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The Agents and The Vampire

Chapter One – Two Different Worlds

Forks, Washington

Bella Swan

I walked out onto the front step as Carlisle's Mercedes pulled into the driveway. Charlie had gone on a fishing trip with Billy, and I had ended up texting Carlisle and telling him so I could be waiting there for him when he got home. I walked out into the driveway as he shut the car door and I noticed that he was rather upset, he had, most likely lost a patient and I ran to him. I flung my arms around his neck, only to be sure that I would have bruises on my arms later as he lowered his neck to kiss me and he pried my arms off of his neck.

"Babes," He said sweetly, though I could now see his face and I knew something had him troubled, "You're really going to hurt yourself if you keep doing that."

"What's wrong?" I asked and he shook his head as he scooped me up.

"Nothing, just lost a patient is all, I really should be used to this by now, with almost three hundred years of practicing medicine," He said as he hugged me close, though gently and he was careful not to hurt me as I touched his lips once again with mine.

"Carlisle," I said exasperatedly as I pressed my forehead to his cool one and looked into his perfect and endless honey golden eyes, "You of all people will never get over a human life lost. It's just who you are."

"Mmm," He said as he set me back down, not taking his loving eyes off of me as he took my hand and led me towards the door, "When does Charlie come back?"

"Monday, he's just spending the weekend in La Push," I said as He opened the door that had shut behind me and we walked inside.

He let go of my hand as we stepped in and he set his briefcase down near the foot of the stairs as he turned back around to catch my lips with his. The mixture of all the coolness on his mouth on mine and his arms around me weren't the only reasons why I shivered a little as he broke from my mouth and kissed the side of my neck were the only blood that called to him at all anymore flowed.

He let me back him against the nearest wall and he smiled as I pressed my warm body against his cold one and kissed his lips.

"Well, my beautiful Bella," He said as he wrapped his arms around my back and placed his hands in my back pockets, "Boy am I lucky you're eighteen."

Later that night as we lay in bed, I could tell something was still bothering him, and I knew it was his patient. I turned around watched him as he gazed out the window while he held me in his arms, I knew his thoughts were mostly elsewhere. His vampire senses told him I was watching him and his head turned right around to look at me and I smiled.

"Is that patient still on your mind Carlisle?" I asked and he nodded he looked as if he would cry if he could, but then again, he was Carlisle, "Do you Wanna tell me what happened?"

Carlisle sighed.

"He was a young guy," said Carlisle, and he kissed the top of my head, "Twenty Six, just got engaged and somebody shot him. I could've bit him and saved him, but I didn't. He was a marine, just got back from Iraq."

Washington D.C.

Abby Scuito

I stood in the elevator at NCIS headquarters as I road it up from the lab to see my silver haired fox. I had missed him even in the few hours that it had been since he left the house earlier this morning, now it was dark and he hadn't been down to see me much today. I walked into the squad room and I noticed that Ziva, Tony, and McGee were all huddled around Gibbs' desk. This was something Gibbs generally yelled at them for but there were all still talking amongst themselves as I approached the desk and sat on the edge.

"So what's up?" I asked as I noticed that Ducky was there as well.

"We're going to Washington," said Tony in false enthusiasm, a cheesy smile, and giving me two thumbs up as Ziva did the honors of whacking him upside the head.

"When are you leaving?" I asked, spinning around on the edge of his desk to face Gibbs who stood up and kissed her forehead.

"We're heading out tonight," He said as he took my hand in his, "But you and Duck are meeting us there tomorrow morning."

"Wait, I get to go on the field trip?" I asked energetically and Gibbs smiled that smile that only I can get out of him.

"Yup," He said and then he added to the other three inn his commanding voice, "Grab your gear! Run home we may be there for a while, meet up at the airport at 1900. And DiNozzo you had better bring that mh5 thing I am not listening to you yammer in my ear the whole plane ride!"

"I believe you mean mp3, boss and you can just say ipo-"

McGee was cut off by a glare that only Gibbs could give, one that gave me shivers even though I had never been on the receiving end of one. Even before we were technically together, he always had a little soft spot for me, and I was glad, that glare was scary. That was when Gibbs pulled a Caf Pow! Out from under his desk and handed it to me.

"Ah, my knight in shiny silver hair delivers again," I said and he smiled as he holstered his six iron and kissed me good bye.

The four of them piled onto the elevator and Ducky and I waved good bye before turning to each other.

"Did they day where in Washington?" I asked and Ducky nodded.

"Forks?" said Ducky, "I've never heard of it."

"Neither have I," I replied, and I was surprised I was pretty good about my geography, "I wonder if it's near the Quileute Indian Reservation, they got some serious Vampire legends up there."

"Abigail," said Ducky with a small amount of annoyance, "Vampires do not exist."

"That's what people said about the Lockness monster," I replied, silly Ducky, "And those are the same people who said that Elvis is really dead."

"Yes, and I'm sure they don't believe in Bigfoot either."

"Of course not, Duck-man," I said seriously, "Everyone knows Bigfoot's not real."