Takes place after Long Blue Line (is that the name?). It will be multiple chapters. I don't know anything about doctors or hospitals so let's pretend it makes sense, shall we?

Lines Unbroken

Chapter One: Miracles


Scotty paced the hospital hallway, waiting for the doctor to finish. Behind that door was the most important woman in his life. His best friend. He leaned his back against the wall beside the door, letting out a breath.

That call had shaved about ten years off his life. Screeching tires, grinding metal, her scared and involuntary cries.

Thank God there had been witnesses who had seen a car go off the bridge and called for help immediately. Thank God there had been a unit nearby and an ambulance pulled over for dinner in a close parking lot. Thank God Lil had made it out of the car on her own, even if she then had to be pulled out of the water, unconscious.

Thank God the CPR had worked.

Scotty vowed that he'd go with his mother to church on his next free Sunday and light a candle. He figured it was the least he could do for all the miracles that had occurred tonight. The door next to him creaked open and Scotty's head jerked up.

"Well? How is she?" Scotty's urgency was not lost on the doctor. He had seen this often—distraught family members, lovers, colleagues.

"She'll pull through. She's a bit shaken up, but she wasn't out for too long before the resuscitation brought her back so no damage to the brain or extremities. She has a nasty head wound, but no sign of a concussion. Still, I don't recommend any strenuous work for at least the next forty-eight hours," the doctor finished seriously. So often these cops thought they could hop back on the job. If there legs were crushed and they weren't bleeding from an open wound, they must be fine for work. Yeah, right. And the doctors were the ones who had to fix 'em up when they only exacerbated the problem. Damn stubborn cops.

Scotty nodded. "Don't worry, Doc. There's no way she's goin' back to work sooner than that. Ain't gonna happen."

Gazing at the earnest gaze of the man in front of him, the doctor thought that he may have met the first rational cop ever. 'Of course,' he thought wryly, sarcastically, 'it couldn't be because of the feelings this man so obviously has for her. No, not at all.'

"You're free to go in. The nurse will be in soon to give her a quick look over and then she's welcome to be discharged as long as she has someone who can keep an eye on her for the rest of the night. Otherwise, she stays here under observation." The doctor nodded his goodbye and started down the hall, only to be halted by Scotty's voice.

"Doc?" The older gentleman turned around with a small sigh, expecting a barrage of questions. Another thing about cops: they were nosy. Had to know everything about everything. "Thanks for all of your help."

The tired medical professional watched as the young detective offered a small smile and entered the room that held his blond partner. Suddenly he felt a bit lighter. It had been a long time since anyone had thanked him for doing his job. It was easy to forget the work of an ER doctor—so often the family members were so upset at the emergency or the diagnosis that the doctors simply slipped through the cracks.

But that man—he wracked his brain to remember his name...oh yes, Detective Valens—had been so grateful for the well being of his partner. He turned and continued down the hallway. It was good to feel appreciated sometimes.

Inside the room, Scotty reached for Lil's hand. She opened her eyes at the contact and gave a slight smile. "Hey."

Scotty grinned teasingly back, just so happy to see her alive and breathing. "Ain't that supposed to come before ya end up in the hospital?"

She gave a startled laugh that came out more as a gust of air. "Timing must be off."

He sobered, looking at her pale face. Her eyes were open and aware. He could see the rise and fall of the paper hospital gown resting against her chest. Her hand was slowly warming within his own. He tenderly brushed a piece of hair away from her face, tucking it behind her ear. "Timing's just right."

He could tell that his comment made her a bit uncomfortable, but dammit! He had almost lost her. Again. What the hell was he supposed to do? Smile and move on with life? Her hand twitched and he knew she was only seconds from pulling it away from his. Rather than deal with her rejection, he beat her to it and let go. Standing, he reached for his cell phone to see if he had a signal. He had to do something with his hands so he wouldn't feel the acute loss of contact with her. Damn. No signal. He sighed.

"Let's just tell them tomorrow, Scotty. Okay?" He turned back to Lil. He knew she was talking about the rest of the team. Though he knew he'd be pissed beyond belief if they didn't call him in this situation, Lil just looked so worn out that he agreed wordlessly, simply nodding. She couldn't handle the team bombarding her tonight. And they definitely would. Family didn't rest until they were sure their own was okay.

And that's what the cold case team was—family.

The nurse bustled in and fussed over Lilly until her answers became less pleasant and more irritable. Scotty restrained a smirk. Prickly Lil was pretty damn cute. The bubbly nurse finally stepped back. Scotty almost expected her to clap her hands together in excitement, but to his disappoint she merely made some notations on her clipboard. "Okay, sweetie. You're clear to go as long as you have someone who'll sign you out."

Lil glowered a bit. "I'm an adult. Legally, I don't need anyone to sign me out but myself."

The nurse looked nonplussed at her patient's response. Scotty took pity and jumped in. "True, but the boss ain't gonna let you work unless you have the full sign off from the doc. And the doc ain't gonna sign off unless you cooperate."

He didn't need to say more. Lilly deflated a bit.

"Fine," she muttered, looking up at him. "Scotty, would you..."

She trailed off and he grinned at her. "Thought ya'd never ask."

Signing the nurse's clipboard, he watched Lil swing her legs over the side of the bed. She looked down at her lovely frock and frowned, looking back up at her partner. "What am I supposed to wear home?"

He laughed. "I like that. What? You got a problem wit' it?"

She glared. The nurse smiled gently and pointed out that her clothes were dry and folded on the chair. Lilly looked at them in bemusement. Did hospitals have dryers? Shrugging the thought away, she stood to make her way across the room. Scotty beat her to it, grabbing up the clothes and bringing them back to her before she could take a single step. She sighed and accepted them from his hands. And the hovering starts…

He left her to dress while he waited in the hallway once more. Now that he knew she would be alright, he let his mind wander. Who had forced her off the bridge? Someone from PMI? The same guy who killed Kate?

His hands clenched, forming fists. Whoever it was, they weren't getting a second shot at Lil. He'd make sure of it.