Archways and Endings

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Summary: Paige Karin Scott, daughter to Lucas and Brooke Scott has always been the piece that held her parents marriage together by the bond of her life and for the past 14 and a half years has watched it crumble by numerous affairs and her father's occasional spin back to the bottle. And now, two weeks before her 15th birthday, and a few months from her parents' 14th wedding anniversary, she comes to find that her parents' marriage is over, and then watches as the world she's known is ripped apart, seam by seam. Choices and made, trips and taken, and in the end all that remains in the balance is what Paige knows about her mother and father, and what she's soon to find out from a woman she's never known, but whose always been the long black shadow in Paige's life. BLP triangle and Breyton Friendship Eventually. Brucas paring in the beginning. Naley throughout.

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Most of story is in Paige's Point of View, unless otherwise stated….


One: Back to Where It Started

July 21, 2017

Tree Hill, North Carolina


This house kills me. Although I come here almost every weekend, willingly and happily, I hate it. Aunt Haley and Uncle Nathan's house is always bustling, things constantly happening. My cousins are always running around, screaming, and sliding across the oak floors. My mom always needs to talk to Haley about something, especially since we've come back home. So I come, and always offer to look after my cousins or shoot a few hoops in the back with Uncle Nathan. I could be anywhere in this house, and I always venture to the same spot over and over, the sunroom.

It's beautiful, really. It faces the creek, and the sun always sets right on the horizon in the center of the water. It's beautiful and I see why my parent's choose this spot as the location for their wedding. I find myself standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame work. This is the spot my mother stood, years ago. It's over, now. And when it was finally over it felt like the day something so close to me died, and I was crushed. But then apart of me, the better part, the stronger part, felt that it was like a day of birth, the opportunity for something new and wonderful to begin.

I feel split, almost and totally torn between my parents. My father, who once stood in the spot across from me, is a man who has always wanted what's best for me, in every aspect of the word. He is strong, articulate, and one of those god-honest old souls, that makes you always want to come to him for advice. Daddy's problem is he is one of the most indecisive people I have ever met. That flaw, that wedge, stood in the way of his relationship with my mother.

My mother is Brooke Penelope Davis-Scott and I know you might not know much about her, but she something spectacular. My mother has been working in fashion marketing, for about five years. Even though her dream has only and ever been to be a fashion designer, but life happens or so she tells me. She is beautiful, clever, childish, witty, and artistic. She's my best friend, but sometimes we fight like there is no tomorrow.

This is the place it started, the union, the marriage of Lucas and Brooke Scott, my parents. It's one of the hardest things to let go off, because it becomes so much apart of you, your identity, who you are. I am a piece of the two, and perhaps a piece of someone else too. It's almost like your hair color, or your name, you wear it like some people wear their heart, right on your sleeve. It never goes away, these two people who taught you everything you know, they just break away from each other, and it breaks down on you too.

"Paige," I turn to see my mother standing the doorway, her dark chestnut hair is wisped around her face.

"Yeah mom,"

"We're leaving soon, so make sure you say good-bye to the Scotts." I hate how she says that and I think by the look on my face she can see it too.

I turn back and look outside and push all my weight on the doorframe. It's a beautiful sight, the water. Almost tragic.

"Mom," I whisper pushing my curls behind my ear. "I'm sorry," my voice is cracking and I hate to show this weakness to her, she's so strong.

She rushes over to me and wraps her arms tightly around me. I breathe in her sent, romantic and relaxing, it's her, and she's safe.

"Oh Paige honey," She coos trying to calm me, my breathing becomes heavy. Why am I so sad?

"None of this is your fault, you know that your dad loves you, you do."

"But why?" I say sniffling; the tears began to pour out of my blue eyes. Everything is wrong, so wrong.

She kisses my cheek, and breathes in deeply. "Paige, it was never meant to be, I showed you remember?"

I nod my head up and down, as if I'm trying to convince myself too. I can't believe it like she does. Though, I've never walked in her shoes and I can't fathom the idea, it makes me sick.

I feel her arms, clench around me tighter, she's holding on for dear life, for both of our lives.

"You'll see, one day I'll be happy and you'll see. You'll finally know what you deserve. Not half ass, but everything. I want that for you Paige." I feel the weight of her head on my shoulder, she's my safe haven, god she's my savior.

"Okay, mommy." I say though my tears. And I haven't called her mommy since I was eight. This is the moment, the moment where I know that we're going to survive this. I feel it, and she knows it, she's always known it.

"Good," she says and let's go, only to link her hand with mine. I move my finger over the spot her wedding band used to reside; I rub over it again and again, just to make sure that I'm not having a bad dream. I see the thin white tan line that covers her slender finger and I know that this past year, hasn't been a bad dream, it's been everything.

She bites down on her lip, she's heartbreakingly beautiful. I realize that this woman standing in front of me, the one who gave me life, is the best mother I could ever ask for.

"I love you mom"

"You too, baby."

It all began in the archway of that door in the sunroom. My parents exchanged vows, while I sat in my grandmother's lap, a baby having no idea what was happening. Who knew almost fourteen years later, my heart would be breaking because things didn't work out with the two high school lovers, who are my parents. Divorce changes people, I'm not a whinny little girl who can't handle when things don't go my way, I am just a person who's heart is hurting over something I had to come out of, the breaking up of my family, which hurts way worse than it ever would be with some boy.

It started in the archway, and it ended with a simple and sad goodbye.


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