Chapter One


"Where's your location, ugly?" I scowled as the voice of my dispassionate teammate Sai came over the small microphone tucked in my ear. He had a habit of calling me ugly, at first I would get angry at his verbal attacks but now I just ignore them, I realized that he enjoyed getting me angry. I sighed to show my annoyance and answered, "I'm 17 kilometers away from the enemies hidden underground base."

"Be right there," his voice sounded flat, almost as if he was a robot. Sai had always been like that though. He never grew up in a sheltered home with loving parents as other children did. Growing up he was made into killing machine, void of any kind of emotion and used as a weapon by many. He joined our team about four years ago and has recently just begun to practice becoming more social and has been trying to develop emotions that he had been stripped of in the past.

True to his word he was by my side in less than a minute.

"We have to take down the enemies to obtain the scroll," Sai stated the obvious. I rolled my eyes and nodded. Why the hell was he telling me what I already knew? A small noise that could only be detected by ninja ears alerted us of the enemies approach. Crouching lower behind the thick patch of bush we clutched our weapons in our fist and hid our chakra so we wouldn't be detected by our enemies.

Three shinobi from the sand village that we had been tracking for the past three hours slowly came to view. One carried a small box that we were told, is sealed with a strong protection jutso. It contained a valuable scroll that was stolen from the Leaf village two days ago. Sakura knew it was important that they obtain this scroll before the enemies had a chance to even open it. Sakura knew that it had not yet been opened because the jutsu that sealed the box was still intact.

"They haven't been able to break the protection jutso on the box," once again Sai stated the obvious. "Remember the plan?"

I nodded and fought the urge to roll my eyes, "Let's go!" What did he take me for an idiot? Of course I remember the plan.

In a flash we jumped out of hiding and attacked the two ninjas keeping guard from the back. "What the. . . Ahhh!" Sai swiftly pierced through man's heart with his dagger and threw his body aside like a rag doll. The man's eyes remained wide opened in shock but he was clearly dead. I wasn't the kind of person to just kill recklessly. I only killed if necessary, so I applied pressure to a vital chakra point in the enemy's neck that I knew would keep him out cold for at least two days.

"Ahhh! No. . . please!" I looked up to see Sai mercilessly and quickly kill the other man with his dagger. He kicked the body aside and took up the fallen box. Looking up he nodded to me and I nodded in return. This mission was way too easy. Mission Accomplished.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Tsunade nodded proudly at the two jounin, "Well done guys. I couldn't have asked for a better collaboration." I raised a brow. Tsunade knew Sai was the last person on earth I wanted to go on a mission with. Not only did he insult me all the time but he always had little to say and it unnerved me. Sometimes he reminded me of Sasuke and I did not want to remember anything about him. "Your dismissed, Sakura please stay back," Sai bowed in respect to the Hokage and turned to the door behind him to leave. "See you later ugly."

"Why you stinking, no good. . .ugh!" I muttered under my breath when he shut the door. I took a seat in the chair facing towards Tsunade's desk which was overflowing with undone paperwork. Knowing my master they will never be done. Sometimes, I was the one who ended up completing them along with her other apprentice, Shizune. We were used to her laziness and constant slacking off so we didn't mind. The only thing that we did mind was her habit of drinking constantly and gambling. Everyone in the village knows that Tsunade is the worst gambler ever and she has no luck whatsoever.

"You have a week off from the hospital. I will assign a temporary replace. . ."

"But sensei!" I objected before she could finish her statement. Was she serious?

"No buts. I can see that you're tired. You've been working hard. Especially since Sasuke left. Both you and Naruto have been working hard but unlike Naruto you don't take breaks. You have to give your body a rest. We can't have a half dead doctor tending to the patients."

I smiled and rubbed my hands together in my lap. Truth be told I was tired and would be rather grateful for the break. Standing, I bowed respectfully to my sensei and left the room shaking my head when I saw two empty sake bottles in the garbage. That woman has a serious drinking problem.


I stepped into my small but cozy and neat apartment. Usually when I reached home Naruto would be at my doorstep begging me to join him for some ramen. At first I would refuse and then I would accept after he started whining and sprouted huge tears but he was away on a mission. He would probably be back next week.

Ring! Ring!

"Oh come on," I made a dive for the phone before it rang one more time. "Hello!" I answered grumpily. "Forehead! Your back! Thank god. Man I've been calling this phone everyday hoping you were finally finished from you're mission. It was getting so boring around this place with no one to talk too. How was your mission?" Ino's loud and cheery high pitch voice rang through the phone.

I smiled, "It was fine, although it would have been better if I wasn't assigned to work with Mr. Statue."

Ino's laugh rang through the phone, "So how are you?"

"I'm fine," I answered. There was a slight pause on her end of the line. I could picture the frown that would be presently forming on her face.

"No, I mean how are you? I mean ever since Sasuke left you've been . . . You know!"

"I've been what?" I asked.

"I don't know! You just. . . You know! I mean come on you haven't been on a date in what like. . . never! Come on its been five years since he left. You have to. . ."

I cut in impatiently, "Look, could we not talk about this right now? I'm tired and need some sleep." I really didn't want to hear about Sasuke now. I didn't want to her about him ever. It just made me think back of how stupid, naïve and useless I was, clinging like a love struck fool to someone who didn't even like me and did everything to show me that they didn't. It was only about a year after he left that I finally understood how little he thought of me, how much I was a burden to him.

I heard Ino sigh in disappointment on the other end of the line, "Okay . . .But we will talk about this. Have a good sleep billboard brow." Ino hung up quickly after the last comment before I could throw back a remark. Replacing the phone on its hook, I went to my room and peeled off my sweaty attire and took a nice, hot shower to sooth away all the tension that was built up in my body.

Stepping out the shower I pulled a thin towel around my body and went to my room closing the bathroom door behind me. I pulled on an underwear and a long thin pale blue shirt that reached my thighs. I combed out my slightly damp mane of hair. It grew some length over the years. It is now about three inches below my shoulders, no longer under my chin. My eyes and my hair where probably the two main assets that made it impossible to forget me. My hair is pink, bubble gum pink! And I have emerald eyes. Back when I was twelve my forehead was a little, ok extremely large. I use to get teased all the time. Now I grew into my forehead and I wasn't bad looking either. Not that I'm bragging but I have been receiving a lot of attention from the males in the village but I didn't give them the time of day. I was way to busy working in the hospital and trying to help out Tsunade with her responsibilities that she was greatly reluctant in doing. I was about to retire to bed when I decided to grab a quick midnight snack first. I haven't eaten since breakfast and I could not ignore the rumbling in my tummy.

Opening my bedroom door I stopped cold in my tracks as I sensed an unusual presence. I always got a weird feeling when I was being watched. Suddenly my blood ran cold and I spun on my heel. I gasped in shock as I came face to face with the dark silhouette of a man. I stumbled backwards and held myself up against the wall. I immediately got out of my state of shock and got into a slight defensive position.

"How did you get in here? Who are you?" I always valued protection. I had a strong almost unbreakable safety jutso surrounding my apartment to keep out enemies or any other threats. Just the thought of someone infiltrating my home made me sick. The person moved forward with one step into the dim light of the hallway. My eyes widened and my knees nearly gave out beneath me, "Sas. . . Sasuke!"

I looked up at my former teammate. The man who changed me and Naruto's lives when he left. The man who knocked me out and left me on a goddamn bench! The man who broke my heart five years ago when he left to get revenge on his brother and didn't return. . . Until now. Here he was in the flesh almost impossible to be real. But he was real. The past five years only added to his devastatingly good looks. His eyes were beautiful but were still cold and lacked any trace of emotion, it didn't even give the slightest hint. He was the most gorgeous and most beautiful male I had ever laid my eyes on, even with his usual poker face. He was now a head taller than me, I only reached his chest. Compared to him I felt small and vulnerable.


I swallowed when he said my name, like it just rolled of his tongue. I could literally drown in that deep sexy voice. I could feel myself falling for him all over again. Why was this happening to me?

"Long time no see."

Author's Note: Well that's the first Chapter of my very first fiction. I hope you enjoyed it, I tried my best to make it good and I'll try to make the upcoming chapter even better. Constructive criticism is very much excepted and will be acknowledged as help to make me better and more literate at writing. Thank you for reading.