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Prologue - Red Eyes...

England - Day: Unknown, Year: Unknown, Time: For the third time! It's unknown.

I stared down at my reflection. It had been several years since I woke up in this town alone and memory less and nothing concerning my appearance had changed since those many summers and winters. I still looked like someone in their late twenties, not a single grey hair to mix with the blonde or a wrinkle nearby my eyes.


What being had decided to torment me with this void of unknowing? To leave me without my past and age. Was it watching me? Seeing my life as some sort of television show to laugh at?!

My foot came down into the puddle, breaking the image into a dozen different Eikes. At least I know my name, perhaps I could find my old life through it, there can't be that many Eikes in England, can there?

The café in front of me beckoned its customers out of the rain and inside with a warm, welcoming light; I should know that it works, already the urge to sit down and have a cup of something had come upon me. I had at least enough money for one thing.


Every single table was full, was I going to have to stand outside in the rain while I drank my drink? Oh well… A young girl stood at the counter, charcoal hair pulled up in two tight ponytails, she looked harassed and ready to spray weed killer into the cakes. She forced a cheerful smile onto her freckled face and bowed her head.

"What do you want to order?" The girl's voice was loud and clear above the hubbub of the customers.

"I'll have a cup of tea, please."

She nodded and got to work, humming a sad tune. My eyes scanned the crowded room, taking in each person's appearance. Most of the people in here were business men and women taking a short tea break while a few school children sat around one table, trading flashy cards amongst the steamy air of hot chocolate. There was one person that caught my attention the most: a man who looked as if he had barely left adolescence sat in the far corner, a pair of sunglasses - who wears sunglasses when it's raining? - perched on his porcelain nose, a large black cap rested on his head and it concealed the colour of his hair. It wasn't his clothing or features that drew me in but the very air around him, the stranger had an aura of intrigue and danger floating above and around.

"Here's your tea!"

"Ah, thank you." I picked up the take-away drink, wincing at the sudden burning feeling against my hand. Moving the cup back and forth between my hands, I moved towards the entrance, dodging the tables and chairs.

"Would you like to sit down with me?" That voice! It didn't sound human! The man I had been staring at earlier was standing on tiptoes next to me, whispering the words down my ear, his gloved hands wrapped around my own. Before I could move away and run out the door I was forced into a chair at the corner table. The strange creature sat down next to me, blowing on his own cup of tea, the smell of strawberries rose up in the steam. Up close I could see that the weird man was actually quite feminine, in an anime or manga way.

"What is your name?" Still the unearthly, echoing voice. I swallowed. Perhaps this demon - or whatever it was - wanted some company instead of my soul?

"Eike. Eike Kusch."

"Well, Eike. My name is Homunculus, not that there's much in a name." The hat he was wearing flopped down slightly and he pushed it back up with a long dainty finger. I didn't respond to his strange sentence and he frowned slightly, leaning down to take a delicate sip of his drink.

"Does the name not seem familiar to you?"

"N-No, should it?" Homunculus sighed and ran his finger around the edges of the cup, not reacting at all to the hot ceramic.

"Oh dear… This isn't good at all, I've been looking for you all this time and now… I'll just have to use what I have." He turned to face me again and pulled off the sunglasses. "Now do you remember?" A pair of luminous amber red eyes that almost glittered like a jewel stared at me. He was going to steal my soul! Or eat me!

"I'm sorry, I have to g- oh!" While I made my escape my foot became twisted up in the chair's legs and pulled me and the table down, tea stained the floor.

"Hmm- what the-? S-Sir!? Are you alright?!" The girl at the counter appeared at my side, a wet mop held high above her head for some reason, then Homunculus loomed over me and sarcasm dripped from his muttered words,

"Oh Eikey, Eikey. You poor thing."


They kissed for the last time and still the electricity that had brought them together raced through both of their bodies at the mere brush of their lips. Eike wrapped his arms softly around his little demon and held back tears. Homunculus moved a few millimetres away, even that short distance was too far.

"I'll find you again. I promise, Eike." They kissed again, the smaller of the two holding onto Eike's green jacket to keep himself steady as a single tear dripped down his cracked face, the stone's life force dripping down with that tear.