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Cuddy was standing under the spray of the hot water, but her skin was as red as a lobster. She was still rubbing with a wash cloth because she didn't feel clean.

House watched in terror as she continued to rub the washcloth over her naked body.

"Cuddy" House tried but she was in her own world. He limped over and grabbed the hand with the wash cloth. "Lisa what in gods name are you doing?" asked House trying to keep the fear out of his voice.

She was pulled back to reality and sheepishly like a child who had just gotten in trouble replied "I..I couldn't get clean I still feel his hands all over me."

Before the tears could fall from her blue grey eyes House stepped fully clothed into the spray of the shower. He wrapped her in his arms, and pushed a lock of hair behind her ear and whispered. "I have dinner. How about we dry off and change. Then we can eat. Sound like a plan?"

Cuddy nodded in his shoulder, it indeed sounded like a good idea.

After they both had dried off and changed clothes they went into the living room to eat dinner. House had already set up Cuddy's egg drop soup in a bowl with two egg rolls on a side dish. Cuddy smiled at the gesture and whispered thank you. House realized after they had both started eating that they were missing drinks.

"Cuddy would you like something to drink? I have beer and water."

"Waters fine, thank you."

House got up from the couch and walked into the kitchen. He grabbed a glass from the cabinet and filled it with ice water. After he had filled the glass he reached into the fridge to get a beer for himself. When he walked back into the living room and handed Cuddy her water, he noticed that she had already finished her soup and was now working on her egg rolls. When he sat back down House said "Damn, Cuddy you sure can eat" in his usual sarcastic manner. She knew it was different that he was really joking with her because he let out a smile instead of a smirk.

She turned around and shyly smiled "You know I can eat House just like I know you can." House smiled at the comment knowing it was one hundred percent true. House picked up his plate of kung pow beef and egg rolls and started to chow down. With food in his mouth he asked Cuddy "do you want to watch a movie?"

She looked up at House "Yeah that sounds like a good idea."

"What movie would you like to watch?"

"Do you by any chance have The Wizard of Oz?"

House reached for his cane to get up while saying "Let me go check I'm pretty sure I do." After getting up he limped toward the bookshelf with all of his DVDs. He found the movie and put it in his DVD player. Then he slowly limped back toward the couch. He sat on the complete opposite side of Cuddy. He didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable. As the movie continued Cuddy kept slowly creeping closer to House's side of the couch. She finally made it all the way across the couch and debated on whether or not to try and cuddle with him. She took a breath and took a chance by putting her head on his shoulder.

As the movie started and continued he noticed her trying to inconspicuously creep closer and closer to him. He held his breath wanting her with him like this for so long. Since college he knew she was the one, but that scared him and he made himself believe he didn't deserve her so he pushed her away then. Now he thought damn the consequences I'm not letting her get away again. It was might fault she left last time now I'm going to make things right.

Then he felt a weight pressing down on his shoulder. He looked down and felt a feeling he hasn't felt in a long time. He felt wanted, needed. She looks so cute in my t-shirt and sweat pants. Something that was very common for her in their days in Michigan. He slowly slid his arm around her and pulled her closer. Without thinking about it he kissed her hair, and once he realized what he was doing he panicked.

Cuddy felt his lips and she froze. She remembered what those lips could do what they brought out of her and shivered. She turned to look at his face, and noticed the panic in his eyes. She wanted the panic to be gone out of his eyes. That look doesn't suit him she thought. She gave him a chaste kiss on his lips trying to tell him that the kiss he put on her head was okay. He got the message and initiated another kiss. This time Cuddy grabbed the back of his head to deepen the kiss while running her hands through his hair as their tongues fighting for dominice. With their mouths still intertwined she pushed him down on his back while straddling his chest. She moved her hands down to his t-shirt trying to pull it off his body.

House realized he had to stop this before it got out of hand; he didn't want to take advantage of her. "Cuddy.." he tried in between kisses. "Cuddy this has to stop."

She stopped and looked hurt that hurt quickly turned to anger.

"What the hell House! What are you playing at! You make all the comments about my body and now that I'm trying to give myself to you, you say no? What happened? You know I love you, I have since college. Why are you pushing me away again?"

"You know its nothing like that! You know I lov.." he stopped midsentence.

"I know what House?" knowing what he was going to say.

"You know I..I love you."

Something in her snapped knowing that Gregory House loved her. She placed a passionate kiss to his lips while dragging him up from the couch. They stumbled toward the bedroom and closed the door.


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