"how's our girl?" he asked wrapping his arms around me.

"Good she was asleep when we got her though." I said smiling at her. looking down at my sleeping daughter moving some of her bronze hair out of her face.

"Bella?" I heard Esme say. I looked up at her.

"Carlisle would like to look at her before we talk to the girls" she said.

"ok Esme" I said handing Emily to Esme who took her to Carlisle's office.

I leaned against Edward and looked up. Everyone was sitting down. Emmett had Rosalie in his lap and Jasper hap Alice in his. The stars were floating about a hairs width above the ground, near the book shelve.

When Carlisle finally came down he handed Emily to me. He looked over at the stars he sat next to Esme on the couch next to Edward and I.

" so would you girls mind telling us what exactly you are?" Carlisle said.

:well we are star's. we fell one day after school was over, we were goofing off , it wasn't our time yet to come. all stars come to earth every 10 years, about three full. We weren't supposed to fall for another 5 years.

" All stars fall between 15-20 then rise again after being here for 12 years with out aging since we fell early we matured so we are physically 16 and 17 mentally over one hundred though." Ally said.

" we quickly learned we couldn't tell any one what we are."

"so wait a minute, how long have you been here? On earth?" Emmett asked.

"about three hundred years give or take." Peppy said.

" and you've been 16 this whole time?" Jasper added.

"yes we have." Sassy said.

"that's very interesting girls. Say do you have any one watching over you?" Carlisle asked.

"no we don't we did when we first got here but that was as I said almost three hundred years ago." Jayde said.

"Sassy, is Peppy ok?" Alice asked.

We all looked to where Peppy sat. she was on the ground shaking. Ally, Sassy, and Jayde all jumped.

"Peppy! Peppy, look at me!" Jayde Yelled.

"what's going on?" I screeched clutching Emily.

"she's seeing something. it's never been this bad before!" Ally said

"Peppy snap out of it! Please." Sassy pleaded trying to get Peppy to Calm down.

A few minutes later she collapsed and everything was still even her she didn't even breathe.

"Peppy?" Jayde said going to her friend.

"Something's wrong. Very Wrong." Peppy said her eyes shot open her eyes landing on Jasper her eyes were se in a stone cold glare as she stood up.

"Who is Maria? Who is she that she is putting my family in Danger!!!" her voice rose with each word as she glared at him.


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