Southland Beginnings:

My plan for my story is to introaduce another character, a girl who is also a rookie like Ben so I can tell my story through her eyes as well. I think it's make things easier for me seeing as I'm a girl in my early 20's. There will be no planned romance between Ben and the OC as I don't want it to be turned into a love story.

I want to take it from the beginning where the pilot started but change things around. I plan on keeping all the same characters but changing all the storylines so that I'm not just repeating everything over.

Here is a snippet.

She watched them zip up the body and suddenly it was too much for her. She felt her knees buckle and her weight give away beneath her. Lydia turned around and looked at her. Lydia gave her a nod and turned back to the paramedic. She attempted to straighten up and regretted her comment about Lydia being cold earlier. Lydia wasn't cold, she was doing her job. Just because her knees didn't buckle and she could hold herself up didn't mean that she wasn't crying on the inside over the injustice of it all. Lydia had been a cop a lot longer and she was a superior one.

She swallowed hard and tried regain control. She shifted her thoughts away from the pool of blood in front of her and thought about Sherman. Had his day fared better? She had no doubt that he would be shocked to see her in her current state. She wondered what he would do, what Lydia would do, what anyone would do if they were in her position right now.

And then she realised, they were in her position. She was a cop, just like everyone else that she had met today. Everyone had been a beginner at some point and she had to learn from these experiences if she was ever going to overcome them.

"Should it really be this hard though?" she second guessed herself.

She checked her watch 12:09AM. "Decision time". She could either stay there and wait for someone to either give her a pep talk or tell her to move her ass, or she could stop pitying herself and go out and help the family of the dearly departed. This was her job for Christ sake. Her dream. She took a deep breath and hoisted herself up.

"And I said that this would be easy" she muttered as she walked to the door.

I would love to hear feedback before I post the first official chapter.