to Aro who so kindly took me in after he found me was when I could finally begin my life again. I met my true love in Volterra, my kindred spirit, Demetri and also all those other people I consider as family. Alec and Jane are like my little siblings and Filex is my big teddy bear. He really is so much like Emmett it's crazy. Aro, of course, became my father figure and Marcos and Ciaus my uncles. I love them so much really they spoil me silly, and now that I have a daughter they all are crazy over us.

Mary Jane is one of the reason that I am what I am today. My daughter is my sunshine and I would forever be wrapped around her little fingers just like the others. I remember when I found I was pregnant. I freaked. When Demetri when he found out he was the father, Ha, he was hysterical. Aro found it intriguing and decided to let me keep her since she is a very unique hybrid. Her birth was also one of the most painful memories I have. She ripped me from the inside out and nearly killed me. If it wasn't for Demetri I would have been dead and not a vampire. I remember the first time I held her tiny body in my arms, it was the most magical moment in my existence. Her warm brown eyes staring at me with so much love and knowledge was..... I cant even describe how i felt. She is also gifted. She can transmit her thoughts to you with out speaking.(Just like Renesme) I was startled at first but got used to it eventually. She is also quite a tracker. I guess she gets it from her father, she looks like him too, only getting my hair and eyes. I'm happy though she is absolutely beautiful.

I, of course, changed so much since I became a vampire. Now I'm as graceful as Alice and I am absolutely stunning. My eyes are gold just like the Cullens. When I first went to hunt, I found out I hate the smell of humans. Nobody knows why but I'm cant stand their blood. I'm glad with that though, I never wanted to be a murder. Thanks to my weird diet other guard members decided to join me in my diet. My group members and Mary Jane follow my diet now too which I'm grateful for. My powers is what surprised me the most. I am not only a shield but I can absorb other vampires gifts also. My shield can project over 100 yard or so and protects against mental attacks( Just like breaking dawn).My absorbing power is my most powerful gift. I can take any power that's around me and use it as my own and discard if I so choose to. I am the Volturi's most powerful member of the guard. I think that's why im treated like royalty. Or it could be that I'm considered Aro's daughter. Either way I'm happy with it. I actually like being spoiled and pampered now. I guess so many years with the Voltulri can change a girl. Although all that praising is flattering I'm glad my closest friends and family treat me as an equal. I wouldn't want to be shunned from having a normal, well somewhat normal, life just because I'm considered royalty.

I guess that's why we started the band. We were all bored since everybody in the vampire world seemed to be behaving, Felix came up with the idea of starting a band. We all laughed at it at first but after a few days of nothingness we started to consider it. We called it Bright Sorrow because nothing seemed to come into our head. I became the lead singer and guitar. Demetri was the base. Felix our drummer and Jane was at the keyboard. Alec volunteered to be our manager. Aro was not so happy about our idea but approved non the less when he how much M.J.(Mary Jane) and I wanted to do it. Ahhh the power of puppy eyes. We were a big hit in Italy and started to tour around Europe. Our fame soon became so big we were offered to tour around the US. I agreed to it quickly. I really missed my native land and I wanted to show M.J. where I was from. Everybody else agreed and Aro allowed it with one condition: we must abandon our tour and go back to Italy if duty called.

"TWO MINUTES BELLA" called Alec again. "Coming" I responded taking one quick look at myself before heading out the door with my guitar in hand. I stopped at Demetri's room first to check on M.J., she was sleeping on the couch with her teddy bear hugged tightly to her chest. "It's time love" said Demetri while he snaked his arm around my waste and kissed my neck. "Yea I know, just came to check on Mary Jane" I whispered not trying to wake my sleeping beauty up. I grabbed Demetri's hand and walked out of his room closing the door softly and heading to the main stage. I saw everybody all ready gathered waiting for their cue. " Look after M.J." I said sternly to Alec before getting in line to wait. Alec nodded and started the thirty second countdown, not like we need it but it makes us seem normal to the other crew members. When Alec was done there was a huge boom of fireworks on stage and screams from all our fans. A voice came from the speakers introducing us one by one. Felix went first, then Jane, then Demetri, when it was finally my turned I could hear my name being chanted in the crowds. I took a big breath plastered on my famous killer smile and walked on stage.