Title: In Search of Love
Author: Vegeta's Girl (A-Chan)

Notes: I attempted a story like this before, but rewrote it and changes some things. I hope you like. Also, in the story, Chibi Trunks is 8 and Goten is 7. Goku is alive and Bulma and Vegeta are divorced. Yeah…

Warnings: None, except some light cussing………yet. MWAHAHA! That's right, it will get lemony! Believe me! ^.^V Enjoy!!


"MOOOOOM!!" Trunks yelled at the top of his lungs as he ran around the house wearing nothing but a pair of boxers. "SCHOOL IS GOING TO START AND I CAN'T FIND MY NEW SHIRT!…MOOOOOM!"
"BOY! QUIT YELLING!" Trunks' father stepped in front of him his fingers in his ears. "You know I have sensitive hearing!"
"Well, you are yelling too." The 9 year old pointed out as Vegeta scoffed at him. "Anyway, have you seen mom?"
"No, I have not, but I am looking for her as well." He said as they made their way to the laboratory. "And my matter is far more important."
It was at this time that Trunks noticed that his father was soaking wet. "What happened, the Gravity Room's sprinkler system go off again?" he snickered as Vegeta made an impatient noise.
They arrived at the door that lead to the lab and knocked on it. Bulma poked her head out and seen her half-naked son, and drenched ex-husband. "What?" she said restlessly looking at her watch. "Trunks?! Why aren't you dressed?! School starts in fifteen minutes!"
"That is why I needed you!" he stressed. "I can't find my new shirt!"
"It is hanging in your closet. I put it in there last night!" she told him as he began to race upstairs. "AND HURRY UP! And I'll fix your stupid machine when I have the time, Vegeta!" she said slamming the door in his face.
"Stupid baka woman." He muttered and walked back to the additional house she had built for him.
Bulma placed her hands on her head as she took some deep breaths. She had a deadline for a new Capsule product in a few days, and had just started on it yesterday. Trunks had started the third grade the other day, and her lousy ex was just a pain…as always.
The constant ringing of the phone jolted her from her worries momentarily as she reached to grab the receiver.
"Hi, is this Bulma Brief?" the girls voice on the other end asked. "Owner of Capsule Corp?"

"WOMAN!" Vegeta went to the lab an hour after he left the last time, and pounded on the door. "I NEED THAT MACHINE FIXED!"
Bulma stuck her head out again and looked murderous. "Do you ever think of others before yourself?" she asked him, even though it was a rhetorical question, she knew the answer. "I will get to it when I am ready."
She shut the door in his face again, as Vegeta stood there, his face a bright red. "Damn her." He muttered and walked into the kitchen. "'I'm too busy.' Whatever."

Bulma looked down at the phone number on her desk. She never thought of hiring an assistant before, but with her father in retirement, and having a 9 year-old son and a hot headed ex-Saiyajin husband, she could use the help.
On the phone, Bulma asked her a few difficult questions, and the girl, Sakura, got them right. Which was a very good sign that meant Bulma didn't have to show her the ropes.
Bulma ended up deciding that the help would be needed and appreciated. So, she picked up the phone and dialed the number.
"Sataan City Hotel." The males voice on the other end rang as Bulma looked at the phone in confusion.
"Hi, um, does someone by the name of Sakura work there?" she asked feeling stupid that she didn't ask for a last name.
"No, but she is a guest." The man answered lowering his voice. "Really pretty girl, has a cat, no last name?"
"Uh, I don't know about all of that." Bulma said. "But, I guess that's her."
The man transferred her call to her room, and the same musical voice answered.
"Hi, Sakura? This is Bulma. About that job…when can you come over?"

Sakura sat on the bed after hanging up the phone and smiled down to the purple cat that laid itself on the other bed.
"I got the job! This is so great!" she exclaimed as the male cat tossed its head angrily. "Oohh…don't be mad. Come on, I'll give you a yummy catnip treat."
The cat looked at her with more anger and jumped over to her bed. "I just can't believe with your family history, and where your from, and what you are, you are not bad! Not even a little evil!" He said in a deep voice.
"Aww, don't be mad at me." She told him walking over to the dresser. "I mean, I think it's all pretty stupid if you ask me. Why the hell would someone want to destroy the universe? That is so dumb! I mean, what would you do? Sit in space and play solitaire? Stupid!"
The cat laid on the pillow and sighed. "Can't you at least blow up one planet? Just for me? I mean, you have so much power, way more than your brother."
"Listen." Sakura shot out dangerously. "I came to this planet for one reason, and one reason only. If you don't like it, I shall put you into the body of a fly, get a swatter, and squash you!"
"Ok, ok, ok." The cat said hastily, not wanting to become an abstract painting of body parts upon the wall. "But, I just want my opinions heard. By the way, do I get to come with you?"
"No!" she almost shrieked looking back at him. "Are you crazy?"
"Eh, it was worth a shot." He sniffed and laid back down. "When are you going?"
"Now." She answered from the bathroom changing her clothes. "She wanted me to do a lot more than help her with the inventions. I have to cook and clean and all kinds of stuff, but damnit, it's worth it."
"I still want to go." The cat muttered as Sakura threw her sock at him.

Bulma went into the house and heard banging coming from the kitchen. She knew it was Vegeta, and knew he didn't know how to cook. She braced herself as she went into the room. When she got there, her jaw hit the floor and she yelled in anger.
The pot of rice Vegeta was holding dropped to the floor as his hands shot up to his ears. The kitchen literally looked like a tornado hit it.
There was sauces of all kinds on the walls, floor and ceiling. Various foods were stuck in places Bulma didn't even want to know how they got there.
"WOMAN! QUIT YELLING!" he said putting his arms to the side. "I am going to bust a ear drum!"
"YOU ARE GOING TO BE MORE BROKEN THAN THAT!" she yelled as he covered his ears again. "I am expecting someone in an hour and this place is a wreck!"
"Who's coming over?" Vegeta asked not really in the mood for anyone right at this moment, or any other for that matter.
"My new assistant." Bulma said crossing her arms over her chest. "And I want you to be nice to her."
"What?" Vegeta spat out, "Be nice? You must be crazy! I am the Prince of all Saiya-jins! I am nice to no one!"
"Well, fine, then you're going to have to look for someplace else to live, then." Bulma said with a smirk on her face. "If she works out well, I'll ask her to move in with you at the other house."
"WHAT!?" Vegeta put his hands on his hips and inched to his ex. "THAT IS MY HOUSE!"
"No it isn't. It's MY house that I had made for YOU!" she shot back. "Besides it's a three room building! There is more than enough room for you, her, and your EGO!"
Vegeta turned five different shades of red as Bulma smiled at him. "I…If you were a male…"
"Yeah, yeah…you'd blast me, I know." She smiled and picked up a towel. "I suggest you clean your mess in here." She threw the towel at him and smirked. "She also has a cat, I hear."
"Damn her." He muttered as he watched her walk away.