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.:Chapter 1:.

The Famous Island!

It was a calm and cool night in the oceans of the Sinnoh region. A decent sized boat was making its way through the ice-covered waters as the chilled air breezed through the hallways of the ship's corridors. Inside, there were many rooms for passengers to rest and get ready for their destination. Everyone was sound asleep, awaiting the next day for their arrival to a new battle island known as the Sinnoh Battle Frontier.

One passenger, however, was not in the same condition as all the rest of the people on board. This particular person had raven-black hair that was spiky and messy on his head. The messiness, was, and always will be, perfect in its own way. He had a black vest with a yellow V-shaped line across the chest - which was currently taken off - blue jeans and a red cap bestowed upon his head. His name was Ash Ketchum.

Ash was lying on his bed next to his trusty partner, Pikachu, who was sleeping soundly, tucked in a ball and having peaceful dreams of future adventures with his Trainer, Ash. Ash, however, wasn't as carefree as Pikachu right now. He had something - or rather, someone - on his mind.

'I wish she was here with me right now... It feels weird to start a new adventure without her by my side,' He thought as he slowly got up, making sure to not wake up Pikachu, and quietly closed the door behind him as he started to walk down the hallways. He decided he needed some badly needed fresh air after not getting any sleep on the count of him always thinking about a certain Blue-haired coordinator.

Who is this person that keeps on troubling Ash's thoughts, you ask? Why, she's Ash's most beloved human friend up to date, and her name was Dawn. Dawn Berlitz, to be exact. Dawn was a traveling partner of Ash's who, in his thoughts, was something more than a friend or travel partner. She had blue hair that was styled with two yellow clips on both sides of her head. She wore a black, sleeveless vest that revealed a small portion of the undershirt on her chest. She had a pink miniskirt and pink matching go-go boots and black stockings underneath. To top it all off, was her trademark white beanie on her head that had a pink Pokéball logo stitched on it. She was Ash's crush. That was a fact all the way to back when they first met. He always thought she was cute and funny and an overall, sweet person. She was perfect in his eyes. "Man, if only she didn't leave on her own... Why am I feeling this way?" he mumbled to himself as he made it to the ships deck.

He oversaw the beautiful moon that cast a luminous glow over the icy waters that is slowly going under him as the ship is getting closer to the island. You see, Ash has long since beaten the Sinnoh League. It was the most joyous occasion that he, Dawn, and Brock experienced. Ash smiled to himself as a memory of the day he won came up.


"It's almost the end for Ash as his last Pokemon, Pikachu, is trying to regain energy after taking a massive blow from Electivire's Thunderpunch!" boomed the announcer as Paul just smirked at the small electric Pokemon. Ash had a look of worry on his face as Pikachu was slowly raising to his feet, trying to stay strong.

Ash thought it was the end, when a familiar voice rung out from the stands. "You can do it, Ash! You too, Pikachu! I know you can!" Ash looked up to the stands and saw none other than Dawn. She gave Ash one of her trademark smiles and mouthed to him 'No need to worry' before she sat back down. Ash suddenly felt a need to win this battle. Not just for himself, but for Dawn, too.

"Okay, Pikachu! We cannot give up! We've worked so hard for this moment, and we've been through together for better or for worse! We cannot let it end like this! Are you with me?" he bellowed to his Pokemon, making sure he heard all of it. Pikachu, as if on cue, immediately hopped up onto his feet and shouted back a reassuring "Pikachu!" back to his trainer, who already knows by now what Pikachu said. "Alright, let's get it started for real this time! Use Quick Attack!"

Pikachu started to run into the direction of the tired out Electivire. His speed increasing with every cheer coming from the crowd, Dawn, Buneary, and Brock. He is not the only one feeling this emotion of 'love' coming from his friends. Ash has found a new light in not giving up, thanks to Dawn who has backed him up all the way through Sinnoh.

"Electivire, use Thunderpunch again!" Paul commanded to his Pokemon. Electivire charged up energy from all within it's body into this one last punch. He started running forward towards Pikachu, who was still keeping target with his Quick Attack.

Ash then gave Paul a smirk that said 'I got you now'. Ash decided that now was his time to put his plan into action. "Alright, Pikachu! Keep using Quick Attack and form it into a Volt Tackle!" He shouted out. This caused an uproar from the crowd as they thought he was risking his Pokemon's health, charging towards the Thunderpunch. Dawn knew, however, what Ash was planning. After all, she did teach him the technique. She blushed slightly and smiled at the thought of Ash using her move in one of the most important Sinnoh battles in his journey.

When Pikachu was in close range of Electivire, Ash shouted "Alright, Pikachu! Now spin it!" this caused Paul to do a double-take as he wasn't expecting this at all. Pikachu jumped right above Electivire's punch and spun around it, easily avoiding - and getting past - Electivire. "Now Pikachu, continue your Volt Tackle, bounce back around, and use Iron Tail at the same time!" Ash commanded to his partner. Electivire was in a state of confusion and couldn't get it's act together, blocking out the sound of it's trainer telling it to dodge. It was too late for Electivire as the blow from Pikachu's attack had made its mark. There was a moment of silence as Electivire got down to it's knees and fainted, leaving the perfectly fine Pikachu as the winner.

"Wha... W-We won?!" Ash studdered out as the whole stadium broke out in screams of admiration, yells, hollers, cheers, and fans applauding his success. While he was caught up in the moment of realizing that he won, a pair of hands wrapped themselves around his waist. "What the- Dawn?" Ash asked as he found himself turning scarlet red and in a small and quick hug with Dawn, which ended quickly, much to his dismay.

Dawn let go and got back into a standing position with a little tinge of pink on her cheeks as she looked at Ash with happiness clear in her voice. "Congratulations, Ash! You beat Paul! I'm so happy for you!" she piped as Brock came up beside her with an overly joyful smile on his face as well.

Brock reached out his hand as Ash did the same with his and the two long-time friends shook hands. "Wow, Ash. That was the most exciting battle I've ever watched you do. I'm so proud of you for beating the Sinnoh League!" he said as he and Ash finished the handshake. After his friends' congratulations, a short, elderly man came up to Ash with the large and glamorous trophy in his hands. Ash just looked at it with pride and happiness as tears started to form in his eyes.

The old man held out the cup to Ash and said, "Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town, we of the Sinnoh Pokemon League hereby award you the Sinnoh Champ Trophy of Honor! All of your Pokemon's hard work has payed off in this memorable event and it seems that you got all that you wanted in return. Here you go, young lad," He then proceeded to give Ash the trophy marking that Ash has completed his goal in conquering the Sinnoh League.

.:End Flashback:.

'If it weren't for Dawn back there, my Pokemon and I would've lost for sure...' Ash reminded himself. Not only did he wish Dawn was with him, he also wished Brock was here, too. 'Brock would be able to help me with my feelings for Dawn... But, he's with his family and taking care of the Gym. It's his duty to make sure that family comes first.' Ash sighed as he also remembered of the good thing of this new journey. "Heh. At least Team Rocket are no longer following me. I always new James would become a Trainer and Jesse would become a coordinator with Meowth tagging along. They kinda remind me of Dawn and I..." Ash said, mostly to himself as his sad mood of not being with Dawn kicked back in. "Oh well, can't do much about it now. I wonder where she is now..." he mumbled as he got back to his room, carefully moved Pikachu to the side of his pillow, and got into bed waiting for morning to come.

In a room at a Pokemon Center not too far away, a girl with beautiful blue eyes was just finishing her last thoughts of the night before falling asleep with her partner Piplup next to her with the words "I wonder where he is now..." still swimming around in her head.

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