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"Diana, you are being ridiculous."

"I'm not being ridiculous, I just...fancy a cheeseburger."

"There are better places to go for a cheeseburger than MacDonald's."


"Exactly! We're here! You don't go to MacDonald's in Tokyo, Princess."

Diana crossed her arms and looked away. Slightly different to Paris, a mission had found Wonder Woman in the Japanese capital at the same time Bruce Wayne had been needed to oversee a merger. Needless to say, thanks to some rogue robots and a flesh-eating virus, things hadn't gone according to plan, though no harm had been done in the end.

And now Bruce (back out of the Batsuit) was trying to convince Diana that she couldn't be in Tokyo and not have sushi. He'd managed to coax her into one of the best sushi restaurants in the whole city, and order for them, but now she was staring in barely-hidden disgust at the food on her plate.

"You're an ambassador at the UN, your apartment is in New York- how have you never had sushi before?"

"I just haven't," she answered. "And it's never appealed."

"Why, because it's raw fish?"


"Relax, Diana, it's not like I'm asking you to eat Fugu."

She made a face. "Fugu?"

"Blowfish. It's toxic unless prepared correctly. A delicacy."

She dropped her chopsticks, and expression of horror on her face. "Toxic? You're feeding me poisonous food?"

He fought the urge to bury his face in his palms. "No. I am not. You have Nigirizushi. It's just rice, some wasabi and the topping."

She picked up her chopsticks again and used them to lift a piece up to her eyes, scrutinising it closely. "And this topping is?"

"Unagi. Freshwater eel."

She shuddered and put it down. Bruce sighed and got up, walking around the low table to kneel behind Diana. "Well first..." He took her hand in his, correcting her grip on the chopsticks. "Right, now close your eyes."

She shot him a suspicious look over her shoulder, but did close her eyes. "Now what?"

He manipulated the chopsticks to pick up a piece of sushi. "Now open your mouth," he breathed in her ear.

A shiver raced over her skin, and he smirked, moving his mouth closer to her ear. The shifting of his position slightly let him see more of her face, see the slow opening of her moist red lips. Realising that this had suddenly become an act of seduction, Bruce actually smiled. He knew this game. "Bite down," he whispered.

Apparently determined not to be outdone, Diana licked her lips provocatively and took a mouthful of the food. "Chew slowly," he ordered. "Let it melt on your tongue."

She grinned and did so, savouring the flavours on. Finally she swallowed with a small moan of delight that made his fingers tighten reflexively around the chopsticks. "It's good," she said, sounding surprised.

"I told you you'd like it," he smiled. "Next piece."

She turned to face him, smiling. "I think I can feed myself now, Bruce."

"I know you can," he answered, lifting the next piece of sushi to her mouth. This time, she kept her eyes, alight with laughter, on his as she accepted it.

From that day on, Diana learned to love sushi - with the right company of course.


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