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It was a bright and sunny day at Kirimoto Middle School where Takuya, J.P, Kouichi, Koji, and Zoe happen to attend. All of them except J.P were in 7th grade (of course J.P is in 8th…I think) and they were all talking under the school's old oak tree.

"Wow, talk about a good day!" Takuya laughed as he put down his backpack. "Takuya, I don't think a day where you go setting the fire alarm just to get yourself out of a science exam should be called 'good'!" Zoe scolded him.

"Well it's a-okay to me!" Takuya said slyly. "Before Zoe starts strangling Takuya, I have something to tell you guys!" J.P announced

"What is it?" Kouichi asked

"He was about to tell us genius" Kouji remarked

"Oh you think you're so smart just because you think you're older than me!"

"Well it's pretty obvious I am older than you"

"How are you so sure???"

"I'm just saying I'm more mature than you."

"I'M TELLING MOM!" Kouichi cried

"My point proven."


"Go on" Zoe said. "Okay well, I got a girlfriend!" J.P said proudly.

"Oh no! This MUST be a sign of the apocalypse! AHH!" Takuya screamed and hid behind the tree

Wow… Zoe thought as she stared at the meek Takuya hiding

"Anyways… Congratulations on getting a girlfriend! Who is she?" Zoe asked

"Well here she comes now!" J.P grinned and waved over a girl who was walking towards them

The girl came over and smiled. "You guys, meet Marissa!" J.P announced. Marissa was just a little shorter than J.P; she was slim and very, very pretty and happened to have started school a month ago as a new student.

"It's nice to meet you!" She said. "Marissa meet Takuya, Kouichi, Koji, and Zoe" J.P said as he pointed to everyone.

"Uhh…Why is Takuya hiding behind a tree?" Marissa said curiously

"Oh he just thought you were the apoca…I mean he loves trees! He is just eco crazy!" J.P quickly covered up

"Oh trees are so wonderful!" Marissa said happily. "I'm glad there are people out there who support going GREEN!" She said (I support helping the Earth! Do you?)

J.P then remembered he was hungry (haha) and reached into his pocket for a candy bar. But, Oh no! Somebody forgot to stash up candy bars before he left school! Tsk, tsk!

"I need to restock on candy bars, I'll be right back!" J.P yelled as he ran for the candy store near the corner.

"Anyways, Marissa what are you into?" Zoe asked politely

"None of your business!" Marissa scoffed and folded her arms

"Hey I thought we are friends here!" Kouichi said shocked. "Oh please, me friends with you losers? Puh-lease! Now listen up and listen well! I'm only J.P's little girlfriend so he does my school work understand? If he is not around then I will NOT be around you guys!" Marissa said evilly.

"Once J.P finds out he won't be doing any of your school work anymore!" Kouji yelled at her

"Oh no you shouldn't! You couldn't because you CAN'T! J.P has never had a girlfriend. And think of how happy I make him! You break me up from him, you break his heart!" Marissa laughed.

"We aren't going to let you just use J.P!" Takuya yelled in anger as he came around the tree. Nobody messes with J.P's emotions…except him sometimes!

"Who will he believe? Beautiful old me, or you little kids!" Marissa sneered

The entire gang just glared at Marissa. How could she do that to poor J.P? And be so arrogant about it? This was totally intolerable…but it had to be tolerated.

"Oh and look, here comes my BOYFRIEND!" Marissa sang as she waved at J.P coming back.

J.P came running back with a back pack full of candy bars (yummy!). "Well how's everyone? Did you get to know more about my dear Marissa?" J.P said as kissed Marissa on the cheek.

"Oh we found out a lot about Marissa here" Kouichi scoffed. Marissa glared at him and returned cheerful when J.P looked at her. "That's great! Well come on Marissa it's time for our study date! See ya later guys" J.P and Marissa walked off and the gang was completely angry now.

"This stinks! It was bad enough J.P was all lonely, now he has a girlfriend that is just using him!"Takuya complained. "We need a plan, how about we all go to my house so we can think of one?" Zoe said.

"That's a great idea Zoe! I love your mom's homemade cookies!" Takuya said as his mouth began to water. "Takuya!" Zoe scolded and slapped his head. "You shouldn't be thinking about cookies at a time like this!"

"Okay guys, but me and Kouichi have to come a little later, like six." Kouji said

"Why Kouji?" Zoe said confused. "Because…Uhh…I forgot" Kouji covered up quickly. (forgot? Pssh!)

"How could you forget we are watching PIE MAN 3: THE FORK INVADERS!" Kouichi laughed

"Pie man?" Zoe said incredulously

"Three?" Takuya said shocked

"THE FORK INVADERS???" Both of them said in unison

"Ugh..." Kouji sighed as he rubbed his head

"Okay well have fun watching PIE!" Zoe sang as she started walking home.

"It's pie MAN!" Kouichi screamed

"Sure, sure. (Go Jacob, even though I HIGHLY support TEAM EDWARD!) Hey Takuya, are you coming?" Zoe turned around realizing she forgot Takuya

"Oh I just need to ask Kouichi and Koji something quick! I'll come a bit later too!" Takuya yelled

"Suit yourself!" And with that, Zoe started walking home

"What did you need to ask Takuya?" Kouichi said confused. "Can I watch PIE MAN with you?" Takuya said childishly. "YOU watch PIE MAN?" Koji said shocked.

"Watch it? I'm in the SUPER SECRET PIE CLUB!" Takuya said proudly and held up his badge of authenticity.

"ME TOO!" Kouichi yelled happily. Takuya and Kouichi started singing and dancing to the Pie Man theme song"


Pi-ie man is here!

Gonna rain terror to the fo-orks near!

Pi-ie man is here!

Better watch out cause my filling brings fear!

"Please let's go while I still have some pride left in me?" Kouji begged.

And with that, Kouichi, Koji, and Takuya left to watch their pie movie.


WHAT TO EXPECT NEXT: CHAPTER 2 = they all are going to Zoe's house to think of a plan. But what is this plan? Who will it involve? And how will this bring Zoe and Takuya together? STAY TUNED!

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