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A Naruto Fanfiction

Anko X Hinata X Ino

Chapter 1

"--And coming down the catwalk is Mitarashi Anko showing off Senju Tsunade's evening gown."

"Doesn't she look beautiful, Martha?"

"Yes Jared, the dark violet really brings out her eyes."


"Jeez, Hinata, How long are you gonna sit on the couch?!"

Hinata Hyuga jumped when the castcom remote landed in her lap. "When did you get here?" she asked when she looked up. Her childhood friend Ino Yamanaki was standing in front of the T.V. With her hands on her hips glaring down at her.

Ino was silent for a moment before letting out a heavy sigh. "About twenty minutes—and don't you raise that eyebrow at me—I raided your fridge so don't offer."

Hinata shrugged her shoulders and stood up, tossing the remote onto the couch. "what are we doing today Miss. Queen Bee—Ow!"

"--Didn't I tell you not to call me that Hina-bun?" Hinata rolled her eyes and rubbed her sore arm before following Ino into her bedroom. Ino threw open the closet and fisted three different shirts before throwing them on the bed. "Strip and put one of those on." She ordered before turning back to the closet and shuffling through her bottoms section.

Hinata pulled off her shirt and tossed it on the floor before picking up a blue shirt that Ino had picked out. "Where are we going?" She looked at the shirt and shoved her arms through it before pulling it over her head.

Ino held up a pair of gray skinny jeans and held them up. "P-Brain gave me some info that I thought you might like. Here put these on."

Hinata caught the jeans with her face huffed. "What info? Ugh, I don't think I can get my boobs into this shirt!" Hinata took a step forward and slipped on the jeans, causing her to land on her butt. " Owie, stupid hardwood floors."

Ino took one look at Hinata, shook her head and walked over to her before helping her stand up again. Wow, did your boobs grow again?"

Hinata looked down at her chest and shrugged. "I guess?"

"What do you mean you guess?! You didn't look this big a few days ago!"

"Lawl No-No, I didn't know you looked at my boobs all the time."

Ino's cheeks flushed red and she turned toward the bed to pick up a hot pink see-through blouse and a black camisole. "Whatev's, put these on instead and dont forget the straight leggs" Walking back to the closet she got on her hands and knees and started looking for matching shoes.

"Common hurry, French your hair real quick—no don't spray that one!"

"But I like this one!"

"Well I don't! Common we don't have a lot of time!"

Hinata pulled her arm away from Ino and set down the body mist that she was holding. "You never told me where we were going."

"You never gave me a chance to tell yo--"

"--Tell me now then!" Hinata sat on the edge of her bed and started French braided her long ebony colored hair.

"Fine then." Walking over to the dresser, Ino picked up Hinata's eyeliner and mascara. " Put these on when you're done with that."


"Okay, okay. Well, I got some info from P-brain that 'Anna' is gonna be going to her first modeling shoot and P-brain said that Twenty said that Z-boy said that 'Anna' knows someone who knows you know who and that you know who was going to be at 'Anna's photo shoot today."

Hinata's eyes got wide. "No. Effing. Way."

Ino grinned and handed the eyeliner and mascara to her. "Way. Now common lover girl, get a move on, we don't want to be late.

Hinata didn't need to be told twice.