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"Anyways, ok, it's a pretty long story, but if it helps convince you that we are of no threat, then it's worth it." She said as Goku nodded again. "You might have guessed I am a Saiyan, and I am also Brolly's twin sister."
"What? He had a sister?" he asked as she nodded slowly. "I didn't know that."
"No one did. Except two people. My mother, and Vegeta's mother. The Queen. When my mother was pregnant with us, Vegeta's mother knew that we were to be the legendary Super Saiyans. Well, she also knew one was good, and the other was bad. When my mother went into labor, Vegeta's mom delivered us. She put Brolly into the nursery, and took me to her private quarters. My mother died after birth.
"Vegeta's mother knew that Freiza would destroy Vegeta-Sei, so she sent me off to a planet with a letter, telling me who I was and what had happened. When I was older, and able to read the letter, I began to train. I was determined to avenge her death against Freiza. I would go to different planets to learn techniques.
"A couple years later, I accidentally died." She smiled at the memory, and went on. "When I got to King Yemma's he thought I was Brolly, since he never seen him, but knew I was a part of the legend, and he ended up sending me to hell.
"Once I got down there, I met up with Freiza, and he told me what happened after the planet blew up. He also told me of Vegeta, and how he betrayed Freiza, and just from what he told me…I…I fell in love with him. Vegeta, that is. I met up with Raditz, and a lot of other people who gave me the information to know he was on earth, with you, and where I could find him.
"Later on, Brolly had died, and Yemma found out that he made a mistake. He gave me back my life as a compromise. I went strait to earth, and ended up meeting with Ginyu. He knew what I was before I opened my mouth. I changed him into a cat, and gave him speech. He told me that Vegeta lived at Capsule Corp. and what the company did. I studied for a week, and became a really good inventor. I called up Bulma and offered her assistance."
"But, Vegeta has been awful to me, and I am so scared to tell him. I mean, I've been searching the universe for him, what if he just laughs in my face, and tells me to go away? So, I decided to keep it a secret until the time was right."
Sakura had finished explaining as Goku took her hand. "I know Vegeta likes you, he's being a jerk to save face." He said as she smiled up at him. "There is something about you. And he'll know it too."
"You only think that because I am a Saiyan." She laughed quietly. "I mean, he was so young when he left Vegetasei, that he had never known a woman romantically, and all these years he's been with Bulma…you think the same way because it applies to you too. You've never even known a female Saiyan."
"And I am upset that I didn't." he smiled as she wiped a tear away.
"Can you promise not to tell Vegeta?" she asked as he patted her hand.
"I promise." He said as he cupped her face with his hand. "But, you have to promise to spar me, just so I can see how strong you are."
"Deal." She said as he stood up. "Thanks for listening, Goku." She said as he waved his hand.
"No problem." He said and grabbed her hand. "Come on, let's go and eat some of that dinner." He said opening the door as Ginyu lifted his head up.
"Sakura, your tail." He reminded her as she tucked it into her pants and wound it around her leg.
"Thanks, Ginyu." She said as they went down stairs. "See, he's not really that bad."
"Yeah, I guess you're right." He laughed as they spotted Vegeta heading to the Gravity Room.
"Kakarot, let's train." He said as his body turned red with jealousy seeing his hand in hers.
"Uh, I was going to get something to eat." He said scratching the back of his head. "I'll be there in a minute."
"Whatever." He snapped as Sakura looked at the ground as Vegeta passed her.
"Wow, he really is being a jerk today." Goku said as they went into the kitchen. "I think that he is trying to keep his pride. I'll talk to him, ok? Don't worry," he said looking at the alarm in her face. "I won't tell him about the stuff you told me."

Goku made his way to the Gravity Room and frowned. This beautiful woman has searched the universe for him, and he was being a asshole to her! Goku had never been known to be hateful before, but he was that just now. He hated Vegeta. He hated his pride. Who cares if he liked her?
Hell, I wouldn't mind shacking up with her myself. Goku thought to himself as he flung the metal door open.
Vegeta, who was pulling on a pair of boots, looked up at Goku with a deep frown. "I thought you were too busy eating with the help to train." He spat out, still infuriated with the scene of the two holding hands like long time lovers.
"Why are you being this way Vegeta?" Goku asked as he sat on the cold metal bench next to the other Saiyan.
"I can be anyway I want to be." He told him and walked to the controls, "are you ready?" he asked as Goku nodded. He turned the machine on 200 times gravity, and flew up to the ceiling.
This is for your own good, Vegeta. Goku thought to himself as he powered up to level two. He always held back with Vegeta and now, he wasn't going to. If he is going to salvage his pride for his feelings toward Sakura, then I will take his pride of being able to come even with me in battle.
Vegeta then powered up to level two along with Goku as he smirked down at him. He felt himself become stronger and stronger everyday, he was almost dead even with Goku…or so he thought.
Goku faded and appeared directly in front of him as his fist collided with the Prince's jaw. The force of the blow sent him reeling backwards.
"What the hell is wrong with you, Kakarot?!" Vegeta bellowed massaging his jaw. Goku never, never opened an attack as vicious as that.
"What's the matter Vegeta, can't keep up?" he smirked back at the short Saiyan as Goku faded and appeared behind him. The grabbed his arms and kept him in a hold. "You know Vegeta, I am so sick of hearing about this pride of yours. There is a beautiful girl out there that is head-over-heels for you, but you are treating her like dirt. What is wrong with you?" he yelled out, as his one arm wrapped around the prince's throat. "What's the matter Vegeta? You thought you were almost as strong as I was, didn't you? Well, you're not even close."
"K….ak…." Vegeta tried to gasp out, his air supply was being cut off. "Sto…p." Vegeta had never known Goku to be this vicious before. He felt himself start to pass out, from the lack of oxygen, his world was turning black.
"Goku! Enough!" Goku looked at the ground and seen Sakura standing there as he let go of Vegeta. Vegeta fell to the cold floor with a thud and passed out. "Thanks a lot, Goku." She said and picked up Vegeta's body.

She placed Vegeta in his bed and pulled each of his boots off. She then took the covers and placed them on top of him. "I'm…sorry." He muttered as she turned to look at him. "I didn't mean to hurt you. Kakarot was right, I was salvaging my pride. I'm sorry."
"It's ok," she said and walked up to the edge of the bed. "Really, it's ok." She smiled down at him, as his eyes fluttered shut. "Go to sleep, Vegeta."
He dimly heard her command as he fell into a deep sleep.

Sakura walked out of Vegeta's room, and quietly closed the door behind her. She looked over to Goku, who was sitting on the couch, his face in his hands.
"I am such a jerk." He muttered as she sat opposite of him, "I wanted to overpower him so he would quit falling victim to his pride."
"He has an a lot of pride, I'm sure." Sakura said as she looked behind her and seen Ginyu make his way down the stairs. "He has a lot to be proud about. His family, his diminished race…"
"The guy is an alter ego in himself." Ginyu said as Sakura shot him a look. "What? He is, I mean, if he were to swallow that pride, he'd choke."
"That was still no way to attack him like that." She said as Goku nodded his head.
"Come on Sakura," Ginyu said standing up, "let's PLEASE blow up one damned planet! You are letting all your energy go to waste!"
"Hey, I got an idea." Goku said as he stood up. "Come on, Sakura, let's spar." He smiled as a smirk crept across her face as well.
"HA! She'd wipe the floor with you!" Ginyu laughed as he walked in front of Goku. "No matter how strong you are, she'll match it ten fold!"
"Ah, Ginyu. You're making me blush." Sakura said as they made their way to the gravity room.
"Can I watch!?" Ginyu asked as they began to close the door on him. "Please! You deny my evil side from a universe destruction, and you won't let me watch the fight?!"
"It's a gravity room, Ginyu." Goku said as the cat growled up at him. "You'd be a spot on the floor when we turn it on."
The two Saiyans made their way into the room, and turned the gravity on. "Wow, this is a nifty little machine." Sakura said jumping up to test the gravity. "Oh…that's all…ok, then. You ready?" she smiled at Goku as he powered up to level two. "Not bad."
Goku watched on as she balled her hands into fists in front of her. She yelled out and powered up. Her hair went into a light yellow, almost white. Her bangs stood up and over into little spikes. Her long spiked as well behind her.
Damn, Goku thought as she looked at him, finished with her transformation into Super Saiyan. She does have a lot of power. And she looks good as a blonde, too.
She then disappeared from sight as Goku looked around trying to sense her. "Up here." She called out as she flew three feet away from him. "You're pretty fast." He said as she smiled.
Goku took the opportunity to fade behind her, but before he even reappeared, she swung her fist and it connected with his jaw. The force of the blow sent Goku flying backwards into the wall.
"Kami!" he massaged his jaw as Sakura smiled at him. "I don't think I have a chance in hell to beat you."
"Probably not." She said smiling. "Don't take it too hard, though." She laughed as she powered back down. "Ok, now try."
Goku faded behind her and caught her in a hold. She laughed a little to herself, and pulled her arms forward, breaking the hold. She flew up in the air and looked for Goku. "Wow, you are pretty fast yourself." She laughed as she sensed him behind her. She whirled around and ducked from the fist that was aimed at her head. "Not fast enough, though." She laughed.
Ginyu was stuck watching the fight from the circular window. He chuckled, knowing Sakura had all the upper hands with Goku.
"Hey! Get out of the house!" Vegeta's voice yelled out, as Ginyu almost fell off the door handle he was perched on.
Uh oh… he thought glancing back to the window. If he sees Sakura now, he'll know that she isn't a regular earth woman. He glared at Vegeta in a menacing way, and growled.
"I SAID GET!" he yelled as he charged up a ki ball in his head. Ginyu quickly tapped on the window with his paw and looked into the room. They were too busy to notice.
What do I do?! He thought as Vegeta charged the ki ball down. Ginyu then made a jump and landed on Vegeta's head.
"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Vegeta screamed as he ran around the living room. The noise had been heard in the Gravity Room, and Goku quickly shut it off and went into the living room. "GET THIS ANIMAL OFF ME!" he yell as Sakura seen Ginyu perched on Vegeta's black spikes.
"Get down!" she shouted at Ginyu as he jumped down and ran upstairs. She then realized what he was doing, and smiled gratefully.
"You….that…cat…" Vegeta stuttered, but was overcome by series of vicious sneezes.
"Vegeta, I am so sorry." Sakura said grabbing his hand. "Let's go outside and get some fresh air." She motioned for him to follow, and he obliged.
They arrived outside, and after a few minutes, Vegeta's sneezes subsided. During that time, Goku told Sakura that he had to be going home, and left. Which left Sakura and Vegeta alone.
"You ok?" she asked after getting him a tissue from inside. "I really am sorry. I put him outside…"
"It's ok." He said sniffing. "Don't worry about it."
Sakura bit her bottom lip and sighed. She knew he wasn't happy with her, but she was grateful that Ginyu did what he did. If Vegeta seen her and Goku fighting, he'd know something was up. "Uh, how about I draw you a nice bath?" she smiled at him, as his dark eyes met hers.
Will you be in it, too? That would make it a nice bath. "Sure, that sounds good." He said as she went into the house. He then looked up into the sky and thought about what had just happened…
When he woke up from the nap he took, he walked into a quiet house. He went up to the Gravity room, because it was on, to see if Kakarot was still training in there. But the cat was watching.
The cat was "watching"? he asked himself with a frown. Cats do not watch a person train. Something is up with that cat. And where was Sakura all that time? Something is going on here. He stood up and walked into his room.
He took his gi off, and put on a pair of black silk boxers. He draped a towel over his shoulder and walked upstairs to the bathroom.
When he walked in, Sakura was sitting on the edge of the tub testing the water. She had put her hair up in a high pony tail that trailed to her back. Vegeta smiled to himself and took in her entire beauty.
Sakura looked around to him and almost gasped. He stood in the doorway, half-naked, a sly smile on his visage. She stood up automatically, and walked over to him. She knew a blush was spreading from her face to her whole body.
"It's all ready." She said, noticing her voice was a bit shaky. "I'll be downstairs if you need anything."
Vegeta stopped her from getting past him, extending his muscular arm out to the other side of the frame. She looked up at him in confusion. "Thanks for the bath." He said, his voice thick with arousal. "And that I am very sorry for the way I've acted to you."
Sakura smiled up at him sweetly. "Please, don't you worry about that. And the bath was my pleasure." She began to walk away, and Vegeta very reluctantly moved his hand down. "By the way, those boxers look hot on you."
Vegeta watched her walk down the stairs and disappear into the living room. He smiled to himself, and purposely leaving the door open, took his boxers off and slid into the bath.

At that time, at Kami's Lookout, Dende looked at Mr. Popo and sighed. "You know, without a moon, the nights on earth seem very depressing. I was thinking of making a new one."
"If you see fit, Dende-Sama." Mr. Popo said walking up to the small Namek.
"I mean, all of the Saiyans had their tails cut off, what harm would it do?"

Goku had just tucked in Goten and kissed him "goodnight" on the demi-Saiyan's head when the room filled up with a soft light. "What the…" Goku walked to his son's window and looked up at the sky. "Wow! ChiChi! Come here!" he exclaimed as his wife walked into the room.
"It looks like Dende finally made a new moon." Chichi said and kissed Goten on the top of the head.

Sakura sat downstairs and cleaned up the kitchen from dinner. She then noticed that Ginyu had walked in behind her.
"Whatcha doin'?" he asked with a slight yawn.
"Cleaning up. Then going to bed. I'm beat." She said as Ginyu nodded. "I suppose tomorrow is another day."
"Yeah, that thick headed Saiyan is about as bright as a dark room." He chucked to himself as Sakura frowned at him.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, if he was on guard, he would have noticed your ki in the Gravity Room." He said. "I mean, it's not like you have little power."
"I never thought of that." She said and began to tie up the garbage. "After I take this out, I'm going to bed. And you should be outside!" she told him as he leapt in front of her.

Vegeta did happen to notice that there were two ki's in the Gravity Room, only it didn't hit him until he began to dry himself off. He then raced down the stairs in a hurry, anger washing over him.
That was her fighting Kakarot in the Gravity Room! He thought angrily. I want answers. When he came to the living room, he didn't see her. He walked into the kitchen and seen the back door open.
"ONNA! WHAT WERE YOU DOING FIGHTING IN THE GRAVITY ROOM?" he walked up to her, and seen her looking into outer space. "HELLO? I WANT SOME ANSWERS AND I WANT THEM NOW!" he then looked to where her gaze was set and seen a new moon hovering in the sky. "Nani?"
"GET HER OUT OF HERE!" a familiar voice yelled at him from the ground. Vegeta looked down at the cat. "HURRY! SHE'S A SAIYAN! AND SHE'LL TURN INTO AN OOZARU! GO!"