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"Regent Ephiny?" a woman with blond curly hair looked up to see a young Amazon standing in the doorway "I need a moment of your time"

"Come in Theo." answered Queen Gabrielle

Theo shook her head "I was told to speak to the regent alone, please."

Ephiny and the Queen looked at each other "What is this about?" asked Ephiny

"I'm sorry, I was told only to speak to you and then you would understand." she paused and whispered in Ephiny's ear "it as to do with 'kissed arrows'"

Ephiny's face went white "Gabrielle excuse us please" and she took Theo's arm and walked out of the hut, leaving behind a very confused Amazon Queen.


"Another one?" questioned Ephiny. "This is the 6th one in a month."

Theo handed the arrow over "I saw where it came from, I think it was shot by a young girl on . . . a butter colored mare."

"Argo?" Ephiny whispered. "She's been missing as along as Xena has." She thought. Xena had been missing for just over 2 years. As Ephiny opened the note she saw it was same as the last 5; only a kiss.


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