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August 1957

Margaret smiled as she lay against Darrel's chest. It was peaceful as they lay together on the couch enjoying a light jazz record. Darrel rubbed his wife's shoulders. She smiled and sighed contently.

"You'll put me to sleep if you keep on."

"Who said there was anything wrong with that?" Darrel asked with a chuckle.

"There isn't anything wrong with that. I just thought you enjoyed my company."

Darrel leaned over and kissed Margaret's neck. She leaned into him. "You know I do

Maggie. I could sit here with you on my chest forever."

"Darrel you can't sit still for more then fifteen minutes at a time." She mumbled sleepily.

"I can try."

"Well if that's the case we better get to our room."

"Sounds good to me."

"Let me check on the boys."

"Yeha that is probably a good idea. I'll be waiting on you."

Margaret sat up and stretched her arms. She turned around and kissed her husband dead on the lips and stroked his cheek. "I'll see you in the bedroom."

"Count on it."

Margaret smiled and walked into her oldest boys' room. The light was shut off. In the dim glow of the hall light she saw the two sound asleep. Darry lay flat on his back, covered up and snoring. He had worn himself at pee-wee football, Margaret knew. Nobody worked at sports like her oldest son.

She looked next at the bottom bunk. Sodapop had kicked his cover off and was contorted all around. He mumbled nothings in his sleep, all the while grinning. Margaret shook her head. Even asleep her son's crazy antics amused her.

She walked over and stroked his hair, laying a kiss on his forehead. Then Margaret pulled the covers over him. Sodapop promptly kicked them of again. Margaret shook her head. She stood on the edge of the bed and stroked her oldest son's hair. Darrel didn't move a muscle. He was a sound sleeper. Shaking her head she left for her youngest son's room.

A glow came from the cover which lumped as if it were a tent. "I should have known." Margaret smiled and tip-toed over. She lifted the covers off her youngest son. Ponyboy held a small flashlight in his hand, reading a book.

Ponyboy looked over his shoulder. He smiled sheepishly like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar. Then he let out a tiny yawn and a large cough. His mother shook her head. "Pony, baby, you should have been asleep three hours ago.

"I can't sleep mommy, don't feel good." Margaret sighed. She put a hand to her son's forehead. It was on fire.

"Baby you're burning up. What feels bad?"

"My throat hurts mommy, bad and I got a head hurt." He coughed and wheezed. Then Ponyboy sniffled rubbing his neck. Margaret sat down and pulled him close. He leaned in.

"Do you want to go in the living room with me and daddy?" Ponyboy nodded meekly. "Okay then." She picked up her son and walked back into the room wear her husband sat on the sofa.

"What's the matter?" Darrel asked eyeing his youngest son.

"Ponyboy has a fever. I think we might be up a little longer. Can he sit with you while I go get the thermometer?"

Darrel smiled softly and stood up. "Of course dear. Come here honey." Ponyboy reached out for his father. Darrel took him in his arms. Ponyboy wrapped his hands around his father's neck and buried his face in his shoulder, coughing all the while.

"Let's go sit down, okay buddy?" Ponyboy nodded meekly. Darrel grinned at him and sitting back down on the sofa, rubbed his son's back.

Margaret was just about to go get the thermometer when she heard coughing coming from her elder sons' bedroom. She sighed. "I'll go see about Darry and Soda."

"No need dear."

Margaret peered her head out of the kitchen. Her oldest son was walking into the living room with his hand over his mouth. "Sit on the sofa Darry. I was getting the thermometer for Pony. I need to check your temperature now too."

"Kay Mom." He replied hoarsely.

Darry turned his head toward his father and brother. "Not feeling good either buddy?" he asked. Ponyboy shook his head.

"My throat hurts and my head."

"Mine too but mom will fix it." Darry coughed harshly and Ponyboy repeated him, moaning slightly. Darrel rubbed the younger boy's back. "Poor little guy."

Margaret walked back into the room. "Okay boys, who is up first?"

Ponyboy buried himself deeper into his father's shirt. "I guess I'll go first mom."

"Okay then, you know the routine Darry, tongue up." She stuck the thermometer in her son's mouth. "Hold it steady." Darry nodded. Margaret walked over to her younger son. "When Darry's done I need to check you baby. I know you don't like it but it won't hurt."

Ponyboy pocked his head out from his father's chest and nodded. He turned around to face his mother. "Kay mommy."

"That a boy." Darrel said messing his son's hair affectionately.

"Okay Darry lets see that thermometer." Margaret took it from her son. "100.9, not to high but you definitely have a fever."

She shook out the thermometer and cleaned it on her skirt. "Okay Pony, honey open wide." Ponyboy opened his mouth and his mother stuck the thermometer in his mouth. "No hold it nice and still under your tongue just like Darry did, just like a big boy."

Ponyboy nodded eager to show his mother what a big boy he was. After all anyone about to be five should be a big boy or at least that was the way Ponyboy saw it. He held nice and still while his dad mussed his hair.

"There now." Margaret looked at the thermometer and sighed. "102. That is a little on the high side. Pony you be a good boy and stay with Darry here on the sofa okay? I'll make you some tea. Darrel wrap Pony in a blanket. I want to sweat that fever out of him. And please make sure Soda doesn't come near these two. We don't need him sick too."

Darrel sat a coughing Ponyboy down and kissed his wife. "Anything you say." He went to the linen closet while Maggie headed toward the kitchen." It was going to be a long night.