1It was dark and loud, the flash of cannons and guns illuminating the dark room. Maggie crouched in terror, and Nathan held his arms around her, looking around. Sam. He ran across the room and threw the rug back, then grabbed the ring and pulled the trapdoor opened. He had installed one in the house as soon as they had bought it. "Maggie, hurry!" She came over and climbed in, crouching down. "Stay quiet. I'll go get Sam." She nodded and he closed the door, kicking the rug back over it. He heard glass shatter downstairs, and the sound of the heavy front door falling to the floor. He scrambled to the door as they rushed up the stairs. He wrenched the door open and was face to face with a man much smaller than he, leering at him.

"Hullo Nate."


"Captain Ian Blackpoole sends his regards." Sterling grinned, and Nate saw them coming out of his room, dragging a struggling ten year old out.



Nate tried to push past Sterling, and something heavy came down on the back of his neck. His vision faded, and he heard Sam's scream. "Daddy!"