Chapter 1: The New Girl

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Emmett's POV

I pulled up into the Forks High School parking lot and got out of my Jeep. I walked over to my circle of friends near my sister Rosalie's BMW convertible.

"Hey, guys," I said, as I approached my best friends, with the exception of Jasper. He was helping his sister around today, although no one knew why she was even here. None of us had even met her before.

"Hey, Em. Are you excited to be back?" Alice asked.

I shrugged. "Oh, yeah. School is the bomb. Did you know we are actually supposed to be learning shit here?"

Everyone laughed at my sarcastic remark, except for Alice, who just rolled her eyes.

We talked for a bit more, then parted our separate ways. I had English first period, and I was happy I got the schedule I wanted. I may seem like a dumb jock sometimes, but I'm actually pretty smart, if I do say so myself.

I took a seat near the front of the classroom - one of the few left, since I was barely on time. Another girl walked in just as the bell rang, and I couldn't help but notice her.

She was wearing a black and gray checkered hoodie with the hood up and earphones in. It was so loud that when she walked past me, I caught two words.

Rescue me.

It sure looked as though she were depressed, like she was trying to block everyone out, and she sat in the very back corner alone.

I felt bad for her and wondered what her problem was.

I made it through English, and luckily, he did not give us a homework assignment on the first day back. I may be smart, but I do not, however, cherish the thought of doing homework whatsoever.

I made it through second period Biology, and the mystery girl was cast as my lab partner. No one else would take her, so I volunteered.

She just sat down and turned her iPod up louder.

The same song was playing, I think. I could hear the lyrics from here, and I listened to the whole song, tuning everything else out.

Just breathe

The midnight air will do you well


I miss your taste, I miss your smell

Your past mistakes have brought you here

I'll break the fall for you, my dear

I'll ask the nurse for bandages

Send me on my way

Rescue me

From everything

I just wanna live

I wish I could breathe

Every other day, I sit and wait

For the same bad news

Can you hear me say

I've got nothing left to lose?

Can someone please start making sense

Or beg the lord for accidents?

I've seen the worst case scenario

I'm slowly letting go

Rescue me

From everything

I just wanna live

I wish I could breathe

Rescue me

From everything

I just wanna live

I wish I could breathe


Rescue me

From everything

I just wanna live

I wish I could breathe

Rescue me

From everything

I just wanna live

I wish I could breathe

Rescue me

From everything

I just wanna live

I wish I could breathe

Rescue me

From everything

I just wanna live

I wish I could breathe

The chorus repeated to the end, and I was just sitting there, wondering what went wrong in her life.

I looked over at her and realized that a tear slipped down her cheek.

I automatically memorized her face's features.

She had a small nose, beautiful green eyes, and her bottom lip was slightly fuller than her top in a cute, adorable way.

She was pretty, and she didn't even try. She just wore a large hoodie, which looked like she borrowed it from an older brother, and jeans with black converse. Her hair was wavy beneath her hood, which she seemed reluctant to take down. She wasn't as tall as Rose, but not as short as Alice, and she was slim.

I handed her a tissue from the box beside me, but she looked at it and looked away, wiping her face with her sleeve.

"Hi. I'm Emmett Hale. What's your name?" I asked, in a quiet voice.

The bell rang, and before she left, she muttered to herself while walking away, "None of your damn business."

My third period was Algebra 2, and the sad girl from my previous classes was not in here.

It went by very quickly, and it was lunch before I knew it.

I grabbed some food and sat down between Edward and Rosalie at lunch - my usual spot. Jasper and Alice sat across from us, but they were still in line.

The girl walked in, and I unintentionally watched her while she retrieved her lunch and sat alone two tables away. "Who is that?"

"I don't know, but she looks all depressed," Edward answered. "She was listening to sad music all last period. I sat behind her, and I was wondering what went wrong."

"She's one of those people that I wish I could help, you know? It makes me hurt just watching her pain. You can see it in her eyes," Rosalie said.

A lot of people think my sister is a bitch, but they don't take the time to get to know her. She's one of the kindest and most caring people I know.

Jasper and Alice sat down then, and Jasper looked like he was upset.

"Jasper, what's wrong?" Rose asked, placing a hand over his.

They had grown so close that it would seem like they were related and not she and I.

"My sister…She came up from Arizona. Do any of you know why, yet?"

We all shook our heads, and Alice rubbed his arm up and down, whispering, "It's okay, Jazz. We're practically family."

He smiled slightly, but it quickly faded. "Something happened to her. It ruined her. She won't let anyone talk to her." He drew in a sharp breath. "This never leaves the table, okay?" We all nodded. "Her boyfriend…he raped and beat her last summer. She almost died. She had a broken leg, a fractured arm, and a few broken ribs. She somehow lived after someone walking through the woods found her on the ground. That's why I left last summer. Then…" His breaths were shakier, now. "Our mom and step dad were killed over break. They were on their way to dinner, and an eighteen wheeler crashed. It took out seven or eight cars, and they had to be in one of them." He began crying. "Alice, please stay here. I'm going to sit with Bella."

She nodded, and he got up, taking his tray to sit with that lonely girl.


That was his sister?

Wow. They look a lot different. Aside from the green eyes and wavy hair, they were nothing alike.

He said something to her, and I could tell that her smile was forced.

I felt so bad for Jasper and his sister. I couldn't even eat.

"Why didn't he tell us sooner?" I whispered.

"I don't think he wanted sympathy. That's the type of guy my Jazzy is," Alice sighed.

The bell rang ending lunch, and I saw Jasper and Bella hug each other and walk to class together. Alice was pouting a little, due to the fact that she was now being put second.

I put an arm around one of my best friend's shoulders and grinned. "Aww, Alice, you'll always be number one to me."

She chuckled, then replied, "Yes! That was totally on my top things to accomplish before I die."

I squeezed her, left my arm there, and walked to our fourth period gym class with her by my side. I always cheered Alice up.

I guess my next goal was to do the same thing for Jasper's sister.

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