Chapter 13

"Well, I must say I'm impressed." Tsunade sat back in her chair and viewed the scroll in her hand with surprise, then looked back up and gave each of us a brief glance." I actually did not expect you guys to find it this fast. It hasn't even been a week. It seems putting you guys on a team together makes you work more efficiently."

She stood and approached a Anbu member who stood in the corner of the room. She handed him the scroll, "You know what to do."

The Anbu nodded and disappeared in a light fuzz of mist.

"You guys went through a lot to retrieve the scroll for the sake of the village. I'm very grateful and proud. I understand that Sakura also went through a lot and she's in the hospital resting. I hope she feel's better."

She sat back down and I nearly groaned aloud. I know she is the hokage and shit but I really want to-no. . . I really need to see Sakura. I need to see if she's alright.

"Good job, your mission was successful for finding our Sacred scroll and not only that, you managed to learn about Sound's plan and stop them. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. Well, your dismissed."

"Yay! When is our next mission, granny Tsunade?" Naruto pounced on Tsunade.

I knew Naruto's silence was to good to be true. The violent woman threw him off and he went crashing through the wall.

"What a fool." I heard Neji mutter under his breath as he walked beside me out of the Hokage's office, Tenten was laughing, Hinata once again went to Naruto's aid and Sai just remained silent.

"I hope Sakura will be alright." Tenten said after her laughter died down. Neji nodded. "She'll be alright. She wasn't hurt badly just physically drained, she's strong."

Naruto grabbed a hold of my shoulder and dragged Sai by his hands, "Let's go see Sakura."

Halfway out the building he turned around and looked at Hinata who was left behind. "Aren't you coming, Hinata? We can go out for something to eat after." Smooth move Naruto. The girl looked as if Jesus just gave her a one-way ticket to heaven. Hinata ran up behind us her face red as a cherry.

"Well!" Naruto put more pressure on my shoulder and I cursed under my breath. "Let's move out!"



"I'm fine, Naruto. I was just tired."

I stood from the doorway as Sakura tried to reassure Naruto that she was in perfectly good condition. However, the dobe didn't really seem to understand. He's was way too over protective. Okay, that sounds weird coming from me. Sai stood on the other side of the bed looking very much out of place. He did ask Sakura if she was alright but now he just stood there awkwardly. What a looser.

"Naruto. Please, I'm sure I'm alright. Besides I think you should go with Hinata now."

Naruto looked at the blushing Hinata and smiled. "Alright. But if you need -"

"JUST GO!" Sakura shouted impatiently. Naruto gave her a hug and took hold of Hinata's hand.

"B bye Sakura." Hinata stuttered. As they passed me by the door Naruto grinned and slapped me on my back. Stupid idiot.

Sai used this perfect situation to get himself out and moved from the side of the bed and made his way to the door. "Later, ugly."

"I didn't catch that." I stepped in front of him and sneered.

"Sasuke. It's alright. . .he doesn't mean anything bad. I think."

I moved past him, accidentally shoving him into the doorway. I looked back at him and grinned maliciously.

"Sasuke! Sai, he didn't mean to do that."

"I doubt that." he said exiting the room.

I sat down on the chair next to Sakura's bed. She looked at me exasperated. "Why must you be so hostile?"

"Why must you be so kind?"

"Because people like people who are nice to them." her eyes sparked with anger.

I slouched back in the chair and shrugged. "People who are nice easily gets taken advantage of and are gullible."

Sakura scowled and stared at me. "People who are hostile are the ones who take advantage and deceive the nice persons."

A small smile tugged at the corner of my mouth. "That's true." My eyes rested on the binding wrapped on her foot. "Is your foot broken?"

"It was. The bone is mended. It will heal in about a week." As she spoke I ran my fingers on her arms and I felt her shiver from the touch.

"Your shivering. Are you cold?" I smirked up at her and her cheeks took on a light blush. "No! I'm not shivering. What makes you think I'm shivering." her cheeks got more red in a mix of embarrassment and anger. "It's just the drugs they gave me."

"Drugs? Sure." Sarcasm was laced in my voice.

"Drugs can have a lot of effects on the body." Sakura defended herself and I watched her amused. " Like dizziness, nausea, shivers----"

"--and horniness." I grinned widely when Sakura frowned and her face flushed. I cocked my head to the side. "Isn't that right, doctor?"

Sakura stared at me wide-eyed. "What a are y you. . . I don't know wh-what umm." She stuttered just like Hinata and turned her head to the side. "I -I don't know what your talking about."

I raised a brow and leaned forward to rest me elbows on the edge of the bed. "Since you don't remember, let me refresh your memory."

"Okay! I remember." Sakura said quickly her face heating up.

"I thought so. I mean it's not everyday you just jump someone and try to rape them." Her eyes widened and she fidgeted in her position. "You were like an animal in heat but I'm not gonna lie and say I didn't enjoy it."

"It was the drugs, n not m me!" She didn't even sound too sure of herself.

"So why did you come after me?" I asked her.

"Huh?" she looked confused.

"There were three other guys in the room yet you chose me. Did the drugs tell you to do that, Sakura?"

"I. . .you were probably just the first male I saw so I went after you. I didn't know what I was doing or even if it was you."

"You called my name." I took hold of her hands and slid her off the bed and onto my lap."

"No, I didn't." she shook her head viciously.

"Yes you did, Sakura." I buried my head in the crook of her neck and kissed my way up to her ears. I bit her ear lightly and smirked. "You said, 'Sasuke, give it to me.'" I caught her face in my hand and kissed her. She tastes so damn sweet, I know I would never have enough of her. I nearly growled when the door opened.

"Ms. Haruno. I came to check on. . ." I looked back to see a nurse, she looked to be around nineteen or eighteen. She was probably in training. Her eyes were wide in shock and her face red from embarrassment. I could believe Sakura had the same look on her face now.

"Go Away." I glared at the girl annoyed at her for interrupting us.

"Sasuke!" Sakura glared at me. "It's alright don't go!" she called back the girl who was just scampering through the door. "You came to check on my condition, right?"

Sakura pulled herself out of my grasp and shot daggers at me when I squeezed her rear. The nurse nodded and nervously avoided my gaze. Every now and then while writing she stole small glances at me and I gave her my famous Uchiha glare. What was up with this chick anyway?

Wait. Did she just bat her eyes at me? How unattractive. Didn't she see me making out with Sakura? Why the hell would I want some little nurse who was flat as a board and straight as a ruler. Sakura's hair has way more sex appeal than her whole body. Not to mention her ass is practically non existent.

"Well, Ms. Haruno, you are free to leave the hospital. Don't over exert your foot much and avoid situations that will put too much stress on your foot."

"Thanks." I watched as Sakura came off the bed and tested her foot. Her eyebrows furrowed a bit when she tried to walk on it. I got up and walked pass the nurse to help Sakura stand and I swore that her hand brushed the front of my pants.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her to my side. I could see the young nurse who stood at the side watching with envy in her eyes. I deliberately ran my hands over the high curve of Sakura's backside and smirked at her.

This is what a real woman looks like, miss stick figure.

"Let's go, Sasuke. I really miss my bed and I don't think I will be able to stand much longer." Sakura said.



"Break me off a piece of that."

I quickly turned my head in Naruto's direction and frowned. What did he just say? When I followed the direction of his gaze I noticed that he was looking in the direction of a blonde haired girl. His eyes followed her like a moth to a flame, zooming in on her through the thick crowd of people walking around the town.

I scrunched my nose in distaste. "Aren't you with Hinata? Why are you watching that girl?"

Naruto didn't even turn his head. "What girl?" he asked confused.

I blinked and followed his gaze once more. It once again led me to the girl. Looking back at Naruto I could see his gaze is not directed at her face but a little lower. There is no way he's looking at what I think he's looking at. Sick Pervert. I looked back to where his gaze were and that's when I notice that she has a container in her hand. I could easily read 'Beef Ramen' labeled on it.

My mouth lifted in a scowl and I turned to look at Naruto. The damn fool was drooling. I almost threw up at the sight.

"Let's just go to the stupid food store, Naruto."

Naruto snapped out of his daze and followed beside me. As we reached the entrance to the store, this skinny (really skinny) guy pushed shoved Naruto to the side in an attempt to pass.

"Hey! Who the hell do you think you are. You can't just go around pushing people."

I turned when I saw that Naruto was right about ready to start a fight. Everyone in the store as well as outside was at a standstill anxiously waiting to see what would happen next. Does Naruto have to cause a scene everywhere we go?

"Says who, cat face!"

I closed my eyes for a brief second and looked at Naruto. I knew he wouldn't take that one well. His face was red in anger and he looked just about ready to explode. The skinny man had guts. I eyed him from the corner of my eyes noting his jeans were falling from his hip which were nothing but two pairs of bones sticking out. He doesn't have on shirt though I don't know why considering he looks like he has Bulimia.

"What did you say, Prime ribs!"

I couldn't help the small smile that tugged at the corner of my mouth. The skinny man's eyes flashed in anger.

"Who are you calling ribs, you tiger-faced mutt!"

"Says the talking spaghetti."

"Spiky haired dope!"

"Oh please. Mr. Dental floss. Your gonna have to do better than that, my buddy Sasuke here calls me more insulting and creative names than you do." Naruto poked out his tongue and wagged it at the man.

I narrowed my eyes at Naruto. "Baka. Don't drag me into your little cat fight. Your wasting my time. Let's go."

I dragged Naruto who was grinning like an idiot into the store. The skinny man behind us shouted all kinds of names and insults. I growled in my throat and turned my head partially to look at him. "Shut up you friggin bag of bones."

I regret I ever said that because Naruto started to laugh like a hyena causing more of a scene. "Why didn't Ha I think hah haa of that?" he asked his words broken by laughter.

The crowd that had gathered slowly became smaller until everyone was back to minding their own damn business. "So what did, Sakura tell you to buy?" Naruto asked.

I shrugged and pulled out a small paper out of my pocket. Or so I thought. When I opened the paper it immediately rolled out almost hitting the floor. "What the hell, is she crazy?"

"No. She's just hungry. Really hungry." Naruto said watching the list with slightly widened eyes.

I gave Naruto the list and grabbed a cart and we started down the first isle. "I'll read the list." Naruto offered. I sighed. That's why I gave it to him in the first place.

"Green tea? They have tea that is green. It must be made from grass. Why would Sakura drink that, ugh!"

I resisted the urge to throw the cart in his had. I scanned the shelf and picked up a box of green tea.

"Vege--tables. Wait, they have tables made out of veggies? I want one."

This time I hit him over his head. "That's vegetables you stupid moron."

"Oh. . . Hey look. Over there." Naruto pointed and ran to a shelf with vegetables. Soon he ran back and threw a bunch of vegetables in the cart. I looked at them then glared at Naruto.


"These vegetables are old and spoiled. You mean to tell me out of all the fresh vegetable selection you chose these?"

Naruto looked at me and smiled like he knew something I didn't. "Haven't you heard food gets better with age." The idiot had the audacity to smile like he told me some vital information that I would be appreciated to have gained.

"This is not wine you dobe! When vegetables are spoiled their not good to eat."

Naruto scratched his head. "I eat them all the time and they taste fine."

I shook my head and took the vegetables out of the basket shoving them in Naruto's arms. I selected fresh vegetables and proceeded down the isle. Naruto just dropped the vegetables on the floor and followed me earning many stares from other people in the store.

"Say Sasuke. Why did you take up so many tomatoes? There are nineteen of them."

I looked at Naruto from the corner of my eyes. "It's good to know you can count that high."

"What the hell's that suppose to mean, ice-block!"

"What's next on the list dobe?"

"Hm! Organic Milk. I didn't know you could squeeze milk from human organs." Naruto furrowed his brows.

Could he really be that dumb?


"Sakura!" Naruto's shouted Sakura's name as we entered the house. What annoyed me the most is that she was just right there, with that yellow haired girl. What's her mane again? Rhino, or is it Bino? I know it's something with 'o'.

The said girl suddenly jumped up and screamed my name. Yep. . .judging from the speed she's running towards me with and the wild look in her eyes, her name is most definitely Rhino. Before she could touch me I sidestepped and she went headfirst into the wall.

I heard her growl. "Still mean and hostile I see."

"Still wild and aggressive I see." I didn't wait to see what happened after her face turned red. I went to the kitchen and put the groceries down and Naruto did the same.

I went back to the living room where Sakura and Ino sat talking and I watched as Naruto devoured a slice of blueberry pie which I guess he found in the kitchen.


Naruto started to choke on the pie and feeling a little pity for him I hit his back and he coughed up a piece of pie.

"Kakashi!" Sakura and Ino greeted him while Naruto glared at him. "You nearly killed me."

Kakashi closed the orange book he always had his head in and place it in his pocket. His eyes creased in a smile. "If you weren't eating in such a hasty fashion, you wouldn't have choked." He looked in my direction and nodded.

"I heard from Tsunade about your successful mission. I really didn't expect your return so quickly." he turned and approached Sakura. "Tsunade mentioned that you were in the hospital and your leg was broken. I can see it's healing up nicely, though."

"Any way. Naruto, I would like you to come with me. Tsunade asked me to retrieve you."

Naruto jumped off his chair. "Oh Boy! Another mission!"

"Nope. She wants you to patch up that hole in the wall she threw you through earlier." "Oh man. No fair."

Kakashi headed to the door and Naruto followed behind mumbling and grumbling about life was unfair and all sorts of other crap.

"Oh well! I've got to meet Shikamaru for uhh. . . Training at the training grounds. See you later." Ino kissed Sakura on the cheek and rushed out the door and closed it behind her. She was heading to the training grounds to meet Shikamaru alright but when I saw them last night they weren't training. I looked at Sakura who lay on the couch watching TV and just observed her.

. . . .

I looked over at Sasuke from the corner of my eyes. He just sat there staring at me, maybe he was angry or something but I really couldn't take the silence. "Sasuke, you haven't said anything much since you came. Is this about the grocery list." I looked at him guiltily. "I know it was a little long, okay a lot long but I haven't been shopping . . . Are you even listening to me?" My guilt was immediately overthrown by anger when I saw that he wasn't even paying attention. I hate when people ignore me.


I looked at him when I sensed the slight changed in his voice. He's never said my name like that before. I gasped when I was suddenly pushed back on the couch and caged in by Sasuke. His eyes were dark and clouded.

He brought his head down to mine and caught my lips in a for a heated kiss. His tongue urgently pushed through my lips and sought out for mine desperately. I couldn't stop the moan that came from my throat and I arced up into him loving the hardness of his muscled body above me.

"Sasuke! I. . ." I gasped in the kiss. I was at a loss for words and clung to him kissing back desperately. I kissed him like my life depended on it and I nearly died when his hands slid down my belly making the muscles ripple and curl into a tight ball of desire. How did he do that? I could feel the blood pounded through my body as I gasped into the kiss for air. I felt like I was melting inside and I was being lost from myself.

I craved for his touch, his scent, his deep sexy voice and all that frightened me. I never wanted anything as much as I wanted Sasuke now. I love him. I really love him. How could he make me feel this way with just a kiss?

I am certain that I will explode soon, I can't take it anymore. I . .

"Marry me, Sakura."

My eyes widened in shock and I felt my whole body tense up in surprise. Sasuke looked down at me and I could see he was being serious. He nuzzled my neck and whispered in my ears. "I want to make you mine. Be my wife. I love you."

"Yes." I answered more sure of it than I was of anything in my life. "Yes yes yes."

I looked down when I felt Sasuke slip something on my finger and my eyes widened in shock when I saw the most gorgeous gold, diamond ring with two emerald gems at the side. "Sasuke! I've never seen anything so beautiful in my life. . .I don't know what to say."

"You already said yes, Sakura Uchiha."

Why did he make that sound so sinfully sexy.

He once again started to kiss me and my head went up in a whirl wind. "I'm going to make you so mindless and numb with pleasure you'll only know my name."

Oh my god.

"By the way I want eleven kids."

"What!" I stared up at Sasuke in shock. Way to drop a bomb. He only smirked at me. "Don't worry you'll enjoy it. Let's start now." I gasped as he suddenly lifts me up to face him so I had to wrap my legs around his waist. I blushed Scarlett red as began walking to the room.

"But, I don't have any strength, my leg." I tried to cover up my nerves with a lie. My leg was actually feeling a lot better.

"I have enough strength for the both of us." Sasuke licked my ear and I could feel him smirking, his breath hot against my ear. "All you have to do is hold on."

Me eyes widened at the erotic words and I'm sure my face was as red as a tomato.

"I'll make you burn for me until your begging for more. I'll make your body go up in flames."

I swallowed as Sasuke he closed and locked the door behind us his mouth covered mine and he literally devoured me. His hand crept up my top and I let out a helpless cry and his other hand worked on the waist band of my skirt. I am completely lost to the world now.

The only thing I know is that Sasuke Uchiha was the one and only man for me, no one anywhere could ever compare to him or even and he was doing a damn good job of showing me too. After all these years of chasing Sasuke, then finally giving up on him and suddenly falling back in love with him has paid off. I never thought for once that I was lucky enough that this would ever happen to me, with Sasuke Uchiha at that but now I Sakura Uchiha is the most luckiest girl to ever walk the earth.

Author's Note: Yep, 'Need you so Bad' is finally over. I must say that the story took a lot of time and energy but I also must say I'm pleased with all the reviews I got. You guys keep me inspired. Anyway, a lot op people have been asking me to continue my one-shot 'Crush' and I have decided that I will make it into a story. So that's what I will be working on now. Anyway Thank you all my readers and I hope you enjoyed my story and I tried my best not to make any errors since this is my last Chapter an all.