A few things you should know:

*Narcissa is dead.

*Lucius was not a spy during the war.

*The war is over.

*Lucius is not a complete bastard.

This is more of an explanatory chapter, true juiciness to come VERY soon!

Dumbledore eyed the former Slytherin currently sitting in his other desk chair specutively. Silent and still as a wary deer, Lucius Malfoy looked, for once, incredibly tense.

"Lucius, to what do I owe this honour?"

"Do not presume to use my name so freely Dumbledore." the elegantly poised male said, gripping his cane head just a fraction tighter and sneering magnificantly.

"I'm so sorry Mr Malfoy" Dumbledore said cordially, "please do continue."

Malfoy senior took a slight breath drawing his nose up higher in the air than it currently was.

"I have absolutely no desire to share any information – sensitive or no, with a bumbling ignoramus such as you. But I am afraid that the situation I find myself in calls for nothing less. So before we proceed further I must have your vow that this… discussion, will go no further than these… this, one wall."

Dumbledore smiled slightly as he surveyed his circular office, but within an instant it was gone as Lucius turned back to him.

"The Malfoy family has had Veela blood in it since before I can remember; at least once in every three generations a Malfoy has fallen under a veela's spell and mated with them. We seem to have a strange affinity to them and this being so there are a number of… traits that we mixed blood descendants have."

Dumbledore smiled inwardly at the surprising revelation that Lucius Malfoy would ever call himself a 'mixed blood' descendant.

"And these would be?"

Lucius sighed, "We have mates, life mates, soul mates, call them what you will. Once we find them we are faithful only to them, extremely possessive and if either one of us dies the other will follow very soon after - if bonded. Our magic recognises and strengthens the other and we become the… submissive partner to some extent." He paused.

"I have recently started to sense my mate, which means that he has just turned sixteen-"

"So young?" Dumbledore couldn't help but interupt.

The corners of Lucius's lips tightened, "Age is irrelavent in these matters Dumbledore."

"Why are you so sure they're a he?"

For a moment Lucius's mask slipped and he slammed his hand flat upon Dumbledore's desk. "Enough! Iam having to share enough personal information with you as it is!"

Carding a hand through his hair Lucius sighed, "I apolagise, I am finding this new situation...difficult. The need to find my mate is strong and their presence in the back of my mind can be...restless, at times. My main concern is not for myself however. You see I am fairly sure that my son Draco, who turned sixteen not long ago, will similarly start to sense his own mate. My son is destined for great things and so would need his mate at his side from the beginning."

Dumbledore nodded his head slowly a hint of confusion in his twinkling eyes, "I understasnd how hard this must be for you. But what does any of this have to do with me Mr Malfoy?"

"You are of course aware what happens to a half or even quarter blooded veela if they do not find their mates within a certain time?"

Dumbledore cast his mind back and discovered a memory of an extract he'd once read on a book that dealt with mixed magical creatures.


When full blood Veela's mates refuse to bond with them before three months is up then the Veela will perish. When the mixed blood descendents of Veela are unable to bond with their mates a chain of events starts. After a month their health will slowly start to decline, after a further two weeks they will fall into a coma that lasts precisely a week and four hours. They will awake from this coma if still separated from their mates a new being or creature.


Meaning hunter or huntsman: The Venator are not dissimilar to the vampire or in fact the Banshee and are the result of a rejected Veela. Their appearance is ghostly and unsettling and the wizard explorer Geoffrey Felt that once encountered one of them in his own home.

'They glow with a pale luminescence and there skin is white and brittle, they have no eyes to speak of only white balls that glimmer with a silver sheen. There hair is white and once cut they bleed a silver liquid not unlike unicorns blood.' Said he.

The Venator feed only from the blood of unicorns and so are doomed to live a cursed half – life as any other creature who kills a unicorn. They constantly feel the tug of their mate and so most either commit suicide or migrate to a small island at the edge of the oceans and the beginning of time where the pull can no longer be felt.

It is rumoured that the Venator often steel the irises of small children so as to disguise themselves partially when walking amongst humans.

"Yes vaguely" Dumbledore said, his eyes narrowing slightly in anticipation.

Lucius nodded, "I believe that my mate will soon be entering sixth year and this being so I would like to request permission to stay at the school under some pretence or other to see if mine and similarly Draco's mate are educated at Hogwarts."

"I see no reason why not; I heard the ministry have taken… steps to ensure your immaculate behaviour in exchange for your absence form Azkaban?"

Lucius almost unconsciously moved to rub his chest but stilled his hand when he met Dumbledore's gaze. "This is correct."

Dumbledore beamed, "Well then I'm sure Severus will value some extra help with his
classes, he'll never admit it but sometimes he does too much even though the war is over and his services as a spy are no longer needed."

Lucius nodded his agreement; he and Severus were good friends despite Severus's eventual change of loyalties to the light.

"What will happen if you do not find one or both mates at Hogwarts?"

"Then I shall make haste to Beuxbatons and failing that Durmstrang to see if they reside in either school. I do not like to dwell on the possibility that I might not find them."

Dumbledore nodded sagely, "And how, if you don't mind me asking, will you be able to discern your mate form the rest of the students?"

" By their scent."

Lucius gripped his cane tighter, "I only pray that I will find them as quickly as possible, unlike Draco I will only have a week until my health deteriorates after the students return from their holidays, I will be most seriously displeased if I present any type of weakness to my future partner, I fail to see how it will enamour them to me."

"Sometimes it is our weaknesses that our most attractive traits Lucius."

Lucius simply glared at this and the use of his first name and left the office after making the arrangements for his stay at the beginning of term.


"Father! Father!"

"What is it Draco?" Lucius hurried up the stairs on his return to the manor, throwing his outer garments and cane at an unfortunate house elf on the way.

"I feel something in my chest, like a pull… and I also feel something stirring in the back of my mind like a restless baby!" His son said kneeling on the top of the stairs clutching his chest – his face a mask of confusion.

Lucius narrowed his eyes, his intuition had been right about Draco needing his mate from the start.

"Come Draco we have much to discuss!"

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