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The Agents and The Vampire

Chapter Fifteen – Relief

Dr. Carlisle Cullen

Rosalie and Emmett sat to my left, as Charlie was on my right, and Abby and Gibbs went over and sat with the other agents. Charlie turned to me as if he was going to say something, but closed his mouth and looked back at the floor. I looked over to see some of Bella's old friends from high school sitting on the opposite side of the waiting room. They were the ones that hadn't gone to college yet, or they were home on break. Bella had given me the excuse that she would go to college after she was turned, but she told her dad she wanted a few years off of school. She told me she wanted to spend the time with her family, and I had thought that was practical. If she had gone to school she wouldn't have been in the line of danger that night.

I let my head fall into my hands as I realized how many eyes were on me. Emmett's big paw of a hand clapped me on the back, trying to show me some support.

"How'd you know where she was?" Charlie asked, in a barely audible tone.

"Her truck was outside," I said, and I could feel Emmett's eyes on me, I had had him plant it there before he came to the hospital, "I had been scoping out the areas that kidnappers would take her."


"Yeah," I said quietly, "Don't worry, you won't hear from them."

Charlie looked at me curiously before it sunk in.

"Good," He said simply and that was it, he didn't ask, and I didn't tell.

I sat with my head in my hands until I sensed Janie, the night nurse, coming in. I was happy to see her, as the nurses kept a rotation of days when they had to be the ones to tell people in the ER bad news. Today was not Janie's day, it was Alexis' and Alexis was still at the station. I tapped Charlie on the shoulder as she approached us, and he looked up from the patch of carpet he had been staring at. The whole room went suddenly silent, I had enjoyed the little conversations, they had kept me from going insane trying to catch Bella's heartbeat while she was in the opposite side of the hospital. I stood up to great her, following Charlie's lead.

"They're bringing her down to a room," said Janie with her usual kind smile as relief washed through me, "Dr. Masen will be out to talk to you shortly, but I'll come get you when she's all settled. You two can sit with her until she wakes up."

"Thank-you," I said, as it was clear that Charlie either couldn't or wouldn't utter a word.

"Carlisle… I owe you so-"

"You don't owe me anything, sir," I replied, cutting him off, "I can't imagine my own life without her."

"She's my little girl," said Charlie, more to himself than to me, but I figured I'd respond anyways.

"And she's the woman I love."

That took a moment for Charlie to process and before he could say anything Edward was walking into the waiting room. He had a smug look on his face like "I just saved your girlfriend when you couldn't" I'd let him have it, it was kind of true, and as long as he wasn't too big of a jerk about it, it was fine. Bella was alive, that's all that mattered.

"Relax," He told Charlie and I, but I had the suspicious feeling that he was truly meaning me, "She's going to be fine. I was able to set her leg and hand, and I managed to stop all the bleeding. She lost a lot of blood, so she's getting her last pint now. I think you got there just in time, Carlisle."

"I do to," I said breathing deeply, once more Charlie was silent.

"Alright, Janie should be back out to bring you two to her in a minute," He said with that stupid cheesy smile he always had plastered on his face, ok so maybe it bothered me a little that he had been the one to save her.

"Thanks, Edward," I said and he nodded before dismissing himself from the room.

In the few minutes after he left, and his message went around the room, everyone cleared out. That is except the NCIS team, Rosalie, Emmett, Charlie, and I. I didn't want to sit back down, Charlie did, but I just paced around the area. Emmett and Rosalie were watching me- a little more carefully than usual- seeing as Bella was unconscious somebody apparently had to be worried. I shot him a look and he looked at the floor, but Rosalie kept watching me.

"Carlisle? Chief?" said Janie as she walked back in, "You can come on with me now. She'll be awake soon."

Charlie got up, and we followed Janie across to the opposite side of the hospital to where they had placed Bella. I smiled as I realized that they had put her almost directly underneath my office. We walked in and Bella was lying helplessly in her hospital bed, oxygen in her nose. Blood was still matted in her hair and splattered on her face.

Charlie went over and sat next to her while I went straight over to the sink. I ran some hot water and wet a facecloth before going over to her. I, very carefully, washed her face for her and got the blood out of her hair. I knew that Emmett and Rosalie would want to come see her, and she would hate it if it was hard for them.

I threw the blood soaked cloth into the trash and went and sat on the other side of her, near the window. Her broken hand was on Charlie's side, so I took the unharmed one in mine, kissing the back of her hand. I set my forehead on the side of the bed, by her thigh, exhausted. Even though I was a vampire, and wasn't physically tired, emotionally, I was a zombie.

"Carlisle?" Bella murmured, about a half an hour later, "Help me, Carlisle."

"I'm here, love," I said, popping up out of my seat and I squeezed her hand lightly, "It's ok. It's ok, it's all over."

"Carlisle," she said, trying to get her wits about her.

"It's ok, you're in the hospital, you're going to be fine," I told her, kissing her forehead.

"Carlisle," she said, grabbing hold of my arm.

"I'm here, sweetie, it's ok," I told her, fixing her hair a little, "I love you."

"I love you too," she said, she was still weak, and I stepped in front of the blood, she never was good with it, "Dad?"

"I'm here," said Charlie, standing up.

I sat back down, still holding her hand tight, kissing her knuckles.

Isabella Swan

"Food?" I asked, I was starving, for some reason, but probably too tired to eat it anyways.

Carlisle picked up my chart, probably checking to see if food was ok. He set it back down and stood up.

"I'll run down to the cafeteria and grab you a veggie burger," He said and I tightened my grasp around his hand, he was not going anywhere, "Or I won't."

"Dad?" I asked, "Can you run down…?"

"Of course," said Charlie, and he got up and left.

"What was that about?" Carlisle asked, watching Charlie leave before leaning down and kissing me lightly.

"I don't want you to leave," I said, and he nodded, angel that he was.

"Ok," He said, kissing my forehead, "I'm not going anywhere, promise."

"Promise?" I asked and he nodded.

"Course, sweetheart," He said, sitting down for emphasis and I smiled weakly, "You mean much too much to me for me to upset you in this state. Except I am going to have to tell you now that you're still going to be in here next weekend, and we're going to miss the concert."

"You really needed to tell me that right now?" I asked and he smiled, causing me to chuckle.

"No," He said, kissing my hand, "I just wanted to see you smile."