I stared at it. I just couldn't believe it! He had left me with something Better than everything but himself.

It was two months before my birthday and Charlie was away for the week. We were in my room he suddenly kissed me. it was different from all the other kisses, this one was hard, passionate.

He moved to my neck so I could breathe and that night his boundaries were broken.

It was my birthday when everything went wrong. Now I have my gift and no one can take her from me not even the Volturi.

That brings us back to the present me sitting in the bathroom staring at the positive pregnancy test a huge smile on my face.

I am Isabella 'Bella' Marie Swan and I am pregnant with a vampires baby. I couldn't be happier.

I heard Charlie's cruiser pull up I went downstairs and started on Charlie's supper.

"Hey Bells you look Better today." Charlie noted.

"that is Because I have wonderful news Cha.. Dad" I said

"what would that be Bella?" he asked

"Well, I found out today that.." I was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"oh yea Jacob and Billy are coming to watch the game." Charlie said

As he let Billy and Jacob in.

"hey Bells" Jacob said

"Hey Jake Hey Billy" I said

I grabbed the dishes and began to wash them Jacob came into the kitchen and stood next to me a little while later

"hey you seem different Bells, Happier." Jacob noted

"I am Jake Edward may have taken all the stuff he gave me but he did leave me with one thing that no one will take from me." I said

"what do you mean Bella? Ho could he have forgotten something?" he asked confused.

I sighed and took his hand and lead him to the living room to tell Charlie.

"Dad I want to tell you something. I'm pregnant and its Edwards I'm not getting ride of it so deal with it." I said

"Bella why?" Charlie asked

"I don't know why does any one do it?" I answered

"Bella I understand you want to Keep it but why? Wouldn't it cause you more pain." he asked

"Because it's all I have left of him." I said sadly

"Bella you have to get ride of it its not safe." Billy said.

"no way Billy." I said

"Time you told Charlie about the Cullens Bella he is in this now to he has a right." Billy said

"no I promised I wouldn't tell and I am not breaking that promise now." I said

"then I will. Charlie the Cullens are vampires and Jacob is a werewolves Bella's child is half vampire." Billy said

"Isabella if that is true you will get ride of it tomorrow." Charlie roared

"no way Charlie if you can't Except the fact that I am pregnant then I will leave and you will never see me or your grandchild again." I yelled

I ran upstairs and began throwing my stuff in a duffle bag. As I was moving to the bookshelf when I fell on a loose floor board and inside was my cd Edward made for me and all my other birthday presents.

There was also a note from the person I thought of as a sister.