A/N: I thought an epilogue was in order. In Ziva's POV, of course.

Funerals had been an unfortunate part of all of my life. Israel had a harsh mortality rate. Mossad even more so. While in the United States I had avoided falling into that way but people- coworkers still fell in the line of duty.

As I walked towards the coffin that laid open people saw me and moved out of the way as if they knew who I was. I refused to look in their sympatric eyes and concentrated on the man who I had never seen so still lie in the open casket.

I started down at him and took a moment as tears threatened to fall. When I could speak without fear of breaking down I leaned over and kissed his smooth forehead. "I should have told you more that I loved you."

I straightened and a supporting arm wrapped around my waist. I leaned into the embrace. "He knew," was whispered into my ear.

I glanced up at Tony who had come with me despite the fact he was still recovering from his gun shot wound. "How do you know?" I asked as I let him guild me away from the casket.

I allowed him to brush his fingered against my cheek because he enjoyed doing it and I enjoyed letting him. "Ziva, he was your father."

I made him sit down in one of the few chairs while I prepared myself to receive the people's words. "You look pale," I explained to him.

"Hey! Don't leave me," he said. "No one speaks English!"

I leaned down and kissed his very kissable lips. "I will be here with you always," I promised and meant every bit of it.

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