Dear Marni

Chromaggia, Chromaggia

Perche wo non affronti il Pericolo?

I am so sorry.

La frecia era legata.

All'Ala E lei volaca per liborasene.

Can you forgive me for this?

18 Years Ago

The tapping of the cane echoed down the hallway. A girl helped her blind friend into the elevator. Clouded, unseeing eyes gazed at nothing as the blind girl groped for the railing. She had been blind since birth, and was used to the disadvantage.

She barely went outside, relying on her friend for almost everything; news, shopping, but mostly for someone to talk to,

Both girls were pale, although her friend was a bit whiter. She was stiff, scared of what she was about to do but never daring to show it.

The blind girl felt her discomfort as the elevator doors shut.

"You don't have to do this. I really am fine."

The girl turned to gaze at the blind girl, her eyes lingering on the colorless pupils.

"I have to."

"This isn't the only way you know." She continued, trying to dissuade her friend.

Her friend shook her hair out of the loose bun, letting waves of ink flow down her back.

"You sound like you don't want to see…"

"No!" the blind girl cried in protest. "I do! It…it's just…"

Her friend placed a hand on the blind girl's shoulder comfortingly.

"Please. Don't say it."

"Why?!" the blind girl snapped angrily. "You need to know the full weight of what you're going!"

"I'm doing this for you! Don't patronize me!" her friend yelled.

An awkward silence ensued, interrupted by a ding. The elevator doors opened and two genterns entered, babbling about the newest transplants. It only seemed to add to the cold silence between the two, and the two talkative genterns left on the next floor. Minutes ticked by before the blind girl broke the silence.

"I'm sorry…I just…I don't want you sleeping with him just for me."

Her friend gave a tired laugh.

"You are more important to me than my love life, so be thankful. And anyway, what's really so bad about seducing the head of GeneCo? He's rich, he has power…"

"His oldest son is eighteen." The blind girl interrupted obstinately.


Her friend paused, caught off guard by the age difference between herself and the boy's father. She suddenly grinned, and giggled, although the giggle seemed hollow.

"Does that make me a gold digger then?"

The blind girl sighed and shook her head.

She never takes anything seriously. She just thinks this is one big game.

She gave in though, like always. With another ding from the elevator, they arrived at the GeneCo head's office. Her friend swallowed hard, clenching and unclenching her fists.

"I must be brave." She whispered to herself.

The blind girl heard her easily. Being blind also meant having heightened senses, which wasn't too bad.

She grabbed her friend's hand subtly, and squeezed it encouragingly.

"Come, come what may." She whispered in return. Hopefully, those words would give her friend the strength she needed.

The doors slid open, and they glided in, her friend guiding the way.

The head of GeneCo glanced up from his cluttered desk when he heard their footsteps. He stifled a gasp as they stepped into sight.

The girl with the cane was alright, nothing much to look at. The other one though, she was simply divine. A gentle face with brown eyes that sparkled with mischief and fun adorned her like rays on the sun. Full, red lips were parted ever so slightly as to reveal a hint of pearly, straight teeth. The blind girl seemed to fade into the background.

An eighteen year old young man in a pinstripe suit turned to see the newcomers as well from his spot on the sofa.

"That chick is fucking hot!" he declared, voicing his and his father's opinion.

His father turned beet red, embarrassed by his son and ashamed at sinking so low as to be on the same mind set as his son.

"Luigi!" he barked to the boy.

With a roll of his eye, Luigi took the hint. He leaped off the sofa, extremely gawky for his age. With an overdramatic air very much suited to that of a teenager, he haughtily took the elevator back down.

Disgusting boy…

Her friend barely even glanced at Luigi, and resisted the urge to punch him. She expected her blind friend to do the same, but even so kept a close grip on her hand.

When Luigi was out of the blind girl's range, she released her hand and slid to the desk with a coy smile.

"Good morning." She said, leaning over his desk slightly.

He bit his lip, his eyes drifting to her chest. By leaning over the desk, she allowed him a clear view down her black dress.

Turning red once more, he stammered a hello and snatched the nearest stack of papers, flipping through them, trying to distract himself.

"Can I help you Miss…"

"Marni." She offered, letting her hair fall over one shoulder, the nape of her porcelain neck exposed. "Marni D'angela."

"Rotti Largo."

She gave a small bubbly laugh. To him, it sounded like a chorus of angels, but the blind girl could tell otherwise.

She's trying too hard. He'll know what we're up to, and then we're done for!

"I know who you are Mr. Largo." She teased.

Oh give me a break. I'm going to gag in a moment if she keeps up the sugary act.

But what did she expect? Marni always got what she wanted, no matter what she had to do or give up.

He coughed once, putting down the papers. He met her eyes and puffed up, trying to seem impressive.

"Call me Rotti."

She smiled warmly.

"As long as you call me Marni."

"Very well then…Marni."

The name was sweet to the ear and tripped off the tongue. She had him hooked and Marni knew it.

"How can I help you Marni?"

Damn, he loved saying her name. As she wandered into the random explanation she and her friend had come up with, her voice started to fade into background sound. No matter how lovely it was, it couldn't beat the rushing in his ears. He fought to keep composure, only gazing at those lips. How they moved, how they would taste… He was shaken from his wonderings by the realization that she had called her friend over.

The blind girl made her way next to Marni, who took her hand to guide her away from the edges of the desk. Rotti was instantly jealous. He himself would give anything to touch that hand, yet the impaired girl was the lucky one.

In the light, her features weren't that bad, although she was hideous compared to Marni. Her long, raven hair was in a low ponytail, pulled away from her face. Her face was very delicate, almost like a doll's. Her lips had the same plump quality as Marni's, and they could have been sisters and no one would question it. She would have been beautiful, if it had not been for her eyes. Two white clouds stared at the space above his head. Those eyes expressed no emotion, and there was no light in them, as if she had not laughed in a long time.

"Rotti, this is my dear friend Magdalene Defoue."

He put out his hand to shake hers, but realized she couldn't see it. Awkwardly, he tried to cover up his blunder by patting her on the shoulder half heartedly.

"Nice to meet you Miss. Defoue."

She nodded, smiling slightly.

What a sleaze ball. His palms are all sweaty. Just stop touching me!

"A pleasure, Mr. Largo."

He turned back to Marni, eager to talk to her once more.

"So, what was it you needed?"

"Um…" She wracked her brain for a solution, but Mag beat her to it.

"Marni! What time is it?" she asked, faking panic.

Marni caught her drift instantly and glanced at the watch at her wrist.

"Oh no! We're late!"

She started pulling Mag to the elevator.

"It was nice meeting you Rotti!" she called back.


She turned, a question in her eyes. She released Mag's hand, leaving her in the elevator as she swept over to Rotti.


He had to see her again. She had a strange effect over him, like she was a puppeteer and he was the marionette.

From the elevator, Mag couldn't make out a word. She was too busy bad mouthing Rotti in her mind. She really didn't like him. But, it was Marni's choice. No matter what she said, Marni was going to get her new eyes and they would be able to live normally and go outside.

After hearing murmurs of Marni flirting shamlessly, and Rotti falling hard for her for a while, Marni returned to the elevator with a small wave back to Rotti. She held the smile in place until the elevator doors closed. It slid off, replaced with a look of disgust.

"How gross is he?! He was sweaty, and he kept staring at my boobs." She complained.

Mag laughed softly.

"My thoughts exactly."

Marni took Mag's hand, placing a card into it.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Your ticket to sight." Marni replied.

She took the card and slid it into her pocket.

"I'm going on a date with him tonight. There, I'll convince him to give you eyes."

Mag felt panic flood through her.

"You're not going to!"

"It's the only way. And anyway, if I'm lucky I'll be too drunk to care."

The elevator reached the last floor, and they left the building, Marni carefully guiding Mag back to her home, where they would start planning their next move.


Hey! I decided to be serious! Anyway, I got this idea from thinking outloud! And also, Magical Shovel's nonstop suggestions that Marni did everybody (which I agree with completely). So yeah! There is only one sided love here. So yes, that means we have a total of three pairings here! RottixMarni, NathanxMarni, NathanxMag, MarnixMag. No Pavigi. I apologize. So…in conclusion: Marni is a skank. You go Marni! LIBERATION! XD hope you enjoyed it.