"Don't you DARE touch my mate!"

Harry stared up at his long time enemy with not a little shock, Draco had been his enemy for a long time but NEVER had they ever engaged in fistfights or anything like that. Quite frankly Harry had doubted the boy had the balls to take him on without his goons, let alone the muscle. Yet here he was, anger blazing in his eyes after having just thrown Harry into a wall! It was not a little animalistic.

Ron stared at Draco in shock, trying to ignore certain unhelpful parts of himself that had sprung to attention at this raw display of power. His best friend had just been thrown into the wall, this was not the time to be aroused!

Draco and Harry stayed locked in a deadly gaze. Draco was panting harshly, his fury very evident, but for the moment he didn't seem to be moving anywhere so Ron warily began to get up to diffuse the situation.

Without warning Draco shot forward and dragged Harry to his feet via a hand clasped at his throat. Snarling he continued to lift him even higher up the wall and Harry began to struggle in panic as his eyes bulged and his throat wheezed for breath.
"Shit! Draco put him down! Stop!" Ron darted forward and tugged furiously on his arm. Finding this got no response he threw his arms around Draco's neck and begged him to put Harry down, pressing his face into his back trying to touch him as much as possible.

Slowly the touch got through to and calmed Draco. Narrowing his eyes he sneered at the now purple-faced Harry before chucking him aside without a second glance.

Moving away from Ron he glared at him. "Why was he touching you? What made him think he had the right!"

"He's my best mate Draco! I was upset and he was trying to comfort me!"

"I should be the one to bloody comfort you!"

"Your father was insulting him at every turn and you never said a THING! Why do YOU think I was the one comforting him?" Harry said angrily, his voice hoarse and strained.

Draco rounded on Harry with a growl but Ron grabbed his arm and said pleadingly, "Please Draco we're sorry! couldn't we just forget about it and go to um… bed?"

Draco frowned at Ron, why did he want to go to- he sniffed the air and noticed another scent mixing with his mates and his eyes widened as he gazed into Ron's eyes and noticed the lust there, for him.

Quickly he grabbed Ron's hand and legged it out of the tower dragging his mate behind him.

Left behind Harry shakily eased himself to a standing position and started the long trek back to his room.

Harry sighed in relief as he came to the large corridor his room was situated in. His throat really hurt and his shoulder didn't feel much better from where Malfoy had shoved him into the wall. If he could just get a glass of iced water and lie dow-



Harry really didn't want to turn around and have Lucius discover his injuries. He hated being mollycoddled. Pretending he hadn't heard he carried on walking, a slight falter the only sign he had heard his mate.

Slipping into his room he summoned a house elf for a glass of water and after receiving it a moment later gulped most of it down and gingerly laid out on his bed.

"Why are you ignoring me?"

Harry sighed, bloody hell he didn't need this right now. Bloody Veela's! So bloody nee0dy!

Bloody hell!

"I simply wanted to rest." He said his throat protesting strongly as he did so.

"What's wrong with your voice?" Lucius asked and Harry heard him nearing the bed.

"Probably the rich food" He croaked.

There was silence.

Then, "Why do you lie to me? Do you trust me so little?"

Harry remained silent, heartily sick of the whole situation.

"There are marks on your neck." Gentle fingertips caressed his throat and then moved to his shoulder, "Your shoulder is hurt as well, someone has used violence against you. Who"

The voice was quiet and calm and Harry arched into the gentle touch involuntarily as a pleasant fog clouded his mind and he forgot the question as he lost himself in the feather light touches that were once more on his neck.

Much as Lucius enjoyed Harry's reaction to his ministrations, he needed to know who had dared do this to his mate. Leaning down he breathed Harry's scent and discerned quickly who had hurt him from the lingering scent of them on him. The smell was very like his own which was probably why he'd had to get so close to Harry to catch it.

A growl left his throat and his calm façade crumbled as he stalked from the room.

"Lucius? Wh- what? Oh BUGGER!"

Harry levered himself off and he winced as he jarred his shoulder. Standing quickly he likewise dashed out the room to stop his rampaging mate.

Draco dragged Ron into his room and locked the door before grabbing him in a fierce kiss, backing him toward the bed the whole time. Ron's knees hit the bed's edge and Ron fell backwards puling Draco with him.

Breaking the kiss Ron scrambled up the bed backwards whilst Draco crawled after him, a predatory gleam in his eye.

Ron's breath caught and a shiver of excitement ran through him as Draco dipped his head and took his mouth in a bruising kiss pulling his head back by tugging lightly on his hair.

Draco was more excited than he'd ever been before, the urge to claim his mate was fierce and the scent of arousal Ron was giving off was intoxicating beyond belief. Breaking the kiss Draco moved lower to push aside his robes and nip Ron's collarbone.

His tantalising mouth latched onto a nipple and Ron couldn't stop the tortured moan from passing his lips.

Grinning smugly Draco brought his head up and swiped his tongue across his own lips catching the lingering taste of his mate. Mmm syrup

Ron watched breathless his eyes dark with need.

Catching his mouth again Draco covered Ron's body completely and started to grind his clothed cock against his mates.

No sooner did he start than Ron flipped him over, reversing their roles and moved the blonde's robes aside to dip his hand below the waistband of his trousers.

Draco arched up invitingly whilst biting hungrily on the redheads bottom lip. Teasingly Ron inched his hand lower until-


Both boys jumped and the excitement of the moment dampened considerably.

"What does he want?" Asked Ron fearfully.

I don't know unless-" He didn't finish as the door was blasted off its hinges and Lucius crashed into the room fury radiating like a beacon from his body.

"Now father…" Draco warned eyes wide and not slightly fearful.


Taking a deep breath Lucius smoothed his hair back and his face formed its usual cool mask, behind him Harry paused in the doorframe trying to catch his breath.

"I really aught to repay you in kind" He said deathly calm pointing his wand at Ron.

"No father he-"